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Wes Preston Agenda  Quick Intro  Overview  Site Details  Notes and Resources  Questions.

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1 Wes Preston

2 Agenda  Quick Intro  Overview  Site Details  Notes and Resources  Questions

3 Quick Intro  Wes Preston SharePoint Consultant at Inetium MVP – SharePoint Server MCTS – WSS and MOSS Configuration Minnesota SharePoint User Group

4 Overview

5 What is this site for?  Empower the users Be the single point of reference for users of SharePoint in the environment. On-demand training Two-way communication between users and SharePoint team  Put the user base at ease Answer questions before they’ve asked them Show that you’ve planned for this Reduce call center calls/tickets

6 What is this site for?  Container or starting point for other resources Training Administrators web User Group site/schedule  Define roles and responsibilities  A checklist for farm administrators

7 Why are we talking about this?  Get buy-in from the user base  Governance – One of the things that should be done as part of a SharePoint deployment  Sites like this are commonly talked about, but not frequently done  Give administrators a starting point

8 Good, Better, Best  A site like this is a good starting point, but there are a lot of improvements that can be introduced Automation User content  Dependent on your environment  Dependent on the tools available

9 Governance  TechNet: Governance is the set of roles, responsibilities, and processes that you put in place in an enterprise to guide the development and use of a solution based on SharePoint Products and Technologies.  Governance isn’t rocket science, but the platform site is just one example of a governance item that is traditionally forgotten

10 Site Details


12 Taxonomy  The site is a web somewhere in your environment This specific example is self contained and can be used as a site collection or a sub web Platform Site Platform Admins Dev webTrainingOther…

13 Welcome Text  Content Editor Web Part  Welcome message and overview of what users will find here – maybe links to major areas.  You may want to remove a site description or include the text in the Welcome Text

14 Announcements  Use for platform announcements System outages New functionality or web parts Training availability  Encourage alerts or RSS feeds

15 Links  The typical usage…  Keep a list of reference URLs  Use the list to populate a Quick Links web part on the home page  Use categories, filtering, etc…

16 Shared Documents  Reference documents  Training docs or tutorials if you don’t have a training web  SLAs  Lots of options!!

17 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions  Discussion List  Lock the list down, or at least require approval  May want to use a service account for admins submitting  I need to… web part (MOSS)  Limit or filter the number of items displaying on the home page  Create another page with multiple web parts and grouped by category, etc…

18 Knowledgebase  Extension of the FAQ  More information, more complete answers  Identify processes and standards Custom development Adding 3 rd party products  What types of sites are available, what do they look like, what are scenarios for using  Scenarios and use-cases

19 Other Forums  User forums on the main site Users Site Administrators  Other forums on deeper sites Training SharePoint Farm Administrators Developers

20 Contact Information  List users of the SharePoint Team  Who is the manager (so things can be escalated)  Phone numbers? IM?  Have an e-mail account that the team monitors – link to message from the site

21 Feedback List  Offer a method for submitting feedback  Could be a list with some categories  Admins should set alerts or RSS  Put approval on  Allow others to see the feedback  Add a ‘highlight’ flag to expose a view on the homepage

22 Request Processes  Starts to get a little fuzzy… Some processes should be isolated more  Site Requests  Security Requests  Solution Requests  Help Requests

23 Calendar  User Group meetings – internal and MNSPUG!  Scheduled labs  Maintenance windows (outages, upgrades)  Meeting workspaces

24 Advertise it!  Let people know about the site however you can Link from the intranet/portal E-mail signature Reference information with links to the site whenever possible

25 Training Site  Reference documents  Links to relevant materials  Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training Portal and Stand-alone editions PortalStand-alone  SharePoint Designer 2007 Training Portal and Stand-alone editions PortalStand-alone  The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users

26 SharePoint Admin Site  Reference documents  Links to relevant materials  SharePoint Issues List  Operational documents  Platform documents  (Backup to an offline location)

27 SharePoint Dev Site  Reference documents  Links to relevant materials  Dev Best Practices  Templates  Tools PowerShell SharePoint Designer Visual Studio

28 Notes and Resources

29 …More to do…  Seed additional content  Clean up  Add a checklist for administrators to go down when implementing

30 Additional Notes  Have a SharePoint Admin account that administrators can use to submit content  Keep the content relevant Set schedule reminders  Publishing site – same idea, different implementation

31 Resources  Download this presentation and template Wes’s Blog:

32 Resources  Minnesota SharePoint User Group Latest Governance presentation: %202008%20MNSPUG.ppt %202008%20MNSPUG.ppt  SharePoint Joel Governance Slide Deck: avoiding-failed-deployments-and-newbie-mistakes-10-steps-to-success- keynote-by-joel-oleson avoiding-failed-deployments-and-newbie-mistakes-10-steps-to-success- keynote-by-joel-oleson  SharePoint Deployment Guide and Checklists

33 Questions

34 Thank you for attending!

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