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Photosynthesis Master?

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1 Photosynthesis Master?
Are you a Photosynthesis Master?

2 The plant organ responsible for conducting photosynthesis is the…
Leaf Stem Root Flower

3 Which type of leaf cell is labeled on the diagram?
Spongy Mesophyll Cell Palisade Mesophyll Cell Guard Cell Epidermis Cell

4 Plant cells contain organelles called ____________ that perform photosynthesis.
Vacuoles Mitochondria Lysosomes Chloroplasts


6 Flat, disk-shaped structures called ___________ inside the chloroplasts are responsible for the “light reactions” of photo synthesis. Stomata Thylakoids Guard Cells Stroma


8 Photosynthesis consists of two main sets of chemical reactions called _________ and _________.
Sun Reactions and Enzyme Reactions Sunlight Reactions and Leaf Cycle Light Reactions and Calvin Cycle CO2 Reactions and Calvin Cycle

9 Plants release oxygen gas as a result of photosynthesis
Plants release oxygen gas as a result of photosynthesis. How is the oxygen made? During the light reactions after water molecules are split apart During the Calvin Cycle when CO2 is added In the spongy cell layer when CO2 molecules are split apart During the light reactions when electrons combine with oxygen atoms


11 Two types of molecules that are rich in chemical energy are created by the Light Reactions. These molecules are… Oxygen and ATP NADPH and ATP NADPH and Oxygen ATP and ADP

12 ATP is created when hydrogen ions flow through a transport protein in the thylakoid membrane and…
Activate an ATP Enzyme Combine with NADP+ Cause electrons to flow through the photosystems Cause PGA to release ATP


14 During the beginning stages of the Calvin Cycle, CO2 is combined with another molecule with the help of an enzyme called… Carbodioxase Rubiscase Rubisco Carbonase


16 The purpose of the Calvin Cycle is to produce ____________, which the plant uses as “food.”
Carbon Dioxide ATP NADPH Glucose

17 Glucose molecules contain carbon atoms that were once part of CO2.
True False

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