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Sectors of the Economy.

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1 Sectors of the Economy

2 Sectors of Production There are many types of production; Farms, factories, teachers & hospitals all producing different types of goods and services. The various types of production can be grouped into 3 sectors Primary Secondary Tertiary

3 Primary Sector This is “extractive type” production, such as mining, farming, forestry & fishing, where goods are extracted from nature. Primary production is production from natural resources

4 Secondary Production Secondary Producers use the resources extracted by primary production and take the a stage further by manufacturing or construction

5 Tertiary Production These are service type producers such as bankers, teachers, shop assistants & transporters

6 The Production Process
Each of the sectors are linked in the production process. This means they are interdependent. Each sector relies on another to complete the production of a good or service.

7 Bean to Bar How do we get a peanut slab? Draw up the production process for a Whittakers Peanut Slab using a flow chart. Ensure you indicate clearly how it moves from each sector.

8 Interdependence Each sector is said to be mutually reliant on each other. This means that each sector needs another sector to complete the Production process for their good & ultimately get their product to their consumer. Implications…. “Construction Industry in Turmoil” What does this mean? How does this effect other sectors?

9 “Construction Industry in Turmoil”
Lately the construction is suffering from a decline in business. Demand for construction has decreased. This affects the other sectors because…. Demand for raw materials (Wood, Steel etc) Demand for Transport of the raw materials Demand for Architects, Lawyers, Advertising, Marketing, Real Estate, Sales assistants Primary Secondary Tertiary

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