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How Mind-Body Interactions Surmount the Uncertainty Principle Richard L. Amoroso Noetic Advanced Studies Institute It is impossible by definition to violate.

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1 How Mind-Body Interactions Surmount the Uncertainty Principle Richard L. Amoroso Noetic Advanced Studies Institute It is impossible by definition to violate the uncertainty principle, within the framework of Copenhagen phenomenology arising from operation of a ‘Heisenberg Microscope’. This is an empirical fact demonstrated by the Stern-Gerlach experiment for example where space quantization is produced along the z axis by continuous application of a non-uniform magnetic field to atomic spin structure. The simplistic solution is therefore ‘to do something else’. Here a putative protocol is delineated for surmounting the uncertainty relation. The methodology (ontological & in causal violation of Copenhagen phenomenology) relies on the conformal invariance of the symmetry conditions of new cosmological parameters amenable to hierarchical coherently controlled resonant interactions.

2 Either B or C can be observed Not B & C Simultaneously

3 Another View of Measurement The potentia Y : N not accessible in real space

4 Major Violation of the Uncertainty Principle

5 - Cognitive Psychology
CURRENT THINKING Based on - Big Bang Cosmology - Cognitive Psychology

6 The Bigbang (naturalistic or atheistic cosmology) is said to originate from an initial singularity. This is an observational illusion in HAM cosmology.

7 The currently dominant Cognitive Approach asks: “What processes in the brain give rise to Awareness”? A category error for Philosophy of Mind Instead ask “What processes give rise to Awareness?”


9 The NOETIC APPROACH We dispute the assumptions of Bigbang cosmology
And Cognitive Psychology

10 With addition of the Unitary field, spirit, prana or chi we get instead.

11 We only observe the central (person) portion with our natural eyes
‘Behold the lilies of the field, even Solomon was not arrayed like one of these’. We only observe the central (person) portion with our natural eyes

12 New Principles In order to bring these parameters into Physical science a new view of reality or cosmology must be introduced

- Hubble discovered redshift not expansion of the universe - Instead of Doppler redshift, redshift is caused by „Tired Light”


15 This 3D scientific view of Newtonian mechanics survived until the early 1900s. For Newton time was independent

16 We Live In Time, ‘God’ Lives In HD Eternity
We Live In Time, ‘God’ Lives In HD Eternity. The HD Cannot Be Seen By Natural Eyes, microscopes or telescopes. Therefore one Assumes We Must Live In a subspace of eternity or “Virtual Reality”

17 The introduction of Einstein’s relativities & quantum theory between 1905 & 1925 changed the 3D world view to a 4D view.

18 But the temporal human mind is incapable of perceiving 4 dimensions

19 Sometimes the 4D hypercube is viewed exploded like this

20 A 3D cube may be unfolded into a 2D plane by loosing 1D

21 Visualizing the 4th dimension Likewise a 4D hypercube unfolds into a 3D cross in a similar manner , in 5D the 3D cubes would be 4D hypercubes - etc to 12D

A 3D cube is unfolded to a 2D plane. A 4D hypercube is unfolded into its 8 component 3D cubes in the same manner. If a 5D hypercube were unfolded, the 8 cubes forming the 3D cross would be made of eight 4D hypercubes and so on.

23 12D is the minimum D to describe eternity The central translucent cube representing observed 3D Euclidian reality is surrounded by six adjacent cubes. The 8th cube called the satellite cube may be placed arbitrarily on any of the adjacent cubes. Carrying this metaphor to 12D Amoroso’s model states that the central cube and 12D satellite are causally separated.



26 Points can no longer be considered as fundamental objects.


28 Dirac Spherical Rotation as Basis of the Continuous-State
Figure drawn by Stan Tenen – Meru Foundation

29 In Holographic Anthropic Multiverse (HAM) cosmology observed temporal reality is a 3(4)D virtual subspace of an 11(12)D eternity in correspondence with the tenets of the F-Theory incarnation of M-Theory; 12D being the minimum number of dimensions (D) to signify causal separation from temporality. Succinctly HAM cosmology postulates an infinite number of nested Hubble spheres each with their own laws of physics; this and other details of the HAM will be discussed in detail. The HAM “Present” is a dynamic instant, a continuous-state standing wave of the least cosmological unit of the 12D Superspace undergoing a Continuous Dimensional Reduction / Compactification Process (CDRC) based on extensions of the Wheeler-Feynman-Cramer Absorber/Transactional models. This HAM dynamic entails an energy dependent spacetime metric as 1st proposed by Einstein.

30 CONTINUED Meaning HD properties of the CDRC standing wave metric entail a form of future-past ‘hysteresis’ loop. Energetics of this 12D hysteresis least unit reveal a new action principle driving the evolution of the HAM, cosmology itself a form of self-organized complex system. Since the HAM is scale invariant these energetics also apply to self-organized Autopoietic living systems. This new teleological or noetic action principle is shown to be associated with the unitary physical field and a form of ‘super quantum potential’ as postulated by de Broglie and Bohm. These parameters allow an alternate derivation of string tension anticipated to shed light on recalculating Planck’s constant and completing quantum theory. HAM cosmology is empirically testable and an experimental protocol for isolation of the new energy dynamics is presented.

There Is No Bigbang (temporal Singularity), Expansion Or Inflation. Redshift Is Non-Doppler Due To Periodic Photon Mass (Tired Light). CMBR Is Cavity QED Blackbody (BB) Radiation. Thus CMBR Is Emission & Redshift Absorption For BB Equilibrium. The HCM Is Closed & Finite In Time / Open And Infinite Eternally. This Relates To The Holographic Principle – A Multiverse With Potential For An Infinite Number Of Nested Hubble Spheres (H_R) Each With Their Own Laws Of Physics. Dark Energy Arises From The Rest Of The Multiverse Beyond H_R. Cosmological Constant Is Based On This Horizon - Fluctuating -, 0, +. The HCM Is Not Static Or Steady-State But A Continuous-State (CS). The CS Provides A Standing Wave Present From Future-Past Elements In A CS Spin Exchange Dimensional Reduction Compactification Process- i.e. The XD Can Be Infinitely Large > 4D And Planck Size < 3D. 3D Reality Is A ‘Pocket Space’ Or Temporal Subspace Of 12D Eternity. A Conscious Universe Requires an Additional Teleological (Noetic) Action Principle Guiding Evolution and Complex Self-Oranization.

32 Many Processes Describe The Standing Wave Present Instant
1. Dimensional Reduction 2. Continuous Compactification 3. Spin exchange / Parallel Transport 4. Continuous-State 5. Holographic Principle 6. Future-Past Transaction 7. Super Quantum Potential 8. Noetic Action Principle -Teleological

33 Standing waves are created by reflection from the future past boundary conditions
R R2

34 A simple 1D standing wave like on a stringed instrument
The 1D string maps out a smooth envelope in the same way frames of film create a movie

35 A 2D standing wave

36 A 3D standing wave like on a drum

37 Imagine these mirrors are like future past boundary conditions

38 The charges of rarified molecules in the ionasphere, act like mirrors to reflect radio waves.

39 The 12D oscillation of the Casimir-like conditions of each point has sufficient degrees of freedom to create a virtual reality like a hologram.

In this conceptualization components of M_4 are blown up into the complex HD regime revealing the rich structure of the XD’s control.


42 The Virtual 3(4)D Present is Piloted by a Guidance Principle, Equated In A Conscious Multiverse With The Unitary Field, Chi, Prana Or ‘Spirit Of God’.


In this conceptualization components of M_4 are blown up into the complex HD regime revealing the rich structure of the XD’s control.

45 Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation Structure of a transaction (present state or event) where the present is a standing-wave of future-past elements. The separation of these parameters in terms of de Broglie’s fusion model is suggested to allow manipulation of the harmonic tier.


47 A FUTURE-PAST TRANSACTION Offer waves from the past confirmed by the future result in events (Cramer). HAM Cosmology extends this principle to the HD topology of spacetime where each present instant is a (EPR –Type) standing wave, the locus of which is the arrow of time.

48 Some scientists think extra dimensions are curled up microscopically small at each point.

49 A more complex view of the XD 30 years later – Stringy Calabi-Yau Space

50 In HAM Cosmology there are large-scale XD with information ‘conformally Invariant’
This means quantum states of information in Euclidian space (Particle in a box) exists in the higher dimensions also. To surmount the Uncertainty Principle a method is devised to access HD Info in an Ontological or interactionless manner



53 How the Structure of Reality Creates the Arrow of Time in Continuous-State Cosmology

54 Philosophical Foundation
Many researchers have explored the zero-point field as an avenue for manipulating vacuum energy. For the most part we consider this work metaphorically descriptive of only the “fog over the ocean” rather than the structural phenomenology of the ocean itself. New assumptions are made concerning the Dirac polarized vacuum that relate to the structure of matter in terms of Relativistic Quantum Field Theory (RQFT) extended to 12D in the context of a Holographic Anthropic Multiverse (HAM) where spacetime is an energy dependent metric. In this anthropic cosmology (a self-organized complex system) the observed spacetime present is a virtual standing wave of highly ordered Wheeler-Feynman-Cramer parameters. A new noetic principle synonymous with the unitary field drives self-organization.

55 Orchard or Gravestones
When passing by a graveyard or fruit tree orchard in gazing into the area ones view alternates from being blocked to being open to infinity. This metaphor is meant to symbolize the difference between phenomenological and ontological versions of quantum theory.

56 Symmetry of Spacetime

57 The conformally invariant resonance hierarchy of Noetic Spacetime

58 Spacetime temporal nodes to quantify the symmetry conditions of the incursive harmonic oscillator

59 2D Standingwave Resonance Hierarchy

60 From incursive discretization, two solutions providing a structural bifurcation of the system which together produce Hyperincursion. The effect of increasing the time interval discretizes the trajectory. This represents a background independent discretization of spacetime.

61 In the Continuous-State there is a complementarity between field and discretization similar to wave-particle duality & the Dirac spherical rotation for the electron, only here it applies to the topology of spacetime itself and the standing wave of the Euclidian grid of perceived reality.

62 Illustration of the 360-720 degree dual geometry of Dirac spherical rotation

63 Dimensional Topological Switching


65 Conceptualized cavity-QED multi-level Sagnac effect interferometer designed to ‘punch’ a hole in spacetime to emit the ‘eternity wave, ’. b) Components of the applied harmonic oscillator - classical, quantum, relativistic, transactional and incursive required to achieve coherent control of the cumulative resonance coupling hierarchy to produce harmonic nodes of destructive and constructive interference in the spacetime backcloth.

66 Resonant Coupling nodes for the harmonic oscillator

67 Perfect Rolling Contact
The mechanical concept of rolling contact is used to geometrically illustrate the ontological framework for the new noetic commutation rules of angular momentum. In any given frame only the Z axis will commute as per standard quantum theory; but in the complex HD space the non-commutative parameters commute on rotation through tangents of proper obliquity in the continuous state topology. Considering all hyperplanes there are periodic simultaneous moments of commutation that may be accessible by RF pulses of the proper harmonic cyclotron frequency as described by the Bessel function.

68 These logarithmic curves are not closed
These logarithmic curves are not closed. To adapt them to continuous motion, pairs must be utilized. Joining corresponding sections of the spiral form a symmetrical uni-lobed wheel. While the sectors do not need to be equal or symmetrical, the ‘wheels’ must be paired with sectors of equal obliquity in contact for pure rolling motion to occur. Wheels may also be bi-lobed or tri-lobed etc. up to 12D to illustrate our Superspace. A tier of three symmetrical wheels is illustrated in Fig. 3.

69 Perfect Rolling Motion and logarithmic spirals

70 Multi-tiered Experimental Platform

71 Additional Spin exchange conditions for continuous-state dimensional reduction during periodic production of the deficit angle during parallel transport around the geometric topology of the fundamental spacetime least-units relating technically to the Bianchi identities and Regge calculus describing gravitational curvature

72 Scale Invariance of the triune properties of least units

73 The fabric of spacetime: 12D Spacetime Tiling is Believed able to Project all Geometric Forms

74 Physical Cosmology Of The Fundamental Least Unit
The Fundamental Cosmological Least Unit is introduced in the context of an advanced form of Einstein’s model of a static universe, called the Continuous State Conscious Universe (CSCU) [1]. The new cosmology is based on principles of the Wheeler-Feynman absorber theory of radiation extended to the topology of a periodic 12D spacetime. The fundamental least unit is shown to be a scale invariant complex cosmological system. The translating boundary conditions of a spin exchange ‘continuous state’ dimensional reduction compactification process are inherent in the Dirac polarized vacuum. The topology is derived by coupling superluminal Lorentz boosts with noncompactified Kaluza-Klein theory in the context of an energy dependent spacetime metric.

The Euclidian line is assumed to be the real line [1] because it is what is observed. Logical reasons from supersymmetry and supergravity suggest there are a number of additional unobserved dimensions [2] leaving the issue of dimensionality as an open question. Euclidian space in classical Newtonian terms is a continuous 3D absolute space with time an independent parameter. Einstein’s theories of relativity provided a discrete 3(4)D transmutable relational spacetime manifold. The debate between absolute space or substantivism and relational space still continues. Utilizing the standard definition of a straight line as the intersection of two rigid planes, measurements could be taken to observe whether the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees; but settling the question definitively would require astronomical scale measurements where it appears physically impossible to apply the concept of a rigid body or to define a straight line in terms of a light ray by stellar parallax because of the effects of general relativity. Therefore all physics knows with certainty at the present time is that observed space is approximately Euclidian as is Minkowski space [1, 36]. According to the proof of Schoenflies theorem [10] there can be no topological knots in a plane. Therefore there can be no torsion in a 2D reality; thus the real line must be at least 3D Euclidian where the standard Pythagorean line element is:

76 (2) This assumption that the Euclidian line is the real line is intuitive. Currently there is no known method of empirical proof; and since the Euclidian line is what the Human mind apprehends it remains the formal basis for all scientific fact [1, 23]. But this assumption remains profoundly problematical with issues stemming from both the foundations of mathematics and the nature of physical theory itself concerning the fundamental basis for sets, discreteness versus continuity, geometry and topology, and the relationship of real numbers to rational numbers for example [1]. In general, the class of theories unifying gauge and gravitational fields by utilizing extra dimensions is called Kaluza-Klein theories. In these theories spontaneous symmetry breaking by coordinate transformation in five dimensions is a product of the standard four-dimensional transformation and a local U(1) gauge group arising in basic form in a general relativistic framework of five dimensions described according to the Einstein-Hilbert action (3)

Einstein originated the concept of an energy dependent spacetime for explaining temporal rate change in the presence of a gravitational field by generalizing the special relativistic line element with the introduction of time curvature [14] where phi is the Newtonian gravitational potential. This utilizes the deformed Minkowski metric (introduced above by eq. 5) which is imbedded in the periodic HD Noetic space chosen axiomatically for HCM cosmology to take the form of a noncompactified Kaluza-Klein theory [2,3]. Sections 1.6 & 1.7 demonstrate the feasibility of an energy domain pervading HD spacetime with properties similar to Wheeler’s Geon proposal discussed in section 1.6 below. In a generalized deformed spacetime metric , spacetime is fixed by the energy and has the metric

78 THE PERMUTATION OF DIMENSIONS IN THE NOETIC TRANSFORMATION   Only certain pathways for parallel transport by spin exchange dimensional reduction (D down scaling) and superluminal boosting (D up scaling) are allowed by the Wheelere-Feynman symmetry breaking relations in the continuous maintenance of the standing wave present. Figure 5. The figure shows the four counter-propagating circular permutations of the vertices of a cube that represent parallel transport about each of the diagonals. These allowed paths and orientations constrict the dimensional reduction of the entourage of associated spaces into symmetry breaking pathways according to strict rules. This diagram is a modification of a trajectory model describing a Schrodinger particle [26].

79 It is useful to clarify the utility of the dual covering modes in terms of parallel transport and the Regge equations relation to the Bianchi identity of a boundary of a boundary being equal to zero [25]. Figure 6. Ordering the vertices as shown in the figure induces an orientation on the tetrahedrons two dimensional boundary, which consists of four oriented triangles by (012) - (013) + (023) - (123). This in turn induces an orientation on the edges of the one dimensional boundaries (01) - (02) + (12). Summing the dimensional boundaries cancels them in pairs [(01) - (01) = 0]. This is the Bianchi identity described by the Regge equations for parallel transport where the boundary of a boundary is zero. Or suggesting the tetrahedron is edgeless because the 1D boundary of the 2D boundary of the 2D region is zero [25].

80 EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Laser Oscillated Vacuum Energy Resonator (LOVER). The ring laser (above) may be built into an IC array of 1,000 ring lasers. If each microlaser in the array is designed to be counterpropagating, an interference phenomena called the Sagnac Effect occurs that violates special relativity in the small scale. This array of Sagnac Effect ring lasers provides the top tier of the multi-tier LOVER. Inside the ring of each laser is a cavity where quantum effects called Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics may occur (C-QED). A special molecule is placed inside each cavity. If the ring laser array is RF pulsed with resonant frequency modes applicable to the molecules electrons and neutrons, by "Coherent Control of Cumulative Interaction" an inertial backreaction is produced whereby the electrons having spin-spin coupling with the nucleons also resonate with the spacetime backcloth in order to 'poke a hole' in it. Metaphorically this is like dropping stones in a pool of water: One stone creates concentric ripples; two stones create domains of constructive and destructive interference. Such an event is not considered possible in the standard models of particle physics, quantum theory and cosmology. However Noetic science uses extended versions of these theories wherein a new teleological action principle may be utilized to develop what might be called a 'transistor of the vacuum' which we have appropriately dubbed the L.O.V.E.R. Just as standard transistors and copper wires provide the basis for almost all modern electronic devices; This LOVER using the information content of spacetime geodesics (lines) will soon be the basis of many forms of Noetic Technologies.

81 DIRAC SPHERICAL ROTATION INHERENT TO THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE FUNDAMENTAL LEAST UNIT   Typically the Dirac dual spinor rotation applies to the observation that an electron undergoes of rotation (not the usual ) before returning to the initial orientation. Traditional thinking has assumed this to be some property of matter. But the discovery of the complex structure of spacetime has shown that this is not a property fundamental to the electron; but rather to the superspace the electron is imbedded in and part of. Dirac spherical rotation as it is also called, is more fundamentally a primary property of space than it is matter. This is revealed in the complex hierarchical structure of the least unit discussed in the paper.

MULTI-TIERED EXPERIMENTAL PLATFORM: Tunable Ring-Laser trap RF quadrupole pulsed Sagnac resonator – electron resonance Phased Nucleon resonance for Haisch-Rueda type inertial back reaction Cumulative Interaction – Cyclotron Resonance Power Factor tears Hole in Spacetime and releases Noeon

83 References [1] Amoroso, R.L., 2002, Developing the cosmology of a continuous state universe, in R.L. Amoroso, G. Hunter, M. Kafatos & J-P Vigier (eds.), Gravitation and Cosmology: From the Hubble Radius to the Planck Scale, Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. [2] Amoroso, R.L. & Amoroso, P.J., 2002, The Primary mechanism initiating protein conformation in infectious prion propagation, submitted. [3] Bass, L., 1975, A quantum mechanical mind-body interaction, Foundations of Physics, 5:1, [4] Dubrov, A.N., 1979, The interaction of biological objects with time and space, in S.K. Krippner & M.L. Carlson (eds.) Psychoenergetic Systems, New York: Gordon & Breach Science Publishers. [5] Josephson, B.D. & Pallikari-Viras, F.,1991, Biological utilization of quantum nonlocality, Foundations of Physics, 21:2, [6] Milner, R., 1993, Elements of interaction, Comm. of the ACM, 36:1, [7] Prigogine, I., Nicolis, G. & Babloyantz, A., 1972, Thermodynamics of evolution, Physics Today, Nov. pp , Dec. pp [8] Prusiner, S.B. 1982, Science, 216,p [9] Prusiner, S.B. 1998, Proc Nat. Acad. Sci, USA, 95, p [10] Jantsch, E., 1984, The Self-Organizing Universe, New York: Pergamon. [11] Varela, F.G., Maturana, H.R. & Uribe, R., 1974, Autopoiesis: The organization of living systems, its characterization and a model, BioSystems, 5,

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88 30+ of my papers may be found at: www. mindspring. com/~noetic
30+ of my papers may be found at:


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