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Medical Bridges Richard J. Daley College One of the City Colleges of Chicago.

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1 Medical Bridges Richard J. Daley College One of the City Colleges of Chicago

2 Medical Career Bridges Goals : To fill-in the learning gaps of the student’s basic skills. Give student’s hands-on experience in the health vocational program using the contextualized training model.

3 Medical Career Bridges Objective : Provide guidance to the students in their choice of health program pathways Provide instruction to the students who did not reach required score on academic placement test to be admitted into healthcare vocational programs.

4 Medical Career Bridges Collaborative Departments of the College Adult Education Continuing Education

5 Medical Career Bridges Structure of the contextualize learning Adult Education responsibilities: Instructor ABE courses Basic Skill Instruction Contextualized to the Healthcare Industry Workforce Courses Employment Readiness Career Assessment And Exploration Workforce Bridge Course Continuing Education responsibilities Contextual courses Medical Terminology Anatomy and Physiology Computer Literacy Medical Law and Ethics

6 Medical Career Bridges Funding Sources Adult Education Funds Grants WIA CHA ICCB Financial Aid Continuing Education

7 Medical Career Bridges Healthcare TechnicianNursing TrackAdministrative Track CNA with Administrative Skills Medical Billing and Coding Patient Care TechnicianPractical NurseExternship Radiology Technician Ultrasound Technician Vascular Technician Registered NurseState and National Certification Preparation Course Three Healthcare Tracks upon successful completion of Bridge

8 Medical Career Bridges

9 What is this man doing to the woman? Can you spell it?

10 Medical Career Bridges Partnerships The Medical Bridges has been created in partnership with Central States SER. SER recruits the candidates and case management and researches funding sources for the pathway programs. Daley College - Arturo Velasquez offers the training and pre and post assessment of the students and gives the final recommendations for the students to progress into the medical pathway that begins with the CNA program.

11 Medical Career Bridges Technical LiteracyTechnical Specialty Four Days per WeekOne Day per Week HoursWeek 1-7Week 1-7* 1.5 Workplace Mathematics 60 hours Medical Terminology Anatomy and Physiology Hands-on demonstrations and assessment 1.5 Workplace Communications Employment Skills Careers in Discipline 84 hours 2 Reading for Information 56 Hours Computer Literacy 56 Hours Assessment Week 1 – TABE Locator TABE Level 9 Week 8 – TABE Level 9 COMPASS testing

12 Medical Career Bridges What are these legs wearing? What is the technical term?

13 Medical Career Bridges

14 Pre Bridge Learning Outcomes Contextualized basic skills: Beginning skill levels between 5.0 to 6.5 Improved reading for information scores Improved applied math scores Improved writing scores Soft skills Medical career skills Pulse Oximetry Apply Noninvasive BP Monitor Apply Antiembolism Stockings Vital Sign Monitoring Basic medical terminology Basic industry terms

15 Medical Career Bridges Medical Bridge: Skill level between 6.6 to 8.9 Contextualized basic skills Improved reading for information scores Improved applied math scores Improved writing scores Soft skills All materials based on medical field applications. Medical career skills Pulse Oximetry Apply Noninvasive BP Monitor Apply Antiembolism Stockings Vital Sign Monitoring Basic medical terminology Basic Anatomy and Physiology Professional ethics Strategies for dealing with stress Customer service skills

16 Medical Career Bridges Cohort Sections Pre-Bridge 1date:4/14/20086/4/2008 Pre-Bridge 2date:10/6/200812/18/2008 Pre-Bridge 3date:2/9/20094/14/2009 Pre-Bridge 4date:4/15/20096/8/2009 MB 01date:4/17/20076/14/2007 MB 02date:9/11/200712/6/2007 MB 03date:2/25/20084/21/2008 MB 04date:4/17/20087/1/2008 MB 05date:7/7/20089/11/2008 MB 06date:10/6/200812/18/2008 MB 07date:2/9/20094/14/2009 MB 08date: 04/15/20096/8/2009 MB 09date:11/2/200912/18/2009 MB 10date:2/8/20103/14/2010

17 Medical Career Bridges Student completions: Total students enrolled in either pre-bridge or medical bridge146 Total students completing pre-bridge13 Total students completing medical -bridge132 Completion Rate90.4%

18 Medical Career Bridges Statistics of Students Students meeting scores to register and complete CNA103 Students completing CNA75 Students completing PCT64 Students registered for college credit57 Students registered for LPN/RN prerequisites41 Students enrolled in LPN program4 Bridge Students pending program start for Spring 201029

19 Medical Career Bridges HealthCare Bridge Uniqueness : 1.The innovative HealthCare Bridge blends of the Adult Education courses, following the state guidelines for Adult Education, and the contextualized skill training offered through Continuing Education with an affordable tuition rate for the students. 2.All students are provided comprehensive support which includes case management, career advising, tutoring and educational enhancement from the initial assessment and enrollment throughout the program.

20 Medical Career Bridges HealthCare Bridge Uniqueness continued 3.The training approaches long term training and career goals in a way that ensures student comfort and helps the students build trust in themselves and in their program, through various attainable benchmarks. 4.All students are to complete externships at each level of training. 5.An Advisory Council has been created to provide guidance and management direction throughout the duration of the program. The Council is comprised of executive management from Daley and Arturo Velasquez Institute, SER, healthcare faculty representation, and industry experts.

21 Medical Career Bridges HealthCare Bridge Sustainability Through a two-year process of improvement and formalization, the Pre-Healthcare and Healthcare Bridge model has continuously prepared educationally disadvantaged adults for Healthcare certificates in Certified Nursing Assistant licensure, Patient Care Technician utilizing WIA vouchers and to begin the LPN/RN prerequisites utilizing Financial Aid. The Healthcare Bridge program provides feasible ways for adults who would otherwise remain unemployed or under- employed to make the transition to a well-paying job in the Healthcare industry. In addition, the Healthcare Bridge is designed to provide a career pathway - to prepare these individuals not only for entry-level skilled jobs, but also for the additional post-secondary education and training they will need to develop an advanced Healthcare related careers.

22 Medical Career Bridges Next Steps… Continuous Cohort support Transitioning into the college credit course levels College Transition Pilot starting April 5, 2010 Medical Bridge students will begin the CNA program One hour per day of transitional literacy will be offered Students will be pre and post tested within the training. Case manager will be assigned to each cohort to assist with continuous support for the students. Goal To enhance the student outcome to transition directly into the LPN/RN prerequisite courses without any further remediation

23 Medical Career Bridges


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