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Professional Development: Employability Workshop 2 Making Applications.

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1 Professional Development: Employability Workshop 2 Making Applications

2 Ways of applying for employment (inc. placements): CV CV & covering letter Application form (paper / online) Application form & covering letter Useful tips on

3 All PD Portfolios require: up to date CV completed application form covering letter

4 Making Applications General Issues follow instructions with job ad Get a 2nd opinion about application form answers / covering letters if you are unsure Do trial runs Link your course, skills and interests to the job description If you have a disability, consider when to 'disclose'

5 Making Applications: Placement Specific Issues JA must have FINAL CV for an application to be sent off ensure you enter your correct email address when accessing the placement database applying for placements indicates you have read and agreed to the placement regulations follow info for how to apply closely - read ALL of the advert Applications via JA - get a receipt in SHU email account? (Blank message; subject has ref no/company) Meet deadlines set You can apply for as many placements as you wish - but must take the first offer

6 CVs update CV with new skills / info improve it (guidelines Prospects / Windmill programme / Placement booklet) apart from personal statement, don't use paragraphs don't start each point with 'I' ensure your CV can be 'skimmed' – keep it brief

7 Covering Letters: do what is asked do not just repeat contents of CV if letter is accompanying CV Include: 1st section - why you are writing –the position you wish to be considered for 2nd section - why you should be interviewed –match your skills / course / knowledge to the job ad 3rd section - closing remarks –could mention references, availability for interview etc.

8 Covering Letters contd Ensure you cover anything the advert specifically asks for Proof-read before sending (check for spelling / grammar) Do not include SHU ref number in letter Look at guidelines e.g. Placement booklet

9 Application Forms Do some trial runs - e.g.s in Placement booklet or in Job Description section of Blackboard site Build up a 'bank' of answers (in a word doc) Think about questions / answers before completing the form (especially if it is on-line) Do what they ask Answer the question asked (all parts) Answer all questions - only use N/A if it really is the case

10 Application forms contd Think what is on your CV - do you cover all the info? Link personal interests, key skills, course content etc. to job requirements / person specification Emphasise strengths and experience Demonstrate personal development / key skills Give specific examples not generalisations What attributes do you have / is the employer interested in?

11 Applications forms contd Do some research on the company - they will have a website Match their requirements to your skills and experience Don't expand on the truth! Keep a copy of any applications (with the relevant advert / job description) get advice or look at guidelines e.g. CVs_and_interviews/Job_applications/Application_forms/p!egFlab

12 Some example questions... What would you gain from a placement here and how can you contribute towards that placement? Please draw on any relevant experience, achievements, skills and interests you may have. What would you like to achieve during your industrial training placement? Which subject in your degree did you most enjoy and why? Give details of your outside interests. What do you bring to them and what do you get out of them?

13 Remember: Getting a job or placement requires persistence! not all applications lead to interviews getting an interview does not guarantee a job offer most students will make many applications before securing a job or placement

14 Next session…….. …………..Interview preparation

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