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Evaluating Web Sites The Internet is a great place to find information. But, has anyone ever told you not to believe everything you read? Web Sites are.

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2 Evaluating Web Sites

3 The Internet is a great place to find information. But, has anyone ever told you not to believe everything you read? Web Sites are Information Resources

4 Anyone can post information on the Internet!

5 I have SO much to teach people ….MUAH HA HA! I can help with that!

6 For Example……

7 This site says the sun is ready to blow up…!

8 Therefore, you must carefully evaluate web site information before you use it.

9 What Does it Mean to Evaluate a Web Site? Let’s look at the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary definition for the word evaluate. evaluate When you evaluate a web site, you will decide if it presents accurate, up-to-date, unbiased and informative content. Basically, you will look at it carefully and decide if it is a good web site or not.

10 How Do You Evaluate a Web Site? Today we are going to look at three main methods of evaluating web sites. The three main methods are: 1. Identify the author. 2. Look for any bias that might be present.bias 3. Check to see if the site has been updated recently.

11 Identify the Author Who wrote this? Web sites should clearly name the author of the information you are reading. Contact information for the author should be provided. At the bare minimum, an e-mail should be provided. Find out the author’s qualifications. Are they experts in the field, do they have valuable experience, or are they unqualified. Type their name into Google and see what you find out.

12 Look for Bias Once you can identify the author and their qualifications, ask yourself what the author’s purpose is. Is the author’s goal to educate you about a certain topic, sell you something, or to persuade you to think a certain way. Some web sites are written with an obvious or subtle preference towards a particular idea or opinion. They present only the information that supports their point of view. Be Careful! Look for sites that are free from judgment and are balanced in their presentation of information.

13 How Can You Identify Bias? Look carefully at the words the author uses. Does the author use words that have a negative connotation? Remember, words are powerful, you can tell a lot about an author by their choice of words. Does the author appeal to your emotions? Do they use information to manipulate your feelings and use that to get you on “their side.” Does the author use force to get you to agree with them? Does the author make their views seem like the “popular” choice?

14 Tips A web site’s top-level domain name is a clue to the type of information you will find there. The most common top-level domain names are – indicates a commercial – indicates a school, such as a – indicates a U.S. government – indicates a non-profit organization, but be careful because “non-profit” has a broad meaning.

15 Has the Web Site Been Updated? Look for web sites that have timely information. New information may not be reflected in a web site that has not been recently updated. Look around the home page, usually near the bottom of the screen, for the Last Update information.

16 Web Site Evaluation Quiz Now you will have the opportunity to show what you’ve learned about evaluating a web site. Read the question then click on your answer choice. Try again if you make a mistake by clicking on the left arrow. Click on the right arrow for the next question. Let’s get started…… Don’t forget to use the arrows!

17 Question 1 A web site that only identifies the author as “WebRobert” is a good site for acquiring valuable information. True False

18 Try Again… Remember, it is important to know the author’s name and have a way to look for information about them. Looking up “WebRobert” may not yield any biographical information about the author. He could be the world’s leading expert on the subject or he could be making everything up!

19 Correct! A good web site has an author who gives their name and contact information. They also provide information about their expertise to show their authority on the subject. Good Job!

20 Question 2 You are writing a report on President Barack Obama and you would like to read some of his speeches. You visit this site to look for information. Will this web site give you the information you need?this site Yes No

21 Try Again… Look carefully at the web site and remember to look for current information.

22 Correct! This page lacks current information. It was last updated in 2005 before Barack Obama became our 44 th President. Good Job!

23 Question 3 You need information about the death penalty. You visit this site for information. Is the information biased?this site Yes No

24 Correct! The web site’s name says it all! It also appeals to the readers emotions. Good Job!

25 Try Again... The information found in this web site is biased. It supports the death penalty and uses examples of crimes to support their point of view.

26 Question 4 You are constructing a model of the solar system and writing a report about one of the planets. You do a search and find information on this site. Do you think this web site is a good choice?this site Yes No

27 Try Again… This site does not work for a variety of reasons. Think carefully about the three main things to look for in a web site.

28 Correct! There are many things wrong with this web site. First, the author is unknown. Second, there is no contact information for the author. Third, there is no information about the last time the site was updated. If you click on the Pluto link, you will see that this information is outdated.Pluto link Good Job!

29 Question 5 You need information about Pluto. You visit this site. Have you selected a good web site?this site Yes No

30 Correct! Many things make this a quality web site. If you look at the web address, you will This indicates a government entity is responsible for the information. Government information is usually reliable. The web site was last updated on June 11, 2008. This is not a very current date, but it was updated after Pluto’s status was changed. The bottom of the page has the name of the NASA official responsible for the site. Click on his name and you can e-mail him.

31 Try Again… Remember to look at top-level domain names.

32 Conclusion There is a lot of valuable information on the Web. Use what you have learned here to judge whether the information is accurate, reliable, and unbiased. If you would like more information, the links used in this presentation and other information about evaluating web sites can be found at

33 Remember… Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can post information. Be smart about what you believe!

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