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Mrs. Keeley Back to School Night September 3, 2014.

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1 Mrs. Keeley Back to School Night September 3, 2014

2 Prayer Prime Mission: to help our children to live God’s message of love. We strive to instill in our students a respect for ourselves and others. We strive to create a place where your child can learn and grow. Working together will ensure a successful year. Thank you for sending your child to St. Mary School.

3 Papers/Information Welcome Letter on the desk All students have their normal schedule written in their homework books.

4 Student Work Goals Shields with personal information about each child

5 Parent Sign ups Homeroom Mom to assist with certain events throughout the school year. Sign up sheet will be passed around. Please include first and last name, phone number, and email address.

6 Contact Information Note sent in to school E-mail: Best way to contact Voice Mail - 164

7 Reminders School arrival: after 8:30 a late slip is required with the exception of a late bus Dress code must be followed at all times. If unsure, please consult the handbook Absent: All work for the day of the absence will be recorded for the student. If possible, work will be sent home with a younger sibling or neighbor if close enough. Workbooks must be covered in the clear contact paper.

8 Homework Children are responsible for writing their homework in there assignment book before leaving each class All tests and quizzes are written on side board. Begin each trimester with a homework grade of 100; for every incomplete homework, 5 points will be deducted Progress reports will be sent home mid-trimester

9 Student Schedule 1 st period Science - Mrs. Genth 2 nd period Social Studies– Mrs. Sickinger 3 rd period Math– Mrs. Sickinger, Mrs. John 4 th period Religion– Mrs. Sickinger Recess/Lunch 5 th Period ELA– Mrs. Keeley/Mrs. Fox 6 th Period ELA- Mrs. Keeley/Mrs. Fox

10 Specials Monday – Music Monday – Computers Tuesday – Art Wednesday – Gym

11 Snack Children may purchase pretzels or bring in a small snack to enjoy Water bottles are permitted and students will leave them on their desks throughout the school day.

12 6 th Grade ELA 8 parts of Speech including Diagramming Poetry – Free Verse, Narrative, Lyrical and Psalms Prose- Autobiography, Essays, Descriptive, Work in correlation with literature, vocabulary and spelling Each unit in their vocabulary books will last two week-week 1 the students are responsible for knowing the spelling of the words and week 2 they have to know the meaning of the word.

13 My Student Progress Website we will be using once again this year. It is an online website where all grades, and course outlines will be visible for everyone to see. MSPcan be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection. Every student and parent will receive a username and password. I urge everyone to sign and take advantage of this program.

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