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Japanese Status on GNSS Utilization PNT Advisory Board Meeting 27 March 2008 Hiroshi Nishiguchi Japan GPS Council.

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1 Japanese Status on GNSS Utilization PNT Advisory Board Meeting 27 March 2008 Hiroshi Nishiguchi Japan GPS Council

2 Preparation of the Law and Plan (1) The Basic Law on 『 Promotion of Geo-Spatial Information Utilization 』 was established in May 2007 〔 Politician’s Efforts 〕 (2) The Implementation Plan in accordance with the Basic Law will be published by the end of March 2008, subject to the Cabinet approval. 〔 Reaction by the related Governmental Offices 〕

3 3 Significance of National Spatial Data Infra (NSDI) GPS Car-Navi PND Positioning GIS Digitalized NSDI Realization of the high grade society using Geo- Spatial information and Space-based PNT G IS Geographical Information System Space-based PNT Positioning, Navigation and Timing GIS and Space-based PNT ・ All nature exists in terms of Position and time ・ Fusion of PNT with communications to manage, analyze and present the information ・ Provide precise information as the basis of choosing action Necessity to manage them by PNT Vast amount of Information 1

4 Significance of the Basic Law (1) To specify clearly the Definition under the Basic Law; ・ What is 『 Geo-Spatial Information 』 (NSDI) ・ What is 『 GIS 』 (Geographical Information System) ・ What is 『 Space-based PNT 』 (2) Importance of NSDI through synergistic effects of the measures for GIS and Space-based PNT (3) Restructuring of communication and coordination framework among the related Ministerial Offices

5 Study on the system to deliver such information on operating status, etc of GNSSs must be conducted For stable utilization of GPS in Japan PNT in Japan is totally dependent on Others Periodical get together of “US-Japan GPS Talk” To communicate and coordinate with GNSS providers Car-Navi Surveying Transportation PND PNT is widely utilized in Japan It is imperative to secure effectively the environment to obtain reliable GNSS services in a stable manner Useful information such as satellite unhealthy must be provided to people Communication and coordination with the operators of GNSSs must be made ○Use of PNT depends heavily on GPS ○Status information of GNSS providers (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo etc) is needed Participation to the UN ICG and providers forum As J-Government, to promote coordination and cooperation among GNSS provider countries GPS : Global Positioning System 12

6 The main Role of the Government A. The Government of Japan will study; (1) The architecture and its management system for strategic promotion of effective and efficient implementation, update, provision and proliferation of Geo-Spatial Information, (2) The materialization of the space-based PNT service through QZSS, (3) The business model to make use of Geo-Spatial Information. B. The Government of Japan will review the promotional structure for Geo-Spatial Information utilization in line with the ideology of the Basic Law, whereas in case of promotional structure for space-based PNT, the Government of Japan will also take into account the trends of Space Development and Utilization Policy as necessary.

7 Acceleration of R&D for GNSS Utilization and Technology ○ GNSS Utilization by the Government Organizations Tracking of law enforcement officers and helicopters Navigation aid by National Defense Force Digital map ledgerSeismic survey and research Robotic precise agriculture 、 Study on marine animals behavior Information supply for GPS augmentation to secure safety of air and maritime traffic Collection and supply of GPS observation data by GEONET ○ GNSS Utilization by Municipal Governments and private sectors Obstacle by elevated building QZSS Angle of GEO 45 degree Angle of QZSS 80 degree Orbit of QZSS Angle of MEO 70 deree Realization of high-precision positioning services free of multi-pass effects at urban cannons etc to cover entire national land with the constellation visibility close at 12 o’clock high Concept of QZSS Major feature is the provision of high precision PNT in entire Japan Image of QZSS orbiting path 14 GPS

8 The main Role of the Government (2) C. Utilization of Geo-Spatial Information by Ministry Respective ministerial office will promote utilization of Geo-Spatial Information by making the effectiveness of GIS / Space-based PNT utilization widely known, for such fields where the municipal governments, etc. may attain efficiency and sophistication enhancement of their activities by making use of GIS / Space-based PNT.

9 Measures for Space-based PNT A. To secure the environment to obtain reliable PNT (1) Communication and coordination with GNSS providers: The Government of Japan will communicate and coordinate with the US Government to realize stable utilization of GPS in Japan through as far as possible periodical meeting of US - Japan GPS Talks, where relevant issues for GPS utilization is discussed based on "The Joint Statement of the both Government as to Utilization of GPS" of September, 1998. The Government of Japan will participate the ICG established by COPUOS, and the GNSS Provider Forum to gather information on the development and utilization of GNSS in the relevant countries ( GPS, Russian GLONASS and EU Galileo ), in addition to strengthening of the relationship between Japan and the GNSS provider nations by taking the use of GNSS from various nations into consideration.

10 (2) Information Supply for Improvement of Space-based PNT Utilization: The Government of Japan will study and take necessary measures based on the conclusion of such study, proper system to provide the relevant users with information on the operational conditions of GPS for reliability and stable availability. B. Basic Concept of R&D for Space-based PNT: The Government of Japan will undertake R&D mainly for the complementary space-based PNT system, while the private sector will conduct R&D for the augmentation system; provided, however, that the Government of Japan will be involved in high-risk R&D by the private sector, in consideration of the present conditions wherein Satellite Positioning is widely used for the people's life, and in recognition of needs for Japan to establish the technical foundation of space- based PNT, as well as keeping in mind active utilization of private sector resources and fostering of private sector industry.

11 The next step To establish the Basic Law for the Space Utilization which being under discussion at the LDP.

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