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G. Ray Bodley High School Guidance Office Senior Year Transcript Review and College Application Orientation.

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1 G. Ray Bodley High School Guidance Office Senior Year Transcript Review and College Application Orientation

2 Transcripts Check it for accuracy including name, address, all courses and exams, summer school and exam retakes, if applicable. If correct, keep it for your personal files as an unofficial copy If you believe there is an error, fill out the change form detailing the error and return it together with the transcript.

3 Personal Profile/Resume greater impact, enhances your activity record more individualized and may include your photo. see your counselor for examples and help. flexible - your Personal Profile can, and should be, updated as needed.

4 Student Activity Record List all of your activities, both in school and out of school, during all four years of high school. Include all special awards and honors you have received, or offices you have held. Be neat and precise - a copy is sent with every college application in exactly the way you provide it to our office.

5 College Entrance Exams Register online. You can link through our web site. Late fees apply for late registrations. Take both the SAT and the ACT. Most colleges will use the higher score. New for this year! Bring your admission ticket AND photo ID to the test.

6 Exam Fees ACT Exam – $50.50 with Writing, $35 without Writing. SAT Exam – $50 (Writing included, not optional). Fee Waivers are available from counselors for students who are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch.

7 ACT and SAT Exams at GRB Saturday, Oct 27 - ACT Exam Saturday, December 1 – Next SAT Exam, register by Nov 1. Saturday, December 8 – Next ACT Exam at GRB, register by Nov 2.

8 College Applications Deadlines! Some colleges list a deadline for admissions, so please pay careful attention to the deadlines. Rolling Admissions! Some colleges process applications as soon as they receive them, so earlier is better. A fee will be required with most applications.

9 Letters of Recommendation Give plenty of advanced notice when requesting letters of recommendation from teachers and others. Bring completed letters to the Guidance Office to place on file, copy and send with college applications or scholarships.

10 Free Applications in our Office Cayuga Community College Jefferson Community College Onondaga Community College Herkimer Community College Finger Lakes Community College Mohawk Valley Community College Tompkins-Cortland Community College (online no fee)

11 Online Applications SUNY Online Application Common App Please inform your counselor of all online applications you submit. Include counselor contact information on your online applications.

12 Paper Applications All paper applications should be routed through the Guidance Office. Submit paper applications well in advance of their deadlines. Provide a stamped, addressed envelope for all college applications, scholarships and transcripts that are sent through regular mail.

13 State University of New York (SUNY) Colleges 64 campuses across NYS Over 400,000 undergraduate students Over 5000 programs/majors Publicly funded by NYS taxpayers and offer lower tuition than private colleges. Room and board costs are similar to private colleges.

14 Private Colleges More than 100 private and independent colleges/universities in NYS Nearly 450,000 students Nearly 17,000 degree programs Private colleges charge higher tuitions but are often able to provide more financial assistance (scholarships and financial aid) to help offset the cost.

15 College Day and Rep Visits College Day at CCC, Fulton Campus – Thursday, October 25 Over 50 colleges and service reps Transportation from GRB provided Parental permission required – Oct 18 College representatives visit the GRB guidance office to meet with interested students – dates are available online.

16 Scholarships… DEADLINES! Every scholarship will have a deadline that must be met. Be sure you complete the application and request any required transcripts, references, etc in a timely fashion. With over 250 seniors, a large volume of documents will be generated and sent out from the Guidance Office. Please do not wait until the last minute!

17 Scholarships Visit the Scholarship Center in the Guidance Office or online regularly – new scholarships come into the office throughout the year. Sign up for FREE scholarship services online – visit our website under Money for College to link Be aware of scholarship scams

18 Graduation Checklist Make an appointment with your counselor to review your academic record. Items to look for are the type of Diploma, course and exam requirements. Following your appointment, you will receive a copy of your individual “Graduation Checklist” for your records.

19 Career Information You can access information about careers through our web site, using “Choices” software in the guidance Office or computer lab, or by using printed materials in the guidance Office. Not sure what you want to do for a living? Complete an interest inventory using “Choices”, then print and review the results with your counselor.

20 Military Information Information about all branches of the military is available in the Guidance Office. If you are interested in the military, we recommend that you, together with your parents, make an appointment to speak to a recruiter in your home. If you decide to enlist, you will need to arrange a time with your recruiter to take the ASVAB test. Through the G.I. Bill you can earn money for college. See a recruiter for details.

21 Get Organized Make copies of college applications, financial aid forms, and scholarship applications and keep them on file. You can begin a filing system using a few folders and cardboard box. Eventually, you can expand your system to include one folder for admissions, one for scholarships and financial aid, one for housing, etc.

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