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February 2013. Semantion Privately owned, founded in 2000 First commercial implementation of OASIS ebXML Registry and Repository.

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1 February 2013

2 Semantion Privately owned, founded in 2000 First commercial implementation of OASIS ebXML Registry and Repository standard in 2001 Creation of Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture (FERA)-based SOA in 2005 Contributed FERA-SOA to OASIS in 2005 (SOA Information Model, SOA Collaboration Semantics, Run-time SOA) Involved in one of the first SOA projects with Intel in 2005 Implementation of SOA Virtual Machine (SOA-VM) based on FERA-SOA in 2006 Creation of Tara Ontology Language in 2008 Completion of the Semantion Business Platform (2013) with all components needed for modeling of enterprise information and business processes, information management, automatic generation of web applications from Tara ontologies, deployment, execution and analysis of business processes

3 Semantion Business Platform (SBP)

4 SBP Provides Modeling of enterprise information Management of enterprise information Modeling of business processes Deployment, execution, and analysis of business processes Integrated methodology Single scalable platform

5 Some SBP Specifics Single distributed platform for information management and business process management Eliminate extensive coding Model-based environment for data/information and processes Reuse knowledge and information Create metamodels, manage live enterprise data, share metamodels and data across enterprise, register all functional components and their interfaces Allow dynamic changes Re-configure processes from building blocks 100% Java-based JEE highly scalable and reliable platform

6 SBP JSP, JSPWiki, HTML Semantion Metamodeler Semantion Metamodeler Piva System Designer IM (Information Management Web Apps) Semantion Registry and Repository GatewayGateway GatewayGateway Federation Server Process Controller Built-in Services SOAP, Web Services, JMS, REST, Java Clients Security Provider SOA-VM Tara Application Builder (TAB) Tara Application Builder (TAB) SIM

7 High-level IM architecture Tara Application Builder generates information management (IM) web applications from models Metamodeling (Semantion Metamodeler (SM2) is used to create models) IM web applications are executed on top of Semantion Registry and Repository

8 8 CollaborativeProcess CollaborativeProcessFlow ActivityDecision CollaborativeProcessFlow SIM generates CPID SIM Run-time Deployment SOA Virtual Machine (SOA-VM) (CPID Execution concept) Submit CPID SOA-VM (Process execution) High-level BPM architecture

9 Technology Details

10 Registry and Repository

11 Core Functionalities Metadata management Information management Document management

12 Registry and Repository Registry Service Life Cycle Manager Life Cycle Manager RIM Query Manager Repository Manager Repository Manager Registry Controller Query Controller SOAP and Web Services Provider REST Repository Registry Database JMS

13 Semantion Metamodeler

14 Tara Ontology Language Ontology defines a set of representational primitives that are used to model a domain of knowledge. Definitions of the representational primitives include information about their meaning, properties, and rules for their consistent use if needed. Tara provides an ontological foundation for modeling of business, social, and technology related processes and systems. Semantion Metamodeler (SM2) is a tool that provides creation of Tara models.

15 SM2 Facts Based on Tara Ontology Language JEE web application running on Semantion Business Platform Core functionalities supported by Semantion Registry and Repository

16 Semantion Metamodeler (SM2) SM2 Browser SOAP/Web Services Java Client REST Registry and Repository

17 SOA-IM Process Modeler (SIM)

18 SIM Core Functionalities Models business processes in SOA-IM Generates Collaborative Process Information Document (CPID) form a business process model. CPID contains all details needed to deploy and execute the process. SOA-VM interprets CPID and in order to execute the process. Export process models

19 Tara Application Builder (TAB)

20 Core Functionalities Tara Application Builder (TAB) generates web applications from Tara modelss created in Semantion Metamodeler TAB generated web applications manage enterprise information via Semantion Business Platform Generated web applications run on top of Semantion Registry and Repository

21 Piva System Designer (PSD)

22 PSD Facts Enforce formal language for system engineering design (System Design Metamodel) Improves design visibility and readability – all information for certain design under one view Improve design analysis with intuitive model query request

23 Piva System Designer (PSD) PSD Browser SOAP Java Client REST Registry and Repository

24 SOA Virtual Machine (SOA-VM)

25 SOA-VM Facts Virtual platform for deployment, execution, and analysis of business processes based on Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture (FERA) Directly executes processes modeled in Semantion SOA Information Model (SOA-IM) by SIM Detailed snapshot of a process is available at any point in time during and after the process execution The process updates can be done in real-time without any code changes

26 SOA Virtual Machine (SOA-VM) Web Interface GatewayGateway GatewayGateway Built-in Services Security Provider Registry & Repository Agent Interface Manager Federation Manager Agent Framework Process Flow Manager Activity Manager Event ManagerDecision Manager

27 Summary Semantion develops Semantion Business Platform (SBP) software that enables management of business information and processes. Semantion also provides a common business management framework supported with a methodology. The way how Semantion software is virtualized provides a breakthrough solution that not only improves efficiency of in-house software model but also enables a cloud computing (Software as a Service) in the area of modeling and automating business processes.

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