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Chpt 22 Section 2 Developing a Positive Attitude.

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1 Chpt 22 Section 2 Developing a Positive Attitude

2 What is Attitude? Attitude is a person’s basic outlook on life. An attitude is typically describes as positive or negative. The automatic response you have to most situations, issues, and people tells you whether you have a positive or negative attitude.

3 Is the Glass half full or half empty?

4 It has to do with chemicals… Serotonin is a brain chemical that affects mood and attitude. People who genetically have high levels of serotonin tend toward a more optimistic outlook. People with low levels may be more easily depressed & discouraged.

5 It has to do with environment… People learn attitude from the environment, just as they do values & behavior.

6 What forms your attitude? Heredity: The amount of the brain chemical serotonin affects mood and attitude. Environment: People learn attitude. Experiences: personal experiences at home, in school and with friends. Role Models: People you look up to

7 Benefits of a Positive Attitude Helps build relationships: most people prefer the company of upbeat, enthusiastic, and optimistic people. Aids problem solving: you see more alternatives Helps you reach goals: you will make the effort to meet challenges Better for physical health: Studies show that optimistic people get sick only half as often as those with a pessimistic attitude.

8 Do you need an attitude adjustment? Your outlook shows in the way you view people, topics, issues, and even yourself. Mental: gather new knowledge and think logically. Feelings: are resistant to change Behavior: takes willpower to change, however when you act a certain way, thinking and feelings tend to follow

9 The Optimist Author Unknown This is a story of identical twins. One was a hope-filled optimist. “Everything is coming up roses!” he would say. The other was a sad & hopeless pessimist. He thought that Murphy, as in Murphy’s Law, was an optimist. The worried parents of the boys brought them to the local psychologist. The psychologist suggested to the parents a plan to balance the twins’ personalities. “On their next birthday, put them in separate rooms to open their gifts. Give the pessimist the best toys you can afford, & give the optimist a box of manure.” The parents followed these instructions & carefully observed the results. When they peeked in on the pessimist, they heard him audibly complaining, “I don’t like the color of this computer..I’ll bet this calculator will break…I don’t like this game…I know someone who’s got a bigger toy car than this..” Tiptoeing across the corridor, the parents peeked in & saw their little optimist gleefully throwing the manure up in the air. He was giggling. “They can’t fool me! Where there’s this much manure, there’s gotta be a pony!”

10 Attitude & Self-Esteem Self-esteem is the way you feel about yourself. Positive self-esteem leads to self- confidence. Self-confidence leads to positive relationships! That’s what it’s all about.

11 How to improve self-esteem… There is no set formula so if you need a boost, you will have to make a personal effort. Identity: Acceptance of yourself, flaws and all, makes you feel comfortable with who you are

12 Belonging: This is your connection to people. You can find one small way today to strengthen a tie to a family member, friend, classmate or group.

13 Security: Security is psychological safety. You know that others accept & respect you as you are. Find someone who is accepting, reliable, and trustworthy. Then support each other.

14 Purpose: Knowing what you want to be or achieve gives meaning to what you do every day. Set a few short- and long-term goals & start working on them right now. Without a goal, how will you know where you are going?

15 How to build your self-esteem: Daily affirmations Share your feelings with a trusted friend Stop comparing yourself to others Use a simple, positive message about yourself as a mantra (I’m fine the way I am) Ask adults about times when they weren’t sure of themselves

16 One more thing: Take out two sheets of paper Make a list of all the uncaring things you have said or done that made you feel bad. Share one thing with someone in this room that you trust. Make a pact with yourself to “undo” these “bad” deeds by doing something positive and caring in place of each.

17 Gather around the “firepit” We will all together tear this sheet up into tiny pieces and ceremoniously throw it away.

18 On the second sheet of paper: Make a list of all of the positive, kind and caring things you have done in your life. Save this list as a reminder of your self- worth

19 How to build a positive attitude: Take positive action: Actions can change the way you feel. Talk positively: dare to be an optimist. Accept yourself: Acknowledge weaknesses as well as strengths. Stay open to learning: Mastering new skills & gaining knowledge increases self-esteem

20 Building a positive attitude cont… Reach out to others: Develop good relationships with a variety of people. Assert yourself: You have a right to speak up & act on your beliefs. Accept & respect others as they are: Show that you value them, by treating people courteously.

21 Doors will open for you…. A positive attitude can be a real asset in life. People will welcome you.

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