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Planning for Healthy Urban Communities in Australia – The Healthy Places and Spaces Project.

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1 Planning for Healthy Urban Communities in Australia – The Healthy Places and Spaces Project

2 Outline  Planning Context  Current health status of Australians  Strategic planning and health  The Healthy Spaces and Places Project  Local planning and design for health  Challenges  Conclusion

3 Urban planning - Australian context  21 Million People; 85% live in cities, mainly along eastern & SE coastline  Three tiers of government – Federal, State/Territory and Local  Planning Challenges: –Ageing Population –Housing Affordability –Climate Change –Infrastructure

4 Australian suburban environments  Car oriented  Poor public transport and links to public transport  Concerns about safety  Poor public space  Poor access to fresh food

5 Health of Australians  Epidemic of chronic diseases - cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, diabetes, cancer  Obesity rates doubled in Australia since 1985  18% of Australian adults obese (2002) - double the rate of 1989  13,000 deaths per year in Australia attributed to physical inactivity  Mental health disorders are prevalent and increasing -1 in 5 people in Australia are affected by a mental health problem in any 1 year

6 Urban Planning and Health Strategic Planning  Adopt health considerations as core business Policy Integration  Incorporate health considerations into policies, strategies and plans across a range of business units Project Initiation  Implement projects that support healthy urban environments Statutory Planning  Apply healthy planning and design guidelines

7 Strategic framework  Vision & mission statements  Government programs – Go for Your Life  Policy documents – Liveable Neighbourhoods WA, Sustainable Neighbourhoods  Metropolitan plans e.g. Melbourne 2030, Sustainable Sydney 2030  Local planning policies – car parking, housing choice, increasing densities


9 Partnership Healthy Spaces and Places is a partnership between:  Australian Local Government Association  The Heart Foundation of Australia  Planning Institute of Australia This project has received funding assistance from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

10 Value of Partnership  Unique Partnership  Memorandum of Understanding underpins partnership  Leveraging knowledge, advocacy and networks  Stronger influence for change

11 Project design Four project stages are identified:  Scoping – during 2007  Consultation – workshops mid - late 2008  Implementation – 08/09  Evaluation - 2009

12 Healthy Spaces and Places project is about:  recognizing how everyday urban management decisions can influence people’s health and well-being  recognizing the complexity and cross- disciplinary/sectoral nature of the issues  raising awareness  setting a national policy agenda  supporting current State/local initiatives

13 What are we trying to achieve?  improved understanding amongst health and planning professionals of how the built environment influences active living  people engaging in regular physical activity  sense of belonging and social inclusion  sense of place  positive health impacts on future health burden  sustained economic well-being

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