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Sacred Heart RC Nursery and Primary School Welcome To Greet and Treat!

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2 Sacred Heart RC Nursery and Primary School Welcome To Greet and Treat!

3 Our school is an extremely safe environment. The staff are friendly and there is no running in the corridors there is also lots of other things to do and play. We have a new play area for the children with a limit of fifteen children from all age groups. We have MTA’s on the playground to make sure we are safe and happy! All the gates in are school are locked during school hours. However, the front office doors are open for adults, with office ladies keeping an eye out. There is a code on the reception door, so they cant go wandering off. It is 1234

4 At Sacred Heart we have a garden learning environment in which we can grow and Eat fruit and vegetables. Each class has their own box where they can plant fruit, Vegetables and plants such as rhubarb strawberries, raspberries, herbs, carrots and Beans. This is our pond Year 6 garden box

5 The Sacred Heart R.C Primary School has a website with lots of different information such as DB Primary and all the kinds of events that happen in school. Everything is interesting in this environment and every child is safe. Parents can check the latest feeds!

6 School staff is a important part of our school. They are such big help in the school, always help us if there is any trouble. Their always kind and caring, they treat everyone equally. Reception-Miss. Weeks Year 1-Mrs.Dickenson Year 2- Mrs.Day/ Mrs. Ricketts Year 3- Mrs. Cully/ Mrs Fraser Year 4- Mrs Dodd/ Miss Hammet Year 5- Mr Wood Year 6- Mrs Kennedy Head teacher – Mrs Brown

7 Playleaders were introduced to this school when some of the staff realized that some younger kids weren’t getting any notice and left out. But now we have playleaders who are year 6’s, play with all the children to ensure that they have a fun lunch time! Peer mediators help with children have problems with others and year 6’s help solve the problem. However we wish that peer mediators wont be needed due to the fact that play leaders make everyone have a great lunchtime but any problems that come up we solve straight away! By Max,Dara and Brandon (year six)

8 In our library we have a wide variety of books for all ages. Every week each chid has an opportunity to take out a book this ensures your child gets more time to read and learn amazing new facts. Our library is a great place to learn and has two quiet rooms to sit and work in peace.

9 Fit to learn Space Japan ww2 The Great Fire of London

10 fter school community oo Invite Ital nformation oo nform and xcite tudents WHY SHOULD YOU’RE CHILD JOIN A CLUB? We have lots of after school and lunchtime activities that will help you’re children bond and co-operate with other students in the school. We have clubs such as: Chess (lunchtime), Alan slough football club (after school), Dance club (after school) Sewing club (lunchtime), I.C.T club (lunch time) and much, much, more

11 DB primary, is a platform for you and your child to write messages to your staff members, and to your friends. But it has to stay in are community and know telling anyone. Unfortunately, if you or your or child see’s anything bad you click on the yellow whistle on the left top corner and tell Mrs. Brown what has happened. And she will trace it back and talk to the child and there parents about the situation. On db primary you can make your own back ground, talk to friends, send your homework to your teacher, paint.

12 When we do sport, even if we lose, we play our games with a great big smile on our faces. Mr Wood runs a football club and we have achieved lots of goals and wins. But we just love to be active and have FUN! Our SATS Results where OUTSTANDING! The netball club came 2 in the High Five torment. And was the runners up in the Torbay League last year, and would like to do better this year. As you can see we have got given the Healthy Schools award!

13 L4 + English 86% L5 English 38% L4 + Maths 86% L5 Maths 34% L4 + in English and Maths 79% L5 in English and Maths 24% Sacred Heart RC Nursery & Primary School End of Key Stage Two Headlines 2011/12 2+ levels progress in English96% 2+ levels in Mathematics96%

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