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February/March 2011 HP CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION Hemanth Dattatreya HP Software.

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1 February/March 2011 HP CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION Hemanth Dattatreya HP Software


3 3 What the business expects… THE CLOUD ADVANTAGE Source: IDC Enterprise Panel, 3Q09, n = 263, September 2009. Encourages standard systems 68.5% 77.7% Easy/fast to deploy to end-users 64.6% Always offers latest functionality Pay only for what you use 77.9% Monthly payments 75.3% Requires less in-house IT staff, costs 67.0%

4 IT IS BEING BYPASSED BY THE BUSINESS …leading to shadow IT, and increased risk for the business “..developers are bypassing IT and putting applications onto public clouds at a rate 5x greater than IT thinks” Source: You’re Not Ready For Internal Cloud, by James Staten, Forrester Research, Inc., July 26, 2010

5 AS A CIO, WHERE DO I WANT TO BE? PrivateTraditional Public/Hybrid IT as the broker of technology services

6 6 CIO NEEDS TO OPTIMIZE SERVICE DELIVERY WHILE INTEGRATING CLOUD BUILD Scalable private and public cloud solutions optimized for applications CONSUME off-premises services securely TRANSFORM legacy infrastructure and applications MANAGE & SECURE Service management, automation and governance solutions to manage across cloud and existing IT services

7 KEY TO BROADER ADOPTION OF CLOUD: TRUST Before the Economics of Cloud Computing Can be Considered, Organizations Require a Trusted Service Infrastructure SecurityControl Service-Level Management Compliance

8 CLOUD COMPUTING TYPES Cloud Infrastructure Services (IaaS) Platform Services (PaaS) End-User Services (SaaS) Physical Infrastructure Service Consumer How is it used? What is delivered?

9 BUSINESS GOAL IN CLOUD COMPUTING Service Delivered Business selects services Service gets built Minutes Automated provisioning for many applications: Business driven Timely Accurate Cost Effective

10 IT GOAL IN CLOUD COMPUTING Service Delivered Business selects services Automated Build Process Minutes Automated provisioning for many applications: Zero touch fulfillment Costs controlled Control maintained Services Delivered Business Satisfied

11 HP Cloud Service Automation

12 12 SELF SERVICE USER BUILD PRIVATE CLOUD VIRTUAL PRIVATE & INDUSTRY CLOUDS PUBLIC CLOUDS BRIDGE PUBLISH CONSUME MANAGE & SECURE BROKER Application Aggregate, Manage and Secure Service Catalog Intelligent automation for building, managing and securing cloud services from infrastructure to applications CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION Single portal to manage private, public and hybrid cloud services Intelligent, business policy based automated resource management Advanced application deployment management & optimization Complete hybrid & heterogeneous cloud service & automation Extensible to public & private cloud (e.g., Amazon EC2) Cloud Service Automation


14 TAKE FULL CONTROL WITH CSA Multi- Vendor Physical and Virtual Elastic (Dynamic) application server storage network Efficient cloud service lifecycle management: from provisioning to retirement Unified control of the health of your hybrid heterogeneous infrastructure Implement risks mitigation by introducing Service Level, policies and compliance reporting

15 15 Broadest app support, leadings hypervisors, multiple OS Automates the deployment and configuration of applications and middleware (SaaS & PaaS) Unified portal and service catalog with easy to use, consumer experience Extensible with HP’s broad range of cloud service management and security solutions Designed and built by market leader in distributed systems management software DIFFERENTIATION DEFINED Intelligent automation to build, manage and consume cloud heterogeneous infrastructure and application services across private, public and hybrid clouds. Integrated extensions for service provider aggregation, application lifecycle, security and end-to-end service management. Available as part of HP CloudSystem or standalone. The software standard for automating HP’s cloud services Cloud Service Automation Intelligent automation for building, managing and securing cloud services from infrastructure to applications CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION Converged Infrastructure Traditional Infrastructure HYBRID & HETEROGENEOUS INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT Cloud Service Automation APP LIFECYC LE MGMT HIGHLY AUTOMATED SOLUTION FOR RAPID PROVISIONING AND LOWER COST Services Catalog Orchestration Provisioning and Monitoring Burst Extension s OPEN ARCHITECTURE TO MANAGE HETEROGENEOUS ENVIRONMENTS ENTERPRISE AND SERVICE PROVIDER SOLUTIONS EXTENSIONS AGGREG. PORTAL PROACTIV E SECURITY BUSINES S SERVICE MGMT. APP. LIFECYCL E MGMT. END-TO-END COMPOSITE APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT AWS

16 WHAT IS CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION? Dynamically monitor & provision the server, storage and network elements as well as applications to meet the needs of current and upcoming workloads. Automatically grow and shrink the allocated resources in order to meet QoS targets. Distributed resources Svc A Workload Upcoming Workload Svc B Workload Jobs Workload allocation decisionsWorkload monitoring Workload placement Scheduled maintenance Svc A Svc B Maximised utilisation

17 CSA CORE CAPABILITIES The HP CSA solution is targeting Enterprise IT as well as Service provider customers that are looking to build a more functionally rich, scalable cloud environment. One-touch provisioning, management, and monitoring of both infrastructure and applications Cloud lifecycle management that reduces costs and improve productivity Simplified deployment and scaling for private clouds Change buying values from “buy and integrate” components to “buying integrated” components Capture knowledge, intelligence, and best practices from IT experts and build automated repeatable processes that provide automation, control, manageability, and the assurance of cloud success

18 © Copyright 2011Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. 18 Resource RetirementFor reuse in the poolResource RetirementFor reuse in the pool Provision composite applications Manage and Monitor Cloud Release resources to the pool Provision infrastructur e Initiate via Single Portal Hybrid Cloud Delivered Seamlessly Consume public and private cloud services Bridge traditional and cloud IT End to End Management Infrastructure to application to service Provisioning to change to refresh CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION Private cloud solution for heterogeneous and extensible environments

19 Traditional CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION ARCHITECTURE Portal Solution Catalog Service Request Management Service & Application Config & Activation Private Cloud Infrastructure Blades ProLian t Storage Non HP Public Cloud SaaS PaaS IaaS Aggregation Burst Service Assurance Security Governance Demand Service Consumption Delivery Application Service Delivery Supply Infrastructure Service Delivery BusinessIT Management Hybrid CSA Network

20 Monitor applications CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION Provision composite application Provision infrastructure Initiate Single view one-stop ordering, provisioning and reporting based on BTO SEM Portal Optional Service Provider aggregation platform Decommission

21 Monitor applications CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION Provision infrastructure Initiate Works on HP Blade System Matrix or VMWare vCenter Optional advance resource manager Provision composite application Decommission

22 Monitor applications CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION Provision infrastructure Initiate Rich Application management through Stratavia, ADM, OO and Server Automation. Delivered reintegrated with example use cases Provision composite application Decommission

23 Monitor applications CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION Provision infrastructure Initiate Integrated with UCMDB allowing a tight integration with BSM 9.0 Provision composite application Decommission Service, application and infrastructure automated retirement of unused resources


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