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Chapter 1 The Nature of Science. Section 1: Science and Scientists.

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1 Chapter 1 The Nature of Science

2 Section 1: Science and Scientists

3 Vocabulary ●science o knowledge gained about the natural world by investigation ●hypothesis o a testable idea or explanation that leads to scientific investigation

4 Start with a Question ●Asking is the 1st step to gathering information ●places to look = o your neighborhood o the environment o space

5 Investigation ●scientific progress is only made by asking meaning questions and conducting experiments ●Research = be sure to use reliable sources

6 Investigation ●observation = looking at o be precise  same time / same location ●experimentation o starts with hypothesis ●experimentation relies on observation, and observation relies on research

7 Applying the Answer ●science saves lives o better/safer technology ●science saves resources o more efficient processes ●science protects the environment

8 Scientists Everywhere ●Meteorologist o weather ●Ecologist o behavior of living things

9 Section 2: Scientific Methods

10 Vocabulary ●scientific methods o the ways in which scientists answer questions and solve problems ●observation o use of the senses to gather information

11 Vocabulary ●hypothesis o testable idea ●data o information acquired through observation or experimentation

12 Scientific methods ●6 basic steps o ask a question o form a hypothesis o test the hypothesis o analyze the results o draw a conclusion o communicate results

13 Asking a Questions ●look around your world ●observation time o use appropriate tools ! o observe at multiple times during an investigation

14 Form a Hypothesis ●Gotta be testable ●make a prediction before the test

15 Test the hypothesis ●controlled experiment o control group vs experimental group  control group ● factors (variables) are kept the same ● those factors called → controlled parameters  experimental group ● only one factor changes o variable parameter

16 Analyze the Results ●collect data ●organize into tables/graphs ●compare from REPEATED tests ●data must be reproducible

17 Draw Conclusions ●do the results support the hypothesis o if yes, can you reproduce o if no, ask new questions

18 Communicate Results ●gotta let others know o write a paper o publish on a website o send to a newspaper

19 Section 3: Safety in Science

20 Vocabulary ●first aid o medical treatment for someone who has been hurt or sick

21 Keeping Yourself Safe ●Avoid Accidents o be aware o pay attention ●Report Accidents o Accidents are bound to happen

22 Elements of Safety ●Understand Safety Symbols ●Follow the safety symbols ●Follow directions ●Be Neat ●Use Safety Equipment ●Clean up

23 Responding to Accidents ●know where the safety/clean up equipment is located ●tell your teacher ●don’t touch dangerous stuff o broken glass o spilt chemicals

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