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Providing Student Services Florida Adult Education Career Pathways Teacher Leadership Institute December 3-4, 2012.

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1 Providing Student Services Florida Adult Education Career Pathways Teacher Leadership Institute December 3-4, 2012

2 Topics Career Interests Career and Technical Education Florida College System Universities and Colleges Financial Aid Resources

3 (800) 342-9271 What career cluster(s) interest you?

4 Career and Technical Education Centers Provides educational programs to Job preparatory training to high school graduates Dually-enrolled high school students Adults who have not completed graduation requirements Adults returning for additional postsecondary training Centers offer programs in (17) Career Clusters – examples include: Health Science Engineering & Technology Education Information Technology Energy Certification

5 Florida College System Serves almost one million students 28 colleges, 62 campuses

6 The Florida College System Serves almost one million students 28 colleges, 62 campuses Almost 70% of Florida high school graduates attend a Florida College Over 40% transfer to a SUS after A.A Miami Dade College is the largest and most diverse college in the nation! 174,000 students Valencia Community College won best college in the nation! –Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence 14 additional Florida colleges recognized

7 Are Florida Colleges Selective? Florida colleges are open-access which means entry into the college is not selective and provides an equal opportunity for everyone to enter regardless of high school grades, current academic skills, or age. This does not mean that coursework in colleges is easier. This does not mean that everyone will start at the same level – some may need additional classes to build up their skills.

8 Getting Started Visit Student Services Academic Advising Admission Registration Academic program planning Testing Financial aid Residency status Support Services Disability resources, veterans services, success programs, student assistance

9 Application Process Complete an Application Online or Print Online Print Submit Florida Residency Form Documentation that your parents are Florida residents for tuition purposes Pay application fee Have transcripts sent Submit placement test scores ACT, SAT, CPT, PERT

10 Transcripts Transcripts are the official record of grades and graduation date. Provide high school/adult high school with names of the schools for which to send transcripts. Apply and send transcripts early. Be sure to re-send transcripts with final grades after graduation/GED Tests-State of Florida High School Diploma.

11 Placement Tests ACT and SAT scores are used to place a student into the appropriate level of courses. Example: Intermediate Algebra vs. College Algebra or Calculus. ACT and SAT test scores are not used for admissions into a Florida College. PERT and CPT scores taken for dual-enrollment can be used for placement. The highest test scores from each test are used. Scores valid for 2 years If a student does not have a test score, the student will be administered the PERT at a Florida college.

12 College Credit Earned in High School Florida colleges may provide college credit for completion and satisfactory scores for Advanced Placement (AP) International Baccalaureate (IB) Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Dual-enrollment The student will need to make sure to request that scores be sent to the college or that they appear on the transcript.

13 Types of Degrees Offered Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree “Provides specific knowledge to perform and excel in a particular profession.” May transfer to related bachelor degree programs at a Florida college or state university.

14 Types of Certificates/Diploma Certificate Program (general, advanced technical, and applied technology diploma) Option to pursue an associate degree Examples Veterinary Management Computer/Web Programming Specialist Fire Inspector 1 Paralegal Studies Accounting Applications

15 Associate in Arts (A.A.) The Transferrable Degree Requires 60 college credits for completion of degree. Includes 36 hours of general education courses and 24 electives. After earning an A.A. degree, students are guaranteed acceptance to one of Florida's 11 state universities or a Florida college.

16 Bachelor’s Degree Bachelor – an undergraduate academic degree in a specific course of study Available at 21 colleges Bachelor’s degrees are offered in areas of high-need and critical shortages: Education– Business Nursing – Healthcare Technology – Management And others as identified by the local community At Florida colleges, these degrees are designed for individuals already in a career or planning to enter a profession right after graduating.

17 Types of Programs Each college has a variety of programs and departments of specialty including Science and Mathematics Healthcare Technology Humanities History and Social Science Florida colleges also have Honors Programs. Visit each college website or tour for additional information. College Campuses

18 Why some may choose a Florida College Convenience Close to home Same curriculum as state university system Variety of sports, clubs and activities Low student/faculty ratio Smaller class sizes Personal attention Cheaper tuition About 40% less than a state university 2+2 Guaranteed transfer to state university system institution with A.A

19 2+2 – Statewide Articulation Agreement Designed to allow students to successfully pursue a bachelor’s degree by first attending a college and then transferring to a 4-year institution. The state of Florida guarantees that students who complete an AA degree at a community college have the opportunity to enroll in and earn a bachelor’s degree at one of Florida’s state universities or Florida Colleges. Example: Direct Connect – Valencia to UCFDirect Connect – Valencia to UCF

20 State University System 11 Universities 28 Campuses 325,000 students 4 th largest Public University System Over 1800 degree programs: 700 masters programs, 32 Professional Doctorates and 287 Research Doctorates 14,000 + online bachelors courses offered via distance learning Over 73,000 degrees awarded annually - 4,000 research & professional doctorates

21 SUS: High Quality Public Education Ranks #2 in the US (behind the California SUS) based on Fall semester headcount enrollments. Ranks #2 among the largest university systems for its first-time- in-college retention rate (87%). Ranks #4 for total research and development expenditures in public, four-year institutions. Ranks in the “Top 10” nationally for 1) overall college graduation rates, 2) graduation percentage for African American students, and 3) graduation percentage for Hispanic students.

22 What is Cost of Attendance (COA)? The COA is an estimate of how much money will be required to attend school for one year at a college, including all reasonable expenses. The COA is determined for each student by his or her postsecondary institution and may include: Tuition and fees Books, supplies, transportation, personal, misc. Room and board Dependent care Study abroad expenses Disability expenses Employment expenses for co-op study Loan fees Financial Aid

23 Types of Financial Aid Scholarships Grants Student loan programs Student employment

24 How to Apply for Financial Aid Contact institution’s financial aid office and request financial aid application packet Financial aid programs offered by the school Forms required Complete the Initial Student Florida Financial Aid Application at Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at Beginning January 1-deadline (FL state aid) May 15


26 26 Florida Virtual Campus Select–Advising Manuals FLVC is the official statewide repository for the common prerequisite manual, admission information for transferring programs, foreign language requirements, residency requirements, and statewide articulation agreements.

27 Resources for Future Planning Florida Counseling for Future Education Handbook _Handbook _Handbook College Board – Plan for College ACT – College Planning Florida Virtual Campus http://www.flvc.org

28 Helen Lancashire (850) 245-7840

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