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Schlumberger Update Nigel Deeks Real Time Technology Manager

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1 Schlumberger Update Nigel Deeks Real Time Technology Manager
4/20/2017 Schlumberger Update Nigel Deeks Real Time Technology Manager Schlumberger Data & Consulting Services North Sea Geomarket.

2 WITSML – a key enabler for Schlumberger and our clients….
InterACT – Continued enhancement WITSML Browsing Server <> Server transfer + deployment scalability WITSML Client Software - DataLink2 WITSML enabled answer products – Drilling + G&G The human side of successful WITSML operations

3 Key WITSML functionality within InterACT*
The past: WITSML streaming (pre runner to API … still works great) Depth-based WITSML API (GetFromStore) Now: InterACT 5.8 currently in multi client + multi scale field test Full 1.2 and API (Get from / Add to Store) Publish / Subscribe in pipeline WITSML Browsing API test tool for troubleshooting Server to Server transfer (Push and Pull)

4 InterACT WITSML browsing:-

5 InterACT Scalability - Getting data to where its needed…..
Depth Data Geoframe etc Trajectory Data Drilling Office etc Time Data Operational Data Client ”ODC” Wellsite data acquisition, aggregation and display Asset Team Experts Web based viewers InterACT “Inside” InterACT “DataHub” InterACT interfaces:- WITSML API WITSML Streaming WITSML Data Exchange InterACT “Hub” Rig Sensors Downhole Tools Specialist Services NDS / Perform Geosteering Remote Monitoring Remote Control Schlumberger SCC Schlumberger OSC

6 DataLink2 Designed on the assumption that servers will be different
One WITSML-enabler for multiple real-time applications Multiple sources and standards Static and streaming files WITSML 1.2 /1.3.1 API Client Introduced v1 in 2003 Version 2 released Tested with InterACT, Sitecom and Wellstorm

7 WITSML enabled answer products: Real-Time Data Analysis and Optimization -
Available at rig site, office or operations center Eg Perform Tool Kit + BHAiM Features Integrated analysis of measured and computed data in time and depth Automatic rig state detection Playback review capabilities Benefits Optimize hydraulics, drillstring integrity, drilling efficiency Reduce BHA damage/failure Geomechanics surveillance

8 Drilling Visualization in a Geological Context Petrel 2007.1
4/20/2017 Drilling Visualization in a Geological Context Petrel Geological model Trajectory planning Drilling risk events Real-time WITSML updates Rapid model updates – impact on drilling Shared view for drilling and G&G Drilling Data Analysis in a Geological Context

9 Maintaining successful real-time workflows
Field engineer training programs LWD + MWD Engineers + Geoservices crews Wireline crews (more real-time than WITSML currently) New hires + refreshers for experienced crew Reinforce need to provide consistent quality data streams Foster sense of involvement with broader workflows Introduction to WITSML enabled workflows G&G Workflow for depth data Engineering workflows for time data Visualization requirements related to trajectory data InterACT staff training Basic operational familiarization for IT oriented staff Intro to WITSML enabled G&G and Engineering workflows

10 What do you think? Nigel Deeks

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