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Understanding Social Structure

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1 Understanding Social Structure
Miss Lynch 6th Grade Social Studies

2 Basic Needs Three basic needs are: food, clothing, and shelter.
What else does a society need to provide its members? Protection against outside groups Maintain cooperation among its members Raise and educate its young people

3 Customs Customs are: Customs include:
A societies pattern of behavior to meet their needs. The ways that members of a society do things. Customs include: What they eat How they dress How they build their homes Holidays they celebrate

4 Roles Roles Gender Roles
Based on rules for the proper behavior of individuals in particular positions and situations. Gender Roles Are roles that are assigned separately to men and women.

5 Institutions Organizations, known as institutions, are developed by each society to make social roles clear and take care of social needs. The main types are: Families Schools Government

6 Social Structure People who shares similar wealth and power are usually in the same social class. There are several types of social classes: Upper-Class: group that often inherits wealth and is in leadership Middle Class: group is educated and successful Working Class: group is made up of manual labor workers. Peasants: farm workers with little education. Lower Class: group is uneducated and unskilled, often poor. Social Mobility The ability to move from one class to the other.

7 Belief Systems Every society has a set of beliefs, which are often closely tied to religion Most religions have 3 common elements: A set of beliefs about the nature of the universe and the existence of God/gods. A set of practices relating to worship and proper conduct in life. An organization, such as a church, which oversees the conduct of religious practices.

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