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EPAM page change.

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1 EPAM page change

2 EPAM: Creating a project template
Project.xls 1. Open file Epam C:\ Project.xlt 2. Save as Epam C:\ xyz.xls 3. Save as In case you start in an empty EXCEL project by placing a new page, you will be asked to save the project. After entering a name you will be prompted with the project specifics, where you can define the panel type, the address, etc. The selection „communication to PLC“ enables you to execute the EPAM simulation with communication to the PLC part of the HPG, i.e. with actual reactions in the HPG.

3 EPAM: Where to find what ?
Macros Definition of Visu-Objects EPAM internal- do not modify ! Object definition tab

4 Placing of objects in EPAM
X 640 Start Y DX 480 Button DY

5 The most important EPAM macros: The Wizard
Button Button Postitioning the objects on the screen is best and easiest done graphically instead of modifying the numerical settings in the EPAM sheet. For that reason the „Wizard“, represented by the „EYE“ icon, can be used to visualize the actual settings as a graphical representation of the screen, allowing you to pick and place objects directly on the screen. The corresponding settings will be automatically adapted in the EPAM sheet. You will find the full description in the electronic manual in the chapter EPAM macros. A very useful option is the so-called „grouping“ of objects. Since the positioning and sizing of elements is normally done in the wizard, the constant display of the co-ordinates in the EXCEL sheet is not necessary. Therefore all columns, which are not crucial at the moment can be selected and then grouped. If necessary they can be expanded again at any time by clicking on the + character. Grouping

6 Expanding your project: page change and button
2. New page 2 3. Insert Button 3 1. Place Cursor in empty line! 1

7 ... and Action! An addtional remarks to the column „Action“: One object can initiate several actions at the same time. Several actions within the entry field are simply connected with an ampersand character (&). So -for instance- one and the same button can assign a new value to a variable and then trigger a page change. A page change should always be the last action in the list.

8 Compiling and downloading the project

9 Exercise:Creation of an additional page and download of the standard projects to the HPG
Start page Button Page2 Via Ethernet Page2 <-

Download ppt "EPAM page change."

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