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Welcome to our Information Session Your presenters are Nicole Kay and Jennifer Dunnet Australia Street Infants School.

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1 Welcome to our Information Session Your presenters are Nicole Kay and Jennifer Dunnet Australia Street Infants School

2 Kindergarten at Australia Street Kindergarten is the first year of school that provides a basis for future learning. It is in Kindergarten that a child develops concepts and attitudes about themselves as learners and attitudes to school which form the basis for all future school learning.

3 A Kindergarten day Developmental play Every morning children will participate in a variety of learning activities that encourage and develop social, cognitive and fine motor skills. Morning Welcome Discussion about daily events and routines. Morning News Each child is encouraged to bring in something to share for news with their peers. This develops talking and listening skills.

4 A Kindergarten day Morning Literacy Session -Phonics -Reading Groups -Pre-writing with progression to handwriting -Text type introduction Middle Numeracy Session - Counting -Sorting -Matching -Patterning -Measuring -Problem Solving Other Enrichment Sessions - HSIE -cience and Technology -Visual Arts -Drama / Dance -Music -PD / H / PE

5 Take Home Learning Each child will be given a red note bag to transport take home learning material and parent notes. Each child will take home a guided reader to read at home with an adult. A reading log will be given to your child early in the term for you to record the books that your child has read. It is also a source for communicating information with the teacher. A mathematics game will also be sent home every week and is encouraged to be played daily.

6 Things you need to know Crunch and Sip Program This is a new whole school initiative to support quality teaching practises in PD/H/PE. It is an in class, mid-morning fruit and vegetable break. Students are asked to bring some pre cut fruit or vegetables and a bottle of water into class each morning to snack on around 9:45am.

7 Things you need to know Recess Recess is between 10.40am – 11.00am. Children need to have something small to eat, go to the toilet, have a drink and enjoy a small play. We encourage healthy foods such as dairy, fruit and vegetables. We do have a ‘nut free’ policy but understand this is difficult so we encourage children not to share any of their food. Lunch Lunchtime is at 12.40pm -1.30pm. Children need a packed lunch and a drink. Lunch Orders Café Barmuda offer their services to provide our children with lunch. Parents and carers interested in ordering lunch need to order it from the café in the morning. The school has special discounted pricing and it is located in Australia Street opposite the Court House.

8 Things you need to know Medicine An authorisation for administration of medication form is available from the office. It needs to include a note from the Doctor outlining what the medication is, dosage, and how often it needs to be taken. The school encourages medication to be administered outside of school hours where possible with the exception of life saving medications eg epi pens and ventolin, in which case an emergency health care plan will need to be developed in consultation with your doctor. There is a sign in and sign out book for all medication brought to school. This is located in the office. All staff are provided with regular medical training in the use of anaphylaxis and respiratory related illnesses in children by CAHS (Community Area Health Service).

9 Things you need to know Birthdays We are very happy to celebrate your child’s birthday at school and they will receive a special mention at assembly. If you would like to provide cakes or slices for the class please include a list of ingredients so we can ensure all children are safe.

10 Library, Gym and Drama Library Kindergarten visit the library once a week and develop information and research skills. They will enjoy many shared stories and are able to borrow a book of their choice for one week. They need to make sure they have their red note bag in order to borrow a book. Gym A qualified gym instructor is employed at Australia Street to teach the children fundamental movement and balancing skills. They will visit this instructor once a week in Term 1 and Term 3. Drama During the other two terms the children will be given the opportunity to learn with Robert Jago (NIDA Youth Outreach Program Tutor) where they will develop social confidence in exploring dramatic situations and social games.

11 Extras School starts on Thursday 29 th January for Kindergarten. Children are required to be at school by 9.00am. Late comers need to see the office for a late slip. Absences require a written note or phone call as school rolls are a legal document.

12 Where to now!! Orientate your child to their new school. If possible establish friendships among children attending the same school. Prepare children for school by discussing school related things. Practice having recess and lunch using a packed lunch box. Address any concerns they may have and take all concerns seriously. Talk positively about their school experiences so far and exciting things to come.

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