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LAUNCH OF THE INITIATIVE IN 2011 CIP - Center for Interactive Pedagogy Foundation for an Open Society Serbia Ministry of Education and Science within.

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2 LAUNCH OF THE INITIATIVE IN 2011 CIP - Center for Interactive Pedagogy Foundation for an Open Society Serbia Ministry of Education and Science within the DILS Project 2012 5 municipalities 85 ed. inst. 1 NGO 2013 10 municipalities 210 ed. inst. 6 NGOs initiative development and spreading

3 MAIN OBJECTIVE Improve conditions for the development, education and lives of children by enabling the more active and quality involvement of parents in decisions regarding children in educational institutions and at the municipal/city level. Achieved by: 1.Situation and needs analysis 2.Empowering the parents (motivation, training, networking) 3.Establishing channels of communication: PARENTS PI/PS/SS PARENTS LSG 4. Developing a new model – Municipal/City Parent Council 5. Effecting policy level changes

4 PRINCIPLES Cooperation and mutual support Mutual learning Parental involvement in – Planning activities – Evaluating activities Promotion of the importance of parental involvement

5 OUTREACH ACTIVITIES Logo, memorandum, video spot, brochures Promotional material Media outreach Promotion at expert events Promotion in education magazines

6 1. SITUATION ANALYSIS AND NEEDS ASSESMENT 1. SITUATION ANALYSIS AND NEEDS ASSESMENT GENERAL FRAMEWORK Law supporting parental involvement Underdeveloped civic involvement Weak LSG involvement in education Lack of quality cooperation between PARENTS and PI/PS/SS Lack of communication channels : PARENTS PARENTS/PARENTS LSG Parents lack information Low motivation among parents to involve themselves No sense of togetherness among parents

7 1. RESULTS Analysis of supporting and inhibiting factors in PIs/schools and municipalities Parents’ motivation and strength to effect change Requisite skills, knowledge and support

8 2. EMPOWERING THE PARENTS MEETINGS Organized and facilitated by: CIP in cooperation with the LSGs and the MoES Participants: parents and teachers EDUCATION Topics elaborated by experts (Legislation, Bodies and Teams in Educational Institutions and Opportunities for Parental Involvement, Cooperation between the Parents and PI/PS/SS, Prevention of Violence and Improving the Safety of Children, Activity Planning, Quality of Education...) Resources EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION AND MUTUAL SUPPORT Problems Parent Councils face in their work Good practice examples

9 2. RESULTS RESOURCES FOR PARENTS AND TEACHERS PUBLICATIONS: “Parental Involvement in South East European Schools – Principals’ Views” “South East Europe Cross-Countries Survey of Parents' Views”BROCHURES: On the initiative (two) Cooperation between the parents and kindergarten/schools Guide to Parent Councils (parents) Work on professional orientation (parents) under way Prepared ARTICLES and PRESENTATIONS: Articles on cooperation between families and PIs/schools and on other topics PPPs on topics discussed at meetings

10 INITIATIVEWEBSITE: INITIATIVE WEBSITE: MAIN MENU Activities within the Initiative Information Library Laws and Rulebooks Strategies and Action Plans Rights of the Child Protection from Violence and Discrimination Social and Educational Inclusion Quality of Education Parenthood Cooperation between parents and PI/PS/SS Professional Orientation Involvement of children and youths Manuals for ParentsNEWS

11 3. ESTABLISHING COMMUNICATION CHANNELS At the level of the educational institution – parents At the local level – parents, LSGs and NGOs At the level of the initiative - parents, LSGs, NGOs and the MoES

12 3. RESULTS Initiative e-mail address Mailing lists Telephone conversations Text messages Initiative website Networking of municipal/city, NGO and kindergarten/school websites Print material

13 4. MUNICIPAL/CITY PARENT COUNCILS- BUILDING OF A NEW MODEL 4. MUNICIPAL/CITY PARENT COUNCILS- BUILDING OF A NEW MODEL DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONCEPT OF MPCs IN COOPERATION WITH PARENTS AND LSGs Advisory municipal body representing the parents Channel of communication between the parents and the municipalities Looks after all children in the local community Brings together parents of children of different ages Renders opinions, initiates activities and proposes measures to improve education and safety to the benefit of all children MPCs elaborate their objectives and modus operandi in cooperation with the LSGs, parent councils, educational institutions, the MoES and NGOs.

14 MUNICIPAL/CITY PARENT COUNCILS MUNICIPAL/CITY PARENT COUNCILS Representatives of Parent Councils of all private and state PI/PS/SS Each Parent Council appoints one representative and two deputies to the MPC Equitable representation of: both genders, professions, ethnic communities, parents of children in need of additional support

15 ISSUES MPCs FOCUS ON DRAFT LAWS ON PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS: Realisation of the right of access to education by all children Development of quality education respecting diversity and developing the potentials of each and every child Safety of children and prevention of violence Improving the work of parent councils Dissemination of information, networking and representation of parents Sports and cultural events, summer vacations Child and parent support programs Other issues of relevance to children and youths

16 MPC ACTIVITIES Forward parents’ suggestions to municipalities Participate in planning and designing Strategies and Action Plans Inform parents of municipal initiatives Initiate activities of parent councils in educational institutions Implement activities at the municipal level MPCs cooperate with civil society organizations, state institutions, the media and amongst themselves

17 4. RESULTS MPCs SET UP IN FIVE MUNICIPALITIES TEAM WORK OF PARENTS MPC ACTIVITIES – IMPLEMENTED AND PLANNED Organization of events (panel discussions, sports-educational events, various events for children and youths Design of promotional and educational material (brochures, information booklets…) Parents’ Club set up Promotion of good practice examples of educational institutions that have good cooperation with the parents and the children

18 5. POLICY DEVELOPMENT THE CHANGES WE WANT TO EFFECT: Have a representative of the parents in the National Education Council Have an advisor for cooperation with the parents in the MoES (Now the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development) Introduce the mechanism by which the MPCs will operate Networking of the MPCs and establishment of a national association of MPCs Networking of the MPCs and establishment of a national association of MPCsBY: Empowering parents, educational institutions, LSGs and NGOs Empowering parents, educational institutions, LSGs and NGOs Holding an International conference Holding an International conference Media promotions of good practices and new initiatives Design of a manual with a collections of good practice examples

19 5. RESULTS Existence of MPCs envisaged by draft laws on primary and secondary schools Preparation of local legislation under way

20 LESSONS LEARNED Frequent change of parents attending meetings stimulates discussion but hinders work as well Municipal representatives’ regular attendance at meetings positively affects parents’ motivation to initiate activities Each MPC needs to appoint an operational team (5-7) to be involved in planning and organizing meetings with parents Organize regular meetings with operational teams more often, not just once a month Start discussing ideas of activities with the parents already at the first meetings with them Set apart time for planning MPC activities at every meeting


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