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Climate Forum East  Armenia  Georgia  Azerbaijan  Belarus  Moldova  Ukraine.

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1 Climate Forum East  Armenia  Georgia  Azerbaijan  Belarus  Moldova  Ukraine

2 2 Outline  About the project  Project purpose  Overview – Establishment of civil society organization (CSO) networks – National climate vulnerability assessments – Evidence-based advocacy/awareness raising on climate change adaptation – Education for action and citizenship among young people – Climate Forum East  Expected results

3 3 About the project  Project duration: January 2013 – December 2014  Project budget: € 1.1 million – EU € 825,000 – Austrian Development Agency € 200,000 – Austrian Red Cross € 50,000 – World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) € 5,000  Main beneficiaries: population from Eastern Partnership countries vulnerable to climate risks

4 4 Project purpose Strengthen the capacity of CSO networks to participate effectively in policy dialogue with local authorities, EU institutions and international organisations in Climate Change Adaptation across all six Eastern Partnership countries.

5 5 Establishment of CSO networks  Establishment of six national CSO networks, one in each of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and the Ukraine  Building capacity of six national CSO networks in conducting climate vulnerability assessments  Building capacity of six national CSO networks in communication, negotiation and development of (evidence-based) advocacy strategies  Building capacity of six national CSO networks in education and activism amongst youth and community  Development of regional platform for CSOs and other stakeholder to foster cross-border cooperation and initiatives

6 6 Climate vulnerability assessments  Six national and two regional reports  Focus on regional and national vulnerabilities in defined key sectors (e.g. biodiversity, disaster management, energy, health, water resources etc.)  Application of “traditional” tools & methods, e.g. vulnerability and capacity assessments  Pre-condition for evidence-based advocacy on national and regional level

7 7 Climate change adaptation advocacy  Trainings for six CSO networks in advocacy, communication and negotiation skills  Development of joint advocacy strategies in climate change adaptation  Implementation of joint awareness raising and evidence- based advocacy strategies on climate change adaptation

8 8 Youth and community actions  Concrete activities focusing on communites and young people held by network members on a local/national level  Advocacy workshops for youth and community leaders held in six countries; seminars for teachers held  Promotion of youth and community actions

9 9 Climate Forum East  Establishment of a regional forum with international, regional and national multi-sectoral stakeholders  Linking national advocacy/awareness raising efforts in climate change adaptation to the regional level, defining joint priorities  Systematic information exchange by governments and civil society organizations in climate change adaptation

10 10 Expected results  Strengthening advocacy/awareness raising including among youth and communities  Establishing cross-sectoral strategic partnerships for joint action  Strengthening civil society in Eastern Europe and South Caucasus region  Fostering climate change adaptation initiatives in the region  Bridging the gap between climate change adaptation activities on national and regional level  Capacity building in climate vulnerability assessments  Results of climate risk/vulnerability analysis can be used for design of future RC/RC and civil society activities

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