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Class of 2015, 16 & 17 Registration It’s time to plan for next year!!!

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2 Class of 2015, 16 & 17 Registration It’s time to plan for next year!!!

3 Today’s paperwork… Planning Guide - which now includes your Registration Worksheet Online Course Registration directions Copy of your Transcript Evaluation Also, reference your 4-year plan You’ve saved this to your JHS server account! A hard copy is also available on Pg. 58 of Planning Guide

4 Considerations… What classes are required for graduation? What classes are most appropriate for me? What classes will help me with my future plans?

5 Registration Timeline Today = Registration Video NEW this year… 5 th period Registration Advisory Meeting This meeting date is provided in the registration packet you received today. Input course registration online – from home (complete by March 20)

6 Who can help me decide? My Teachers – can recommend appropriate placement My Counselor – can help me understand graduation and college requirements (all students should have a 4-year plan already completed before your upcoming 5 th period Registration Advisory meeting) My Family – Can advise me about my choices

7 Make wise decisions… Your final course selection is used to build the JHS Master Schedule Students will be held to their registration choices Choose your classes wisely! The Schedule Change policy is available on the JHS Counseling Webpage

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Classes

9 Colleges want to see rigorous coursework! Make sure you continue to take core courses, even if you’ve met your graduation requirement!! Graduation Requirements ~ P.G. page 5

10 P.G. page 7

11 10 th Grade Course Requirements (6 credits) English 2 or Honors English 2 World History or AP World History Math (generally Geometry or Algebra 2) Science (generally Biology, Honors Biology or other upper level science) PE, CTE, Fine Arts, World Languages or other Electives – depending on your 4-year plan

12 11 th Grade Course Requirements (6 credits) English 3 or AP English Literature U.S. History or AP U.S. History Math (generally Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus) Depending on your 4-year plan… Science, PE, CTE, Fine Arts, World Languages or other Electives.

13 12 th Grade Course Requirements English Elective: English 4, UW English AP Eng. Language, Myth & Legend, Speech, etc. Government or AP Government Culminating Seminar (CE) Depending on your 4-year plan & your credit needs… Science, Math, World Language, Fine Arts, PE, CTE or other Electives.

14 All students must pass exams in Reading, Writing, Biology and 1 End-of- Course math exam. Depending on your grade level, the tests may be made up of the HSPE, End-of-Course Exit Exams, &/or the new Smarter Balanced Tests.

15 Studying Beyond High School - Will you be prepared?

16 Course Selection Matters! A more rigorous high school curriculum will better prepare you for success in… College/University (2-year and/or 4-year) Specialty/Trade School Workforce Military

17 Early College: Meet the Challenge A.P. College-in-the- High-School (U.W. & EvCC) Honors Tech-Prep Running Start P.G. page 9

18 4-year College Requirements In addition to JHS graduation requirements… Most 4-year colleges/universities require:  4 years of math (including 1 during senior year)  3 – 4 years of Science  2+ years of a same World Language  3+ years of Social Studies  Requirements vary by institution. Check with the colleges you are considering for specific requirements.

19 Community/Technical Colleges, Specialty/Trade Schools, Military… Require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED for admission Encourage students to take 4 years of Math (through Alg. 2) and/or Science

20 The Bottom Line is… Know what the admission requirements are for any post-high school program or college you are considering. Minimum requirements are just that… MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS!! Challenge yourself! If you have questions, write them down to cover with your counselor during your Registration Advisory Meeting.

21 College Planning Day Attend the upcoming college planning day at SPU on: March 20, 2014 See Mrs. Allen (Career Center) to sign up!

22 Career Plans Explore career interests in elective classes Consider career development classes (such as JHS CTE courses, Sno-Isle, NJROTC, Auto, etc.) Consider taking Performing & Visual Arts classes Find detailed descriptions of all elective classes in the 2014-15 Planning Guide

23 Running Start, Online HS, NJROTC & Sno-Isle Step #1: Still register for 12 JHS Classes (6 per semester) Step #2: Check the appropriate box on your April RSVP form Step #3: Complete entry paperwork & requirements Step #4: Once accepted, meet with your counselor to finalize your JHS classes and periods

24 Additional Considerations Think about the amount of time you will have for homework, extra-curricular activities & jobs Talk with teachers about expected workloads in classes Know yourself! Schedule the most rigorous classes you can successfully manage Stay balanced– don’t overload your schedule

25 Additional Considerations New Classes: Peer Tutor for Adaptive PE (Elective) AP Environmental Science (CTE & Science) 12 th grade AVID/CE (Elective & CE) AP Microeconomics (CTE & Social Studies) Beginning Stained Glass (Fine Arts) Computer Science Principles (CTE)

26 Online Registration Next steps…

27 Online Registration Online registration will be open February 24 – March 20 Between now & March 20, you need to log on to the registration site to input your 2014-15 class requests (directions are in your registration folder)

28 Computer access From home or a friend’s home JHS Library computers are available before and after school Public Libraries have computers available March 17 – 20 th – Computers in the Commons during lunches

29 Online Registration NEW – 5 th period Registration Advisory Meeting. This date is noted in your Planning Guide on page 61 Deadline to input course choices is March 20 at 2:30pm. Don’t wait until the last minute!!

30 Steps to Register Online Complete the 2014-15 Registration Worksheet Don’t forget to list alternate course choices Meet with your counselor during your 5 th period Registration Advisory Meeting Input your course choices and alternates into the online system by March 20

31 Course Verification April – you will receive your RSVP form on which you will be able to verify your course selection & alternates Make sure you… Sign the RSVP Have your parent/guardian sign the RSVP Indicate any alternative programs (e.g. Online HS, Running Start, etc.) Turn in to your 2 nd period teacher

32 Thank you!

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