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Children’s Services Department Staff Meeting 27 th April 2007.

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1 Children’s Services Department Staff Meeting 27 th April 2007

2 Objectives for Today 1.You know what the Children’s Service is aiming to achieve 2.You know what your service area’s contribution is to that 3.You know what your own contribution is to that 4.You know more about what other teams/individuals contribution is to that 5.You know more about which teams and people you need to work with to achieve our Service Objectives and Improve outcomes for children 6.You are ready for the JAR

3 The I.I.P Circle Childrens Service Outcome Targets Your Service Contribution Your Contribution Better Outcomes for Children

4 The Children’s Service Circle Childrens Service Outcome Targets Other Service’s Contribution Your Service Contribution Other’s Contribution Your Contribution Better Outcomes for Children

5 What we aim to do Review of the Children & Young People’s Plan

6 A Partnership Our vision, as set out in the Children & Young People’s Plan, is to: – Provide opportunities for all children to maximise their life chances, continuing to drive up standards of achievement for all – Narrow the achievement gaps between the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and the wider population – Ensure that their safety is paramount in all the environments where they live, learn, play and travel – Provide the highest standards of support and care to those children most in need of our support and protection – Improve the health of all children and young people, narrowing the gaps between disadvantaged children, young people and their families

7 Creating a ladder of opportunity for all Achieving Economic Well-being Make a Positive Contribution Enjoy & Achieve Be Healthy Stay Safe

8 Our priorities for 2007-08 Prevention and early intervention A renewed focus on safety for children and young people wherever they go in the borough Improving standards of education and the choice of in-borough schools Improved attendance Improving the life chances of vulnerable children

9 Our achievements An improving performance in 2006-07 Our provisional Annual Performance Assessment (APA) rating [1 = poor, 4 = outstanding] BE HEALTHY3 STAY SAFE3 ENJOY & ACHIEVE3 MAKE A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION4 ACHIEVE ECONOMIC WELL-BEING3 CAPACITY TO IMPROVE4 ‘GOOD WITH OUTSTANDING FEATURES’

10 JAR and our inspections so far Youth Offending Service Youth Service Corporate Performance Assessment (CPA) Joint Area Review (JAR)

11 Feedback from JAR analysis week Case tracking exercise (11 social care and 4 SEN) – Safeguarding good – Good multi-agency work – Good co-ordination – Good examples of additional support – Good involvement of children and young people

12 JAR team ‘further on’ than usual because of the quality of information that has been supplied So they have narrowed and refocussed their lines of enquiry This means that the TIMETABLE is being reviewed (8 – 18 May: please be on stand by)

13 The lines of enquiry are: – Staying safe Road accidents Bullying Referrals to Contact & Assessment Services (CAS) (and repeats) Lead professional Day in CAS ‘duty room’

14 Children in care (LAC) – Pathway planning – High rate of pregnancies – Placement choice & sufficiency – Health promotion – School attendance – Support of children placed out of borough

15 Learning Disability & Difficulty – Strategy (and inclusion) – Joint work with partner agencies – Respite care – Direct payments

16 + 3 additional lines of enquiry – Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (Camhs) New contract, training and workforce development partnership) – Achievement of boys Black African/Caribbean, white FSM, travellers, in care, EAL, asylum – Workbased learning / Post 16 Participation, apprenticeship, E2E, disabled young people

17 Also interested in – Action plans – Partnership – Performance management – Joint commissioning – Workforce planning – ICT/Information sharing – Value for money

18 Other issues Finance – Successful financial performance 06-07 – Ready to deliver savings in 07-08 – Starting work on Medium Term Financial Strategy 08-09 Schools – Published Primary & Special School Strategy – Withdrawn proposal to close Hurlingham & Chelsea School – Setting up Fulham Schools Commission Accommodation – Review – Establish principles Access Co-location Hot desking and remote working Savings

19 Some examples of service inter- dependence 15 year old girl in care Teenage pregnancy/sexual health worker Education in care worker Finance Officer Family placement (fostering) worker Independent reviewing admin officer ‘Case managing’ social worker

20 3 year old boy at home Children’s Centre Early Intervention Team Worker Neighbourhood nursery worker CAF co-ordinator Contact & Assessment Social Worker Team Leader

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