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The microcomputer can help you do many things – think of it as an electronic tool The right kind of software is needed

2 Competencies Discuss common features of most software applications
Discuss word processors and word processing features Describe spreadsheets and spreadsheet features

3 Competencies cont. Discuss database management systems
Describe presentation graphics Discuss integrated software Describe ways to share data between applications

4 Application Software Basic applications Specialized applications
Called general-purpose or productivity applications Common types Word processors Spreadsheets Database management systems Presentation graphics Specialized applications Use the application for which it was designed: if you want to process text, use word If need to sort information, use database rather than spreadsheet Can create publications with Word; but presentation software and desktop publishing software are designed to do this type of task easier Specialized Applications Called special purpose applications Common types Graphics Audio/video editors Multimedia creation Web authoring

5 Common Features Graphical User Interface (GUI) Windows Menus Toolbars
Help Common features of software User interface GUI – graphical user interface Mouse and pointer Window Menus Pull-down or drop down menu bars Toolbars Buttons Standard toolbars

6 Toolbars Commonly used commands Contain shortcuts Most common Standard
Formatting Open Save Print Review the common toolbar commands with students Open File Save Save As Print

7 Web Based Applications
Access to applications stored on web sites Application service providers (ASP) Special sites Allows access to Web-based applications Web Based Applications Special sites called application service providers (ASPs) allow access to their application programs ASP – Application Service Provider Pay for actual use Only when accessed and used Eliminates need to upgrade

8 Word Processors Used to create text-based documents
Memos, letters, and faxes Newsletters, manuals, and brochures Three most widely used word processing programs Microsoft Word Corel WordPerfect Lotus WordPro One of the most flexible and widely used software tools One of the first programs used by PC end-users Used by most end-users

9 Word Processor Features
Word Wrap Editing Thesaurus Spelling and grammar checkers Find and Replace Formatting Font and font sizing Character effects Bulleted and numbered lists italics size bold Word wrap – automatically moves text to new line when prior line is full Enter overrides and starts new line Incorrect spelling is identified and alternatives offered Identifies poor grammar and makes suggestions Quickly locate with search or find commands Automatic update of word(s) found with new word colors

10 Creating a Report Report features AutoCorrect Footnote
Header or footer Captions and cross references Tables

11 Spreadsheets Programs that manipulate numeric data
Three most widely used spreadsheet programs Microsoft Excel Corel Quattro Pro Lotus 1-2-3 Analyzes and graphs numeric daa such as budgets and financial reports Electronic worksheet used to organize, manipulate and graph data; also known as worksheets Consist of grid of numbered rows and columns

12 Spreadsheet Features Workbook files Worksheets Formulas Functions
Analytical graphs or charts What if Analysis Values are numbers used for calculations; labels are letters, numbers, or symbols used to represent text (social security number, phone number) Formulas are calculations user creates Functions are predefined formulas created by spreadsheet What if allows user to create different scenarios for different results probably one of the most powerful tools of spreadsheet

13 Creating a Sales Forecast
Features Worksheets Text entries Functions Cells Formulas

14 Creating a Chart Features Titling – makes the chart easier to read
Chart types Chart – is based on a worksheet Data labels Legend

15 Database Management Systems DBMS
A collection of related data Sets up a structure for data storage Three most widely used database programs Microsoft Access Corel Paradox Lotus Approach Establishes a structure for data storage, usually relational using related tables, so related data can be easily retrieved; also known as DBMS (database managements systems) Can edit, retrieve, and display in different formats (reports or forms) Most popular are Microsoft Access, Corel Paradox, Lotus Approach Relational databases organize data into fields, records, tables and databases Tables can be linked by a key field, one that is common to both the tables in question

16 Database Features Tables Record sorting Queries Forms Reports Records
Fields Record sorting Queries Forms Reports Emphasize the structure of the database – the smallest to largest part of DBMS Relate to telephone book (yellow and white pages represent tables; entries in each represent fields) Parts catalog Flight schedules Locate and display - ability to quickly locate records based on various criteria Sort and analyze - rearranging or computation based on various criteria Program Control languages - allow sophisticated users to communicate with mainframe databases

17 Creating a Database The first step is to plan the database Features
Primary key Fields Record Table Form

18 Creating a Query Features Query
Joined – tables are linked by a common field Criteria Sorts Report

19 Presentation Graphics
Programs that create visually interesting presentations Three most widely used presentation programs Microsoft PowerPoint Corel Presentations Lotus Freelance Graphics Creates interesting and professional presentation Features slides wizards color schemes slide layouts special effects design templates master slides Combines variety of visual objects to present attractive, professional presentations Helps to keep presenter organized

20 Presentation Graphics Features
Slides Design templates Special effects AutoContent wizard Professionally designed templates and conceived color schemes and styles Animations add special visual and sound effects Delivery can be slides, transparencies, or handouts Slide show – actual presentation to audience Speaker notes – along with a picture of each slide, the audience receives a “notes” area to the right of each slide on which they can take notes as you give your presentation Speaker can have notes on slides that is hidden from the viewer Link parts of your presentation to another application or another part of your presentation or even to the Web.

21 Creating a Presentation
Presentation style Autocontent wizard Templates Design templates Master slide Special effects

22 Integrated Packages A single program that provides the functionality of a widely used program Popular with many home users Classified as personal or home software Advantages are cost and simplicity Disadvantages are limited functions Popular packages are Microsoft Works & Apple Works Integrated packages provide the functionality of several separate application programs within a single program Known as personal or home software Provides limited capability at a lower costs Advantages are cost and simplicity

23 Software Suites Collection of separate application programs sold as a group Four types of suites Productivity suite Personal suite Specialized suite Utility suite A collection of separate applications bundled and sold as a group that share information between applications Less expensive than individual applications; but more expensive than integrated packages

24 Sharing Data Between Applications
Copy and paste Object linking and embedding (OLE) Powerful and useful features Connects separate applications Supports sharing and exchanging files Ways to share data Many times it is convenient to share data between applications Object linking - a feature that makes it easy to dynamically share and exchange information between applications Source file – copy is inserted in another file called the destination file Destination file – file receiving the object Object embedding – the object from the source file is embedded or added to the destination document Becomes part of the destination document Changes made to the embedded object is not reflected in the original source file

25 Object Linking A link is made from the source file to the destination file Use when you want the destination document to contain the most updated data Object Linking Allows sharing of objects between files – have object in both source and destination applications Can automatically update data from one app to another with proper link

26 Object Embedding Object from the source file is embedded in the destination document Object becomes part of the destination document Changes made to the embedded object not reflected in the original source file Object Embedding Added to a destination document where you can modify without altering original (source) document Files are not linked, so update in destination doesn’t affect source document Object in embedded app has look and feel of source application Can run the embedded file from the destination document

27 A Look to the Future Web-Based Application Software
Use the Web to connect to an application service provider No programs to install Allows for a simpler and cheaper computing system Can use the Web t connect to an ASP and use their software Others do all the administrative work

28 FAQs What is a graphical user interface?
What are the advantages of using a web-based application? What kind of documents can I create with a word processing program? What is the difference between a spreadsheet and a worksheet? What is a relational database?

29 Discussion Questions What are the major differences between a spreadsheet and a database? Discuss the features you can use to enhance a presentation. Why are integrated packages popular? Why not use a software suite? Discuss. Describe the two methods for sharing data between applications.

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