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1 Science and Society: EU Strategy and actions Dr. Rainer GEROLD Director Science and Society Research DG European Commission.

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1 1 Science and Society: EU Strategy and actions Dr. Rainer GEROLD Director Science and Society Research DG European Commission

2 2 Eurobarometer Survey 2001 Member States Divergent views on science and society among the European population: 80 % of Europeans believe that science will one day overcome diseases such as AIDS or cancer, but… 46% of Europeans are both uninformed and uninterested in science Highest level of interest and knowledge: in Sweden Citizens do not always trust science and scientists: 80 % believe authorities should oblige scientists to observe ethical rules Young people do not find scientific studies and careers very attractive

3 3 Science & Society Action Plan Genesis January 2000: “Towards a European Research Area” November 2000, Working Document entitled “Science, society and the citizen in Europe”, which was dealt with by the CREST. The Council asked the Member States and the Commission to promote science in society,and invited the Commission to submit its action plan on science and society issues by the end of 2001(Council Resolution June 2001). December 2001, the Commission presented the Action Plan on Science and Society.

4 4 Science & Society Action Plan The Science and Society Action Plan is built on examples of best practices in the Member States. The Action Plan can only be implemented in close cooperation with the Member States. Numerous players are involved: local and regional public authorities, the general public, civil society, industry, … The Commission acts as a catalyst, using all the means available in particular in FP6 (networking, supporting actions, etc.)

5 5 Public awareness Science education and careers Dialogue with citizens Involving civil society Producing gender equality in science Research and foresight for society The ethical dimension in science and new technologies Risk governance The use of expertise Promoting scientific education and culture in Europe A science policy closer to the citizens A responsible science at the heart of policy making Science and Society Action Plan

6 6 How to increase public awareness? –European Science Week & Coordination of national Science Weeks –Embedding of Science Communication in all EU projects (transparency)

7 7 How to attract young people to science ? To ensure of having enough researchers in the future –Science Education initiative –EU Young Scientists Contest –A dialogue in each MS on the issue of human resources on Science, engineering and technology is required to meet the Lisbon objectives

8 8 How to encourage women in scientific research? Statistics to monitor progress on involving more women in science “she figures” – “leaky pipeline” – Helsinki Group Up-to-date statistics and indicators Mainstreaming: Integrating the gender dimension in FP6 projects Women in Industrial research: To analyse and improve the role and the participation of women in industrial research

9 9 How to enhance European dialogue and ethical awareness of researchers? Networking of ethical committees at national and at local level : Forum of national ethics councils (dialogue), organised once by each EU presidency Ethical review of FP projects Special attention on new EU Member States and on developing countries (dialogue, training, courses)

10 10 How to enhance the link between science and policy making? By mutual learning: Guidelines on the collection and use of expertise Improving the knowledge base for better policies SINAPSE Scientific INformAtion for Policy Support in Europe Web tool facilitating exchange of information within the scientific community and other actors concerned by science

11 11 Science and/in Society Why on European level? Integral part of Framework Programme Dimension of the European Research Area: –Mutual learning through « open coordination » Necessary for building the European Knowledge Society

12 12 The 3 Pillars Approach 3Pillars

13 13 European Forum on Science and Society - 2005 Science and Society showcases Assessment of the Science and Society Action Plan, to see how far Science and Society activities contribute to the Lisbon and Göteborg objectives Science & Society in the new EU science policy: - Debates on cross-cutting issues - Interaction with “local sites” When and where? 9-11 March 2005 in Brussels

14 1 Show cases Seeing is believing e.g. mapping benchmarking e.g. tomorrow’s society S&S in the new EU science policy … SCIENTIFIC CULTURE SOCIETYPOLICY WHAT NEXT ? Actors+Governments+Commission 2 CORE ISSUES * 3 NATIONAL SITES … … 1 SHOWCASES * CORE ISSUES will be defined 5 months prior to the event, through normal consultation processes

15 15 Further information Info Desk: Work programme, Information on the calls for proposals, Info-packs: available via Internet: – Call for expressions of interest: – Science and Society on the web: –

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