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Study of Chinese Seed Project Informationization Shang Shuqi Qingdao Agricultural University Shandong,China 266109 Tel. +86-532-86080842

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1 Study of Chinese Seed Project Informationization Shang Shuqi Qingdao Agricultural University Shandong,China 266109 Tel. +86-532-86080842 E-mail:

2 1. The Current Situation of Chinese Seed Project Informationization Development 2. The Necessity of Seed Project Informationization 3. The Specific Measures of Seed Project Informationization 4. Discussion Outline

3 1. The Current Situation Qingdao Agricultural and Technical Transmission Website Qingdao Seed Information Website In China, agricultural information networks suitable for local agricultural development have been established recently.

4 The network of Chinese Branch of International Association on Mechanization of Field Experiments plays an important role in development and popularization of field experiment in China.

5 2. The Necessity of Seed Project Informationization Though the current agricultural information networks provide platforms of information communication, through which the related personnel can get or promulgate information, it cannot offer a complete platform for technical communication and cooperation, or realize internet office and interaction of science and technology. Especially, at present the seed industry in China is in dire need of establishing a platform integrating management and communication whether from the view of research, production or market.

6 (1)The industry system is not perfect. Seed scientific research, seed production and management are separated for a long time. Surveying in OK Company

7 (2) Regulation and management are a little bit unfavorable, seed quality control system is not sound and the seed business network is immature.

8 (3) Enterprises and market operation systems are less efficiency.

9 3. The Measures of Seed Project Informationization Seed project informationization is to realize information communication and share in seed research production management, seed information acquisition and processing, seed expert system, seed system simulation, support system of seed industry decision, seed industry network and other aspects by information technology such as computer, information storage, communication grid, media player artificial intelligence, 3S technology (GIS, GPS, PS) etc. (1) Informationization Management

10 The basic demand of information management is information complete share and business communication between government economic departments and management departments as well as seed research institutions, seed running companies and seed users, realizing relevant internet office at the same time.


12 Firstly, the government can carries on balanced management to the seed industry and let each area exert its advantages; reporting and renewalling the current situation in time to help various production and research institutions to learn about the related seed information at home and abroad.

13 Secondly, it is mainly to strength the application of IT in seed production process. Emphasizing on analysis warning after production, intelligent management in production, tracing back supervision after production, etc. so as to realize IT from respective to whole-process application, from automatic data acquisition to treatment, planting structure analysis optimization, improved variety intelligent breeding, production management, market operation, economic accounting, price analyzing, market forecasting, application and management of seed production processing machinery, and all the other related economic activities.

14 (2) Seed Operation Informationization The suppliers can learn about the demand information of seed users in time, keep faster-response ability in the changeable market environment, track the whole process of satisfying requirements, hand products and service to seed users accurately, timely and in high quality. Server Systems

15 In order to realize the targets of cooperative prediction, planning and supply in logistics activities and response to the best placement of the total inventory on the supply chain, we need to make sure the tight integration of business process between customers and cooperative partners, realize cooperation without resistance or slowness, share business data, make combined forecast, plan, manage, operate, finish performance evaluation and so on. Only if seed companies cooperate with each other, seed circulation can have faster response speed and much more foresee ability, better resist varies kinds of risk, decrease production costs and improve production and meet various demands of the users.

16 (3)Research Informationization Research management informationization takes advantages of the IT to realize networking of scientific research, management process, management method and information communication by exploring and sharing research information resource, so as to enhance the efficiency and level of scientific research, research management and research communication.

17 In order to fully mobilize the limited seed production and research resource in various aspects as well as manpower and material resources, each scientific research unit should give priority in establishing a huge data information center to fully collect the information, such as research projects, the present equipments with its service condition, human resources and so on. Thus, there are various channels to collect information, for instance, using experimental data to test the pictures and other related information with the projects. Only in such a way, can repeated construction of each unit be avoided and limited human and material resources be fully used.


19 Each unit establishes an information center to make digitalization management on its resources. The purposes are not only to improve research management level and enhance work efficiency, but also to realize various index putting forward by science research planning institute. Design, monitory, improvement and innovation of procedure must be applied on advanced management concepts and methods which can make them eliminate all the ineffective operation and acquire the best management benefit under joint efforts of the science research manager and the immense S&T workers. By decreasing middle management level, optimal research business procedure reduces time delay between decision and performance, accelerate dynamic reaction and adaptability on current events and promote the improvement of scientific research management.


21 4. Discussion These projects have completely improved the weakness of agricultural production and operation, made developed countries fully play their original advantages, gradually improved their original disadvantage and greatly enhanced the competitiveness of agricultural products of developed countries in the world market.

22 Though informationization management has greatly improved entirety advantage of seed industry in China, it can weaken mutual independence and autonomy between seed cooperation and science research units. Therefore, the degree of informationization management is a process needing continuous development and further exploration.

23 Thank you

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