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Chapter 16 Reconstruction Test Review

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1 Chapter 16 Reconstruction Test Review

2 # 1 carpetbaggers p555 Name given to northern whites who went south to start businesses or pursue political careers during Reconstruction

3 Southern whites who had opposed secession
# 2 scalawag p 555 Southern whites who had opposed secession

4 A pardon, or forgiveness for a group of people
# 3 amnesty p547 A pardon, or forgiveness for a group of people

5 A personal tax to be paid before voting
# 4 Poll tax A personal tax to be paid before voting

6 # 6 impeachment The process of bringing formal charges against a public official

7 # 7 grandfather clause p560 Most white voters didn’t have to take a literacy test

8 # 8 segregation p 560 “separate but equal”
In Plessy V Ferguson, the Supreme Court ruled that the separation of people of different races was legal.

9 #9 black codes p553 The laws passed by Southern states that barred mixing of the races in most aspects of life

10 # 10 literacy test p560 An exam to see if a person can read and write in order to vote

11 #11 sharecropper p 561 A laborer who works the land for a farmer who owns the land in exchange for a value of the crop System of cycle of poverty

12 # 12 Freedman p548 Men and women who were legally freed from slavery after the Civil War

13 # 13 Radical Reconstruction p554-556
It was the “hard” Reconstruction demanded by some members of Congress

14 # 14 Civil Rights Act of 1866 p553 Guaranteed citizenship to African Americans Johnson vetoed

15 # 15 Thirteenth Amendment p 552
Abolished slavery

16 # 16 Fourteenth Amendment p553-554
All people born or naturalized in the US are citizens Guaranteed free African Americans (men) the right to vote

17 # 17 Fifteenth Amendment p556-557
Guarantee citizens right to vote regardless of race or color (except women)

18 # 18 Freedmen’s Bureau p548 Purpose was to provide emergency relief to people forced out of their homes by the war

19 # 19 Election of 1876 p558-559 Samuel Tildon v Rutherford B Hayes
Hayes victory Republican victory Ended Reconstruction

20 # 20 Ku Klux Klan p , 567 The secret society that scared blacks and their white allies

21 #21 Abraham Lincoln p , 549 President who was murdered while in office Main goal of Reconstruction was to quickly restore the Union.

22 # 22 Andrew Johnson p549, 556, 552-554 President during Reconstruction
Radical Republicans had control over Reconstruction

23 #23 Ulysses S. Grant p556, 558 War hero who won the Presidential Election of 1868 Republican

24 # 24 Rutherford B. Hayes p559 He vowed to end Reconstruction after winning the disputed Presidential Election of 1876

25 # 25 John Wilkes Booth Person who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln

26 # 26 Abraham Lincoln’s main goal for Reconstruction p546-547
Restore the Union

27 #27 Abraham Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction p546-547
10% loyalty oath Former confederates pardoned if signed loyalty oath

28 #28 Andrew Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction p547, 556
Issue amnesty to Confederates States create new governments

29 #29 Radical Republicans plan for Reconstruction p547,556
Imposed military rule on southern states Threw out governments of all southern states that had refused to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment

30 #30 Why the Ku Klux Klan and other secret societies started p556-557, 567
Some whites were angry about losing power So they resorted to violence

31 Minimum 1 paragraph Essay
Discuss the 13th , 14th , and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution. What was the purpose of each, and what did each one accomplish? Minimum 1 paragraph

32 1- Introduction sentence 2- 13th amendment 3- 14th amendment
Essay 5 sentences 1- Introduction sentence 2- 13th amendment 3- 14th amendment 4- 15th amendment 5 – Conclusion sentence

33 Essay (1)There were three amendments to the Constitution during Reconstruction.(2) The thirteenth amendment abolished slavery.(3) The fourteenth amendment guaranteed citizenship to free African Americans and men could vote.(4) The fifteenth amendment let everyone vote regardless of their race or color except women. (5) In conclusion these amendments helped free African Americans gain more rights

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