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SPEAKING Describing pictures.

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1 SPEAKING Describing pictures

2 GENERAL TOPIC All these pictures show … This set of pictures shows …
Here we have X pictures, all related to … The main topic here is … The topic illustrated here … The pictures are about … In these pictures I can see …

In the foreground / background. On the left / right. In the middle. At the top / bottom. In the distance. In this picture / these pictures here (pointing) In the first / second, etc. picture. In the top/bottom-left/right picture.

4 COMPARING While this picture …, this one …
… . In contrast / On the other hand, … This other picture shows a very similar/different situation. Both pictures show/ Neither of these pictures show… This one is far / a lot / much + comparative than A little (bit) / slightly + comp. than … (By far+) superlative. It is(n’t) as + adj + as … It is similar to/different from/the same as …

5 DESCRIBING PEOPLE I think / It seems + present continuous to describe actions. He’s about X / in his Xs (age). He’s quite / rather / extremely + adj. You can tell he is … She looks / seems + adj. She looks like + noun. He might be + ing / noun. They remind me of + noun.

6 FACTS AND OPINIONS Everybody knows that … Many people believe that …
I find it (a bit) + adj. I’m (not) really into / interested in + noun/ing. I’m (not) very fond of / keen on + noun/ing. In my opinion/view, … I believe/think that … It seems to me that …

7 SOME ADVICE Talk in sentences. Don’t produce a list of items you see.
Organise your description. Don’t describe the same thing more than once. Start with a general idea of the subject before going into details. Give some personal reaction to the picture.

8 MEETING PEOPLE Describe the pictures: main topic, who you see, what
they’re doing, the situation, etc.


10 DAILY LIFE Look at these photographs. Describe and compare them.

11 Shopping

12 FAMILY AND FRIENDS Describe and compare the following pictures. Talk about friends, different types of families, and your own.

13 Describe, compare and contrast these photos
Describe, compare and contrast these photos. Make sure you talk about the type of art you most enjoy. Art

14 SCHOOL DAYS Look at these photographs and compare them. Make
sure you talk about the following: type of students, clothes, classrooms, new technologies … SCHOOL DAYS

15 TRAVELLING Describe the pictures. Make sure you
talk about means of transport, accommodation, etc.



18 appearance

19 health

20 healthy lifestyles

21 Describe the pictures. Talk about different types of sports, equipment, etc.


23 cinema

24 entertainment

25 technology


27 climate change June 2009

28 buildings and homes Describe the pictures and talk about the
place you live in and your ideal house buildings and homes


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