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Kindergarten Night Presented by: Buckland Mills Kindergarten Teachers.

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1 Kindergarten Night Presented by: Buckland Mills Kindergarten Teachers

2 Tonight’s Agenda How to prepare yourself and your child for Kindergarten Math Investigations Typical day in Kindergarten - curriculum overview - assessments Where to go for help Kindergarten websites Questions

3 Things to do to prepare for Kindergarten You Be there for your child to help with homework and any issues that may arise during the school year. Your Child Practice the following: writing name, counting, colors, shapes, rhyming, letter recognition and sounds, coloring on own, and cutting skills.

4 Independence Skills Tying shoes Dressing self (including buttons and zippers) Independent bathroom skills Asking for assistance Basic manners

5 Our Day in Kindergarten Morning Meeting Language Arts Snack Writer’s Workshop Lunch Encore (music, art, P.E., computer lab, library, guidance) Quiet Time Math Science/Social Studies Recess Story Dismissal

6 Language Arts Concentrates on the development of: Oral Language Reading Written Language

7 Writing Workshop Develop beginning writing skills such as: -letter formation (Handwriting Without Tears) -simple sentences -basic punctuation -simple stories -poetry

8 Social Studies History Holidays/Events Famous Americans Geography Basic map skills and positions Economics Needs and wants Civics Community awareness Recognize American symbols

9 Math Unit 1: Who Is in School Today? Classroom Routines and Materials Unit 2: Counting and Comparing Measurement and the Number System 1 Unit 3: What Comes Next? Patterns and Functions Unit 4: Measuring and Counting Measurement and the Number System 2 Unit 5: Make a Shape, Build a Block 2-D and 3-D Geometry Unit 6: How Many Do You Have? Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System Unit 7: Sorting and Surveys Data Analysis

10 Science Scientific Reasoning and Logic Life Science Environmental Science Physical Science

11 Encore Music Art Library Computer Lab Physical Education Guidance

12 Recess Recess involves the child in both gross motor and social/emotional skills

13 Assessments Prince William County Schools assess your child using 2 different tests. These tests are conducted in the Fall and Spring. PALS Test Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening rhyming words beginning sounds simple spelling simple reading DRA Test Developmental Reading Assessment Demonstrate reading skills by reading short books and answering comprehension questions.




17 Buckland Mills Website

18 Websites (guest name: pwcsk1) eylo.html

19 Questions ?????????

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