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For CCRI Students.

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1 for CCRI Students

2 About Office 365 In partnership with Microsoft, CCRI now offers Office 365, a suite of online services, to all active CCRI students. The Office 365 suite includes: , Calendar, Contacts Office Web Apps

3 Email, Calendar, Contacts
All CCRI students receive an official address to which all college-based communications will be sent. The feature-rich system includes: Easily manage your with 25 GB mailboxes, and send s up to 25 MB in size. Work from almost anywhere with automatically updated , calendar, and contacts across the devices you use most, including PCs, Macintosh computers, iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerry Smartphones, Microsoft Windows Mobile, and Windows Phones. Connect with all of the rich functionality of Microsoft Outlook 2013, or 2007, whether you’re online at home or school or working offline.

4 Email, Calendar, Contacts
Access your , calendar, and contacts from nearly any web browser while keeping the Outlook experience with Outlook Web App. Use your existing domain name to create customized addresses powered by Exchange Online. Schedule meetings by sharing calendars and viewing them side by side, seeing availability and suggested meeting times. Protect yourself from spam and viruses with Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, which includes multiple filters and virus-scanning engines.

5 A few things will not change…
Your address will not change The webmail login will not change, but will direct you to a new page. Please DO NOT bookmark the page where you log in, only the starting link:

6 A few things will change…
Access via mobile device or application will need reconfiguration. Mobile Phone Setup Set Up Rules Setup instructions for other mail clients, including mobile devices, can be found at Microsoft’s: Learn About on a Mobile Phone page Password changes inside web mail will not work. You must use CCRI’s Self-Service Password Management web page: In May 2013, student accounts were migrated to Office 365. New students (starting Summer 2013) will use Office 365 only.

7 A few things will change…
Your old account (ex. becomes your personal account. This account is used to access your SkyDrive files and other Microsoft services like Messenger. If you have documents on your SkyDrive on the system you will still be able to access them by going to The password for this account cannot be reset by the CCRI IT Service Desk should you forget it. If you need help with your account, please go to: .

8 Browser friendly. They work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
Allow you to use web browsers to create, view, and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files online. Convenient, online companions to desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, offering an easy way to access, view, and edit documents directly from your web browser. Simultaneously edit files with other students in real time, and see exactly who is editing and viewing your documents. Access and view files from your mobile device.

9 Office 365 Accessibility Microsoft Office Web Apps allow you to access and edit files online in your web browser. Office Web Apps include a number of accessibility features. Office Web Apps provide screen reader support, keyboard accessibility, and high contrast modes.

10 Office 365 Accessibility How does Office 365 conform with Section 508; part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973? Listed below are some great resources that you can reference on this: First of all, there is a section on Microsoft's website dedicated to the many aspects of accessible computing: This site includes: Accessibility in Microsoft Products Demos of Accessibility in Windows 8 Accessibility Tutorials for Microsoft Products Blog: Accessibility in Office 365 for education

11 Documentation Email and Calendars Mobile Setup FAQs Outlook 2010
Create a Contact Group Search a Folder Enable Tracking Set Global Address List as Default Managing Junk Folder Outlook 2011 (MAC) Setup a Mail Rule Microsoft's Help Microsoft's How to... Sky Drive

12 Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQs O365 How to get your Office 365

13 HELP From Microsoft From CCRI's IT Service Desk Help for O365 Web App
Office 365 Answers Getting Started With Office 365 Basic Tasks in Outlook 2010 All Office 365 Products From CCRI's IT Service Desk Located on Knight Campus, Suite 2113 Website: Tel:

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