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Presentation by Dyfan Jones International Expert on Parliamentary Development.

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1 Presentation by Dyfan Jones International Expert on Parliamentary Development

2 UN General Assembly adopted the MD and the MDGs in 2000 Mandated the UN to be the scorekeeper of progress towards achieving the MDGs The eight MDGs break down into 21 quantifiable targets that are measured by 60 indicators

3 “What moves us, reasonably enough, is not the realization that the world falls short of being completely just – which few of us expect – but that there are clearly remediable injustices around us which we want to eliminate” Amartya Sen, The Idea of Justice Identifying and addressing redressable injustice is central to the notion of the MDGs

4 Build the capacity of legislators and technical staff Promote institutional reform Strengthen parliaments' relationships with the executive and judiciary branches of government and with civil society Enhance the effectiveness of women members of parliament and improve their ability to caucus and learn from one another Viable democracy and open society depend on effective lawmaking, oversight and representation — the three chief functions of most parliaments.

5 MDGs Executive NGOs or other service delivery partners International Donors MDG Taskforce Parliament



8 MDGs are for the whole country Parliaments should be the bodies to track progress National Forum Parliaments are inclusive of various geographical areas and different social or ethnic groups Parliaments are the voice of the people at national level Representative Body Parliaments can be catalysts for accelerating progress Parliaments can provide the accountability needed Catalyst Everyday there is engagement with the MDGs in Parliament Legislative role, oversight function, budget scrutiny, representation Already Engaged

9 Legislation Oversight Representation Budget Scrutiny ENGAGE

10 MDG 4 Reducing Child Mortality Enabling Law Does the health law cover the issue of child vaccination? Oversight Is the vaccination aspect of the Health law being properly implemented? Representation & Leadership Can Civil Society Organisations and citizens provide input into creating the health law and give information from the grassroots on implementation? Budget Scrutiny Is the funding available to ensure that all children are vaccinated? The Role of Parliaments

11 Committees Annual MDG workplans Field Visits Investigations and Reports Plenary Questions to Ministers / Executive Debates on key MDG issues Debate on the MDG Report Groups & Caucuses Conferences & workshops Profile Raising

12 MDG Country Report debated in only 29% of SADC Parliaments 71% of SADC Parliaments have initiated investigations into one or more of the MDGs In 29% of SADC Parliaments, Ministers or the MDG Taskforce come before Parliament to provide updates on progress In 43% of SADC Parliaments, International Development Partners have given updates on their work

13 Lack of Information Structural challenges within Parliaments Capacity and Skills of MPs and staff


15 Induction and Orientation Committees Caucus / Group Briefings Library and Resource Centres Parliamentary Proceedings

16 29% of SADC Parliaments regularly and automatically receive MDG related documents from Governments and International Development Partners MDG Workshops have been held in 85% of SADC Parliaments Regular MDG briefing programmes in place in only 15% of SADC Parliaments MDGs included in the induction and orientation programme of only 29% of SADC Parliaments In only 29% of SADC Parliaments have CSOs come before Parliament to give evidence on MDG related issues

17 15% of SADC Parliaments have created an MDG Committee 85% of SADC Parliaments engage through existing Committees Cross Party Caucus or Group in 29% of SADC Parliaments

18 Creates greater awareness of the MDGs amongst all Parliamentarians in the Parliament Makes a clear public statement of the importance that Parliament attaches to the MDGs Ensures that draft legislation is justified with an MDG focus and can make tracking MDG related legislation easier Creates a central MDG focal point within the Parliament as an Institution Option 1: Creating a new MDG Committee

19 Committees are usually well established; Subject expertise built up within the Committee Membership; No need to change the Rules of Procedure to create a new Committee; Often more time to scrutinise than MDG Committees that consider all MDG issues Option 2: Engaging through existing Committees

20 Easier to establish and more flexible than creating a formal Parliamentary Committee Forum for discussion on the MDGs in a less formal setting compared to a Parliamentary Committee Can provide for regular interaction between Members of Parliament, CSOs and International Development Partners Additional Option: Creating a cross party MDG Caucus or Group

21 Lack of knowledge of MDGs Lack of information and expertise Lack of time and engagement opportunities Technical Nature of the subject STATISTICS Human Rights Based Approach

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