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Review for Genetics Test

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1 Review for Genetics Test

2 1 The observed trait that appears in an organism as a result of its’ genetic makeup is called an organisms_____________. phenotype

3 2 IF R= round and r= wrinkled, cross a homozygous dominant with a heterozygous, what will be the phenotypic ration of the offspring? 100% round

4 3 If a female fruit fly heterozygous for red eyes XRXr crossed with a white eyed male XrY what percentage of their offspring would have white eyes? 50% will have white eyes

5 4 How many chromosomes are in the body cell of an organism that has a haploid number of 8? 16

6 5 Diploid relates to “somatic” as haploid relates to_____________.

7 6 Trisomy is a mutation that results in a cell having an extra _____________. Chromosome

8 7 Cancer is a disorder in which some cells have lost the ability to control their ________. Growth rate

9 8 An organism has a haploid number of 5 How many chromosomes will be in each of their body cells? 10

10 9 The chromosome number associated with an organism’s somatic cells is 12. How many chromosomes will this organism produce in its gametes after Meiosis? 6

11 10 Apoptosis is __________. Programmed cell death

12 11 Homologous chromosomes are pairs of chromosomes containing genes that code for _____________. The same traits

13 12 Unlike mitosis, meiosis results in the formation of __________.
4 genetically different cells

14 13 People with Down Syndrome have how many chromosomes in their body cells? 47

15 14 The 2nd phase of interphase is called S for synthesis, why is this a good name for this stage? Because DNA synthesis takes place, each chromosome makes an identical copy

16 15 If nondisjunction occurs ________.
A gamete will receive too many or too few chromosomes, result is called aneuploidy

17 16 What type of karyotype is this? Normal female

18 17 What type of karyotype is this? Female with Turner syndrome

19 18 What type of karyotype is this? Male with Down Syndrome

20 19 Normal gametes contain? 22 autosomes and 1 sex chromosome

21 20 What are the two sex chromosomes in a human male? XY

22 21 What are the two sex chromosomes for a human female? XX

23 22 Name the genetic disorder-
Autosomal recessive disorder of the hemoglobin gene. This disorder results in crescent shaped red blood cells that can get lodged in the vessels and can cause severe pain. Sickle Cell Anemia

24 23 Name the genetic disorder
Rare autosomal recessive disorder that is caused by an error in the metabolism of either lipids or amino acids causing them to build up in the brain causing severe mental impairments Tay-sachs or PKU

25 24 Name the genetic disorder
Autosomal recessive disorder that results in a mucus build up in the lungs which causes the patient to have breathing and oxygen issues. Cystic Fibrosis

26 25 Name the genetic disorder
Sex-linked recessive disorder effecting the clotting factors of the blood. Hemophilia

27 26 Name the genetic disorder
Autosomal dominant disorder in which adults are typically the victims. The disorder is a degenerative disorder that causes a range of brain abnormalities later in life. Huntington’s Disease

28 27 If individual III-2 marries a person with the same genotype as individual II-4 what is the chance that one of their children will be afflicted with hemophilia? 50%

29 28 Individuals II-1 and II-4 are classified as___. Carriers

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