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Genetic pedigrees parents female male offspring.

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1 Genetic pedigrees parents female male offspring

2 Genetic pedigree A

3 Genetic pedigree A explained
Parents phenotype Affected x unaffected Parents genotype Hh hh Gametes H or h h only Genotypes of offspring Hh & hh Phenotypes of offspring 1 affected : 1 unaffected

4 Genetic pedigree B

5 Genetic pedigree B explained:1
For the first section (parents giving rise to the first generation): Parents phenotype affected x unaffected Parents genotype ff FF Gametes f only F only Genotypes of offspring ALL Ff Phenotypes of offspring unaffected - carriers

6 Genetic pedigree B explained:2
For the second section ( two carriers giving rise to the second generation): First generation phenotype unaffected x unaffected (carrier) (carrier) First generation genotypes Ff Ff Gametes F or f F or f Genotypes of second generation FF Ff Ff ff 3 unaffected : affected 2/3 carriers 1/3 completely unaffected Phenotypes of second generation offspring

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