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Group 6 Member : 蘇冠穎 程弘棋 劉庭妤. Background History Mission & Vision Stratagies News IFE & EFE Contents.

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1 Group 6 Member : 蘇冠穎 程弘棋 劉庭妤

2 Background History Mission & Vision Stratagies News IFE & EFE Contents

3 Ph Why the company named Vodafone? VoiceDataone F Vodafone

4 Background Vodafone is one of the world’s largest mobile companies providing a wide range of services, including voice, messaging, data and fixed broadband We have over 404 million customers, employ over 86,000 people and operate in over 30 countries across 5 continents We have a 45% share n Verizon Wireless in the USA We have over 238,000 base station sites and over 14,000 Vodafone stores around the world Voice Nearly one trillion minutes of calls were carried over our networks last year Message We sent over 320 billion text, picture, music and video messages last year Data Over 216 petabytes of data were sent across our networks last year (enough data for 2.8 trillion emails) Fixed We serve over 6 million customers across 15 markets Other service revenue Includes business managed services and MVNOs

5 Awarded UK’s first mobile license Merger with AirTouch Communications, creating the largest mobile business in the world Acquisition of Mannesmann AG, acquiring businesses in Germany and Italy and increasing our holding in SFR Entered the markets abroad like India, Australia, Germany and Italy. Disposal the interests in some markets like Japan and China. Verizon Wireless pays $10bn dividend, £2.9bn received by Vodafone History

6 Misson & Vision To enrich our customer's lives through the unique power of mobile communication “Power to you “ is the slogan of the Vodafone.

7 Misson & Vision Passion for Customers Our customers have chosen to trust us. In return, we must strive to anticipate and understand their needs and delight them with our service. Passion for our People Outstanding people working together make Vodafone exceptionally successful. Passion for Results We are action-oriented and driven by a desire to be the best. Passion for the World Around Us We will help people of the world to have fuller lives – both through the services we provide and through the impact we have on the world around us.

8 Mergers and acquisitions Strategy analysis Vodafone established alliances with the mainly local communication companies all over the world, and providing customers international roaming services, while Vodafone’s products and services will be introduced to these countries. EX: Cytamobile → Cytamobile-Vodafone Expand their territory, broaden the brand and increase the revenue with little capital.

9 Strategy analysis Enlarge and Integrate the brand Vodafone believed that unifying the brand can greatly improve the global visibility and increase the brand value, but also maximize the overseas investment which will help Vodafone to promote the global business and increase users’ loyalty. Change the name: Italy Omnitel → VodafoneItaly Germany D2→Vodafone Germany

10 Sale the non-core assets Strategy analysis Vodafone‘s business main purpose is to develop mobile communications services industry, so they sale some non-mobile business assets to reduce the company’s debt ratio, avoid financial difficulties due to the rapid expansion and the purchase of 3G licenses. Ex : Sale the Orange to France Telecom

11 Verizon Reaches Agreement To Acquire Vodafone's 45 Percent Stake In Verizon Wireless For $130 Billion (2013/9/1) AT&T could buy Europe's biggest mobile phone network (2013/11/2) News

12 IFE Analysis Strengths WeightRatingWeighted score Wide network coverage 0.1540.6 Large customer base 0.1540.6 One of the largest Telecom operator in the world 0.140.4 Low cost 0.140.4 High brand visibility 0.0530.15 Low debt 0.140.4 Network infrastructure 0.0530.15 Weaknesses Negative return on assets (ROA) 0.120.2 High level of customer churn rate 0.11 US business not nearly as strong as European 0.120.2 Total Weighted Score3.2

13 Opportunities WeightRatingWeighted Score increasing demand for mobile services in emerging markets 0.2541 major advancements in mobile network technology 0.1530.45 The growth of E-commerce0.051 Growing demand for high speed data0.1020.2 Threats Global economic depression0.2040.8 New competitors(low or no-capital operators)0.051 market saturation in developed countries0.1020.2 raise awareness of Customer experience0.1020.2 Total Weighted Score2.95 EFE Analysis

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