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© Crown Copyright (2000) Module 2.6 Vulnerability Analysis.

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1 © Crown Copyright (2000) Module 2.6 Vulnerability Analysis

2 You Are Here M2.1 Security Requirements M2.2 Development Representations M2.3 Functional Testing M2.4 Development Environment M2.5 Operational Environment M2.6 Vulnerability Analysis M2.7 Penetration Testing M2.8 Assurance Maintenance/Composition MODULE 2 - ASSURANCE

3 What is Vulnerability Analysis? A search for vulnerabilities in the TOE or its intended operation Analysis of their impact Input to penetration testing Involves –assessment of developers analysis –evaluator analysis based on previous results

4 Vulnerabilities - A Few Terms potential vulnerability –suspected, not proven known vulnerability –demonstrated by developer or evaluator exploitable vulnerability –leading to compromise of assets non-exploitable vulnerability –assets will not be compromised in practice

5 Sources of Vulnerability The security functions could be inadequate to counter the threats incorrectly implemented bypassed tampered with directly attacked misused

6 Bypassing Attacks Avoid monitored interface Inherit privilege to bypass Access unprotected area Attacker Asset Security Function

7 Covert Channels Subject A Resource Subject B Reads Modifies Access Denied Unclassified Secret

8 Tampering Attacks Modify/spoof/read critical data Undermine assumptions/dependencies De-activate, disable or delay enforcement Attacker Asset Security Function

9 Direct Attacks Security function behaves as specified Attacker manipulates input/outputs Attacker Asset Security Function

10 Misuse Consider all modes of operation Examine potential for insecure states: –mis-configuration of security functions –insecure use of TOE Can insecure states be detected or prevented? Repeat/witness TOE installation procedures

11 Exploitability Are known vulnerabilities exploitable? Suitable countermeasures –procedural –technical Relevance to Security Target? Within attacker capabilities?

12 Strength Determination - 1 Confirm minimum strength met LevelResistant to BasicCasual unsophisticated attacks MediumKnowledgeable attackers with limited opportunities or resources HighBeyond normal practicality to defeat

13 Strength Determination - 2 STRENGTH RATING Detection Equipment Time Collusion Expertise Chance

14 ITSEC Requirements - 1 Effectiveness Analysis Developer Analysis –Binding –Strength of Mechanisms –Ease of Use –Construction & Operational Vulnerability Assessment Independent Vulnerability Analysis

15 Binding Analysis Analysis of mechanism interactions –permissible –mandatory –forbidden Protection against indirect attack Absence of conflict ITSEC Requirements - 2

16 ITSEC Requirements - 3 ITSEC Figure 4

17 Common Criteria Requirements

18 Evaluation Reporting Examination of documentation –show how & where requirements satisfied Analysis –demonstrate completeness with respect to vulnerabilities considered –justify non-exploitability

19 Summary Methodical search for vulnerabilities –checklist approach Validation of developer analysis –confirm absence of exploitable vulnerabilities Independent analysis by evaluators Input to penetration testing

20 Further Reading - 1 ITSEC Evaluation UKSP 05 Part III, Chapter 3 UKSP 05 Part V UKSP 04 Part III, Chapter 4 ITSEM, Annex 6.C

21 Further Reading - 2 CC Evaluation CC Part 3, Sections 2.6.7 and 14 CEM Part 2, Chapters 6-8 (AVA sections) & Annex B UKSP 05 Part V

22 Exercise 1 - Vulnerabilities Client Object Server Mechanism access request notify object mediates subject (client) object details

23 Exercise 2 - Strength Password mechanism can be defeated by –manual attack, taking 20 days –automated attack, taking 5 minutes What is the strength of this mechanism? How might the strength be improved?

24 Exercise 3 - Misuse Should lamp be lit in –CIPHER mode? –CLEAR mode? CRYPTO DEVICE DATA CIPHER Encrypted CLEAR Cleartext

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