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Corporate Services Grants Programme 2013 – 2014 16 August 2012.

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2 Corporate Services Grants Programme 2013 – 2014 16 August 2012

3 Corporate Services Grants Programme Background Long established fund to support the voluntary sector which supports organisational running and project costs. Last year grants were rolled over, this is the first application process since 2010 but the application process is the same. Grants are available from April 2013 for one year only.

4 Voluntary Sector Grants Programme Criteria Organisation and Governance Based in the borough 60% of service users in the borough Evidence of governance arrangements and a Business Plan Sound financial management over a minimum period of two years

5 Voluntary Sector Grants Programme Criteria continued. Information & Advice – generalist and specialist advice services (75% of the organisations work must be advice to all ages and a range of user groups) Community Engagement – community centres, community based activities and community cohesion Infrastructure and capacity building

6 Corporate Services Grants Programme Application Process Complete application form by noon on Friday 14 September Documents you should enclose with your application form include audited accounts, Constitution and Business Plan. Applications must demonstrate: The organisation is well managed – people have the right skills Services meet the grant criteria and that there is user consultation There is realism about what the organisation can deliver with the funds There are clear achievable outcomes The costs are realistic – not too high and not too low

7 Corporate Services Grants Programme Assessment Process: Officer panel will score and make recommendations Organisations should not assume any previous knowledge of the organisation and its work Cllr Feilding-Mellen, Cabinet Member for Civil Society, will consult Cabinet and Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee prior to making a decision on the allocation of grants. The key decision report on the award of grants will be published at the beginning of December.

8 Corporate Services Grants Programme Points to note: Organisations which focus on Adult Social Care or Children’s Services will not be supported There is likely to be less money available in this fund in 2013-14 than the current year This is not a tri-borough fund and will solely fund work which takes place and benefits K&C residents Refer to the guidance notes and criteria - Answer all the relevant questions – keep answers to the point If your application is successful a Funding Agreement will be put in place outlining outputs, outcomes and monitoring arrangements Joint and consortium bids are welcome. Each organisation involved should complete the first section of the form and only one section two about the project is required

9 Corporate Services Innovation Funding 2013 – 2016

10 Why has this funding been established? Reduced public sector funding for the third sector in the coming years Encourage and support new ideas and ways of working Support the development of sustainable funding models

11 Funding available An additional £739k has been made available for this funding. The funding is being managed as part of the Corporate Grants Programme and up to £1.5m over three years may be made available for innovation subject to demand. Funding is available for up to three years.

12 Criteria a) Demonstrate innovation in one or more of the following respects: offering a new service in the Royal Borough; being delivered by a new provider (i.e. one not currently in receipt of Corporate Grants Programme funding); reaching a new client group. b) Offer a convincing possibility of being sustainable with little or no public sector subsidy within three years c) Contribute to the achievement of one or more of the following Council priorities: tackling social isolation; supporting residents to improve their life chances through work and skills; encouraging community resilience through greater neighbourliness, civic participation and self-help.

13 How to apply? Organisations must submit a business case to apply, the deadline for applications is noon on Friday 5 October Up to three years funding is available and organisations should apply only once for the three years funding, if required; repeat funding not be available. Funding is available from January 2013 but projects can start at any time during the year.

14 Business Cases a)Context: Background information on the organisation and people delivering the project and their experience of project delivery elsewhere if appropriate. b) Aims and objectives: The aims and objectives of the project, the intended beneficiaries and evidence of the need that the proposal seeks to address. Details of the way in which the project addresses one or more of the three priorities c) The project: A detailed description of the project and what it will involve, and why it can be considered as innovative d) Implementation plan: A plan on how the project will be implemented, including timescales

15 Business Cases continued. e) Financial information: This should include: (i) The budget for the project detailing the costs that will be incurred and specific information on the amount of Council grant being sought, the duration of the grant and what it will be spent on. (ii) a cash flow table demonstrating how the project will become sustainable over the lifetime of the grant. f) Bidder information: This should include: (i) Evidence of the organisation’s experience of working locally in the borough or how it aims to develop local knowledge and relationships (ii) Applicants should provide the organisation’s constitution, audited accounts (for established organisations) and any other key organisation documents with their application.

16 Assessment process and timescales A panel of officers will assess business cases and make recommendations to Cllr Feilding-Mellen. A visit or interview may be requested if considered necessary by the panel. Cllr Feilding-Mellen will consult Cabinet and Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee prior to making grant allocations. Grant awards will be detailed in a key decision report published in early December.

17 Points to note If successful a funding agreement will be established outlining target outputs, outcomes and monitoring arrangements. Subject to demand, a second application process may be held later in the year. Repeat funding will not available.

18 Available Support RBKC Community Engagement Team 020 7598 4633 or email Kensington and Chelsea Social Council If you need help with completing your application contact Siobhan Sollis ( or Brenda Nambooze ( on 020 7243 9807 Drop-In session Thursday 5 September, 3-5pm KCSC offices,Lighthouse, Lancaster Road

19 Other funding sources available Visit for information on other council funding City Living, Local Life - £20k per year per ward over 4 years to develop practical projects which improve local life. Talk to the Kensington and Chelsea Social Council for advice on a full range of external, local and charitable trust funding opportunities.

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