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Where are Migrants Distributed?

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1 Where are Migrants Distributed?
Key Issue #2

2 World Immigration Population
3% of the world’s people are international immigrants Out Migration: Asia, Latin America, and Africa In Migration: North America, Europe and Oceania 3 major flows of Migration: To Europe from Asia To North America from Asia To North America fromLatin America

3 Untied States Immigration Population
United States Has about 35 million born in other countries More than ½ from Latin America ¼ from Mexico 12% of the US population

4 US Immigration Patterns
First Era: Settlement of the Colonies Who came: Europe and Africa Why they Came: Africa- forced to migrate due to slavery; Europeans: voluntary migrants- harsh persecution and economic conditions Peaks: Europeans: 1 million before 1700s; another million after independence until 1840; steady flow from 1604 to 1840; about 90% from Great Britain Africans: over 400,000 were shipped as slaves until made illegal in 1808; another 250,000 Africans were brought to the US during the next half century

5 US Immigration Patterns
Second Era: Mid 1800s to Early 1900s Who Came: Europeans (45 million of the 60 million came to the United States); Irish 4.8, Russia 4.1, UK 5.3, Italy 5.4, Germany 7.2 million Why they Came: offered greater economic success; largest immigrants are from Germany; ¼ of Americans can trace their ancestry to German immigrants Peaks: 1st: s, 95% come from Northern and Western Europe; economic factors push German and Irish migrants 2nd: 1870s-1880s, diffusion of Industrial Revolution, entering stage 2 were the Norway and Sweden and land was becoming scarce 3rd Peak: 1900’s, all time high in 1907 with 1.3 million

6 US Immigration Patterns
Third Era: 1970s-Present Who Came: Latin America and Asia Why they Came: Pushed by poor conditions at home and lured by economic opportunity and social advancement Land shortages and rapid population increase Peaks: Asia: late 1970s and 1980s Latin America: late 1980s-present day Mexico passed Germany in 2006 with the most immigrants sent to the United States

7 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act
Issued visas to several 100 thousand people who had entered the United States in previous years without legal documents Counting those legalized under the act, the United States in 1991 admitted more immigrants, 1.8 million, than any other year in history

8 Impact of Immigration on US
Effect of rapid European Growth on US: Massive migration ended with start of WWI- source countries involved in war: Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia The application of new technologies that spawned the industrial Revolution; found limited opportunities for economic advancement Enclosure movement: Consolidate family farms in England into large farm units; forced to emigrate from rural areas- choose to work on large farms or in the factories or leave for the Untied States

9 Impact of Immigration on US
Examples of European Cultural Diffusion: Indo-European Languages spoken in over half of the world Christianity Art, music, literature, philosophy and ethics Political and economic structures Planted seed of conflict with indigenous people Injected their cultural with little regard to native traditions Used local resource to be pushed out and not used internally to build local economies Owned most of plantations in Latin America, but did not work them: used to export cotton, sugar, spices, rum, tobacco to Europe Many of today's conflicts in former European colonies result form past practices of drawing arbitrary boundary lines and discriminating among different local ethnic groups

10 Undocumented Immigration to the United States
How many undocumented immigrants are there? Know one knows for sure, but the figure in 2005 was around 9.3 million 5.3 million from Mexico 2.2 million from other Latin America countries 1 million from Asia ½ million From Europe and Canada ½ million from the rest of the world

11 Undocumented Immigration to the United States
How many do the border catch annually? 1.3 million per year since 1980s 90% are from Mexico No visa but wishes to work in US? Proved they lived in the United States continuously from 1982 to 1987 could become permanent resident aliens and apply for US citizenship 5 yrs later Seasonal agricultural workers could qualify for permanent residence and citizenship

12 Destinations of Immigrants within the US
Where do most immigrants go in the United States? ½ are clustered in four states ¼ in California and more than ¼ in New York, Florida and Texas Used to be coastal towns but now many arrive by motor vehicle Chain Migration: Migration of people to a specific location, because relatives or members of the same nationality previously migrated there

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