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Twins from two different worlds!!!!!!!! By: Bailey Groom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Twins from two different worlds!!!!!!!! By: Bailey Groom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 MAPPPP!!!!!!!!! (to Christmas Island)

3 This is what the Australian twin’s house would look like! (She lives in Christmas Island)

4 This is what the twin from Americas house would look like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 This is what the twin from Australia would eat on a regular day!!!!!!!!!!!

6 This is the food that a person in the U.S.A. on a regular basis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 What would somebody from Christmas Island do for fun!!!!!!!

8 What would somebody from Texas do for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 Now it’s time for a twin swap!!!!

10 When the girl from the United states goes to Australia she is surprised by the house that she is going to stay in!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was also surprised that the beach houses there are a lot like the houses in the United States!!!!!!!!! This will affect the climate of the country because of the building next to the beach, these types of houses can also affect the language because they are so nice people from the other side of the world will come to visit these places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 The sister from Australia was surprised by the house in America because she has gone to Australia before and the houses there looked a lot like the ones in America!!!!!!

12 When the sister from the U.S.A. went to get something to eat she found that the food was completely different from the food in Texas because they where on a island so the food was more tropical!!!!!!!!!!

13 When the girl from Australia saw what the family was going to eat she wasn’t that surprised because when she was in Christmas Island, they ate in Australia a lot. And Australia is a lot like America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 The girl from America soon found out that she would have to go to a surf party. The thing was that she could not surf. All of the people there expected her to surf, but every time she got on the bored she fell off..................She then thought about how this related back to her country and she said if only I lived on the coast, I wouldn’t be getting made fun of and called weird!!!!!!!!! What will she dooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

15 The girl from Christmas island was expected to go to softball practice (she thought to herself “ I cant play softball I am going to make a total fool out of my self!”) But she tried any way!!!! She thought back to Christmas Island and thought about how it related to the culture here and she found a discovery that this can effect the language because we have people coming from different countries to play baseball, and this effects the school because schools now have to have sports in the school so kids will be more interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 School Time!!!!!!! It was time for the girl from the U.S.A. to go to school!! It was Wednesday and she got up and had no idea what to wear. She stepped outside and it was about 80 degrees. She started walking and her twins mom was like what are you doing with your lunch. And she said “I’m going to eat today right!” Her twins mom said “Today is Wednesday, you don’t have lunch at school!” I thought about back in Texas we have school almost everyday, one cause we don’t have bad weather, and second because we are scheduled to have school everyday of the week from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (so we got let out of school at 12:30 apparently like every Wednesday)

17 School Time!!!!!! The twin from Christmas Island was still in bed and her mom walked in to get her up and the mom said “Come on honey time to get up!” The girl thought to herself and then looked at her alarm clock and said “But it’s only 7:00!!!!!” then she realized that she was in America and they go to school at 8:00 not 9:00!!!! So she thought about the different times and realized that this must affect what they do for fun and things they do for everyday life!!!!!!!! She went to school and at 12:30 she started packing up and ready to go, the teacher asked “What are you doing?” and then I thought about it and remembered that we don’t get out till 3:00!!!!!!1

18 They were ready to switch back!!

19 Once they got back home they were so happy to see they family again and they were happy to be home!!!!!!! They thought of all the things that they saw in the other country and they thought about all the things that affect their culture!! It was pretty amazing, even school affects our culture!! Sometimes Just Stop And think about it!!!!!

20 Websites of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! dea44154 dea44154,_TX,_High_School_IMG_3034.JPG

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