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An Introduction to English Teaching and Learning 梁 淑 芳 正修科技大學應用外語系.

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1 An Introduction to English Teaching and Learning 梁 淑 芳 正修科技大學應用外語系

2 Outline Introduction Learners Teachers Managing the classroom Describing learning and teaching Describing language Teaching the language system

3 Introduction Language teaching, perhaps more than many other activities, reflects the times it takes place in. Language is about communication, after all, and perhaps that is why philosophies and techniques for learning languages seem to develop and change in tune with the societies which give rise to them. Teaching and learning are very human activities; they are social and technological just as much as they are (in our case) linguistic.

4 Learners Reasons for learning Different contexts for learning EFL, ESL and ESOL Schools and language schools In-school and in-company Real and virtual environments Learning differences Age (Children, Adolescents, and Adults) Learning styles Levels Educational and cultural background

5 The importance of student motivation Extrinsic and intrinsic motivations sustaining level of challenge affect agency Responsibility for learning learner autonomy monolingual learners’ dictionaries

6 Teachers Describing good teachers What is necessary for effective teaching and how that can help to provoke success Who teachers are in class Personality Adaptation Teacher roles Rapport Recognizing students Listening to students Respecting students Being even-handed

7 Teacher tasks Preparation Keeping records Being reliable Teacher skills Managing classes Matching tasks and groups Variety Destinations Teacher knowledge The language system Materials and resources Classroom equipment Keeping up-to-date Art or science?

8 Managing the classroom Classroom management The teacher in the classroom Proximity Appropriacy Movement Awareness Using the voice Audibility Variety Conservation

9 Talking to students Giving instructions Student talk and teacher talk Using the L1 Creating lesson stages Different seating arrangements Orderly rows Circles and horseshoes Separate tables Different student groupings Whole class Groupwork and pairwork Solowork Class-to-class

10 Describing learning and teaching Children and language acquisition Acquisition and learning learning, comprehensible input, monitor Different times, different methods Grammar-translation Audio-lingualism behaviorism response, stimulus, conditioning, drill PPP Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Task-based Learning (TBL)

11 Elements for successful language learning (ESA) Engage (E) Study (S) Active (A) ESA lesson sequences ESA and planning

12 Describing language Meaning in context context, language function The elements of language grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation Forms and meanings One form, many meanings One meaning, many forms

13 Parts of speech the noun phrase, nouns, countable and uncountable plural nouns, singular verbs, collective nouns, compound nouns, relative pronouns, articles and determiners, adjectives, the verb phrase, auxiliary verbs, main verbs, plural verbs, adverbs, joining words, prepositions, conjunctions Hypothetical meaning modal verbs, conditional sentences Words together collocations, lexical chunks

14 * Language functions * Text and discourse cohesion, coherence, conversational discourse * Language variables speaking and writing register language varieties

15 Teaching the language system Teaching specific aspects of language the deductive approach the inductive approach Explaining meaning Explaining language construction Practice and controlled practice short-term memory, long-term memory controlled practice freer practice

16 Examples of language system teaching teaching grammar teaching pronunciation teaching vocabulary teaching language functions Mistakes, slips, errors and attempts mistakes, slips, errors, attempts, developmental errors Correcting students

17 Happy New Year!!

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