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MAU LinkedIn Webinar Presented by: Laura Baareman, Marketing Specialist 8/18/2011.

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1 MAU LinkedIn Webinar Presented by: Laura Baareman, Marketing Specialist 8/18/2011

2 Outline Why Linkedin? Profiles Network Building Groups Linkedin for Lead Generation Using Linkedin Applications Get Connected!

3 Why Linkedin? Largest professional social network with 101 million users All 500 of the Fortune 500 are represented in LinkedIn Average household income of $107,000 Over 50% of LinkedIn users represent some level of Senior Management Ability to see immediate, 2 nd, and 3 rd degree connections is invaluable

4 Why LinkedIn? Communicates Your Professional Brand. Google Search. Answer questions & build thought leadership Connect with influential decision makers Leverage people you know to find people you want to know Networking, Hiring, Getting Business Leads & Advice Find Passive Candidates / Recruiting

5 Set Up Your Profile Free and Quick. Confirmation email.

6 Get Your Profile to 100%

7 100% o Edit Profile o Professional Photo o Executive Summary and Skill Set o Education o 3 recent positions o 3 recent recommendations from your colleagues. May have to ask or give first. Link to MAU Website Link to MAU Blog

8 Ask for Recommendations

9 Add Blog to Profile Login to your profile Hover over “Profile” and click “Edit Profile” Under “Websites” section, click “Edit”

10 Add Blog to Profile Select the type of website you want to share, if you want a custom name, click “Other” and type your name in the middle box. o For MAU, use: for Website o Use: to show Randy’s Blog Posts on Your Profile

11 LinkedIn Applications My Travel and Events o Post networking events you’re attending to your profile o See who’s attending what Polls Reading List by Amazon SlideShare BlogLink Files

12 Add Blog to Profile Back on your main profile page, click the “Add Sections” button. On the box pop-up box, click “BlogLink” on the left side bar, then click “Add Application.”

13 Build Your Network Connect with people who you know, have worked with, or have conducted business with. Invite thought leaders in your industry to connect Find Meaningful Contacts o Start with people you know o Find people by company o Start asking and answering questions on Linkedin Answers o Update your status often o Connect your Twitter and Linkedin accounts

14 Linkedin Connections 1st-degree 2nd-degree 3rd-degree Fellow members of your LinkedIn Groups Use your connections to meet people offline

15 Add Connections Export from Outlook or Gmail Business Cards Colleagues & Classmates People You May Know z

16 People You May Know…

17 People You May Know

18 Find People By Search Search By: Location Industry Groups Relationship – degrees Language With Premium Account: Company Size Business Function Seniority Level Years of Experience Fortune 1000

19 Find People by Company


21 Linkedin Answers Start asking and answering questions on Linkedin Answers. Interact and connect with thought leaders and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Win new business by answering questions in your area of expertise. This is a great way to soft pitch your skills and expertise.

22 Linkedin Answers

23 Update Your Status Often

24 Linkedin Mobile

25 Groups LinkedIn Groups gives you a great opportunity to reach and engage potential customers online. The more groups you join, the more connections you can make See what groups your connections are members of

26 Strategy #1


28 Strategy #2 Group Ideas: Groups you’re already a part of Local Groups Chambers Industry Groups Groups with your Key Prospects As you browse profiles

29 Inside a Group

30 Group Settings

31 Digest Email

32 LinkedIn Lead Generation Everyone person at MAU has a different network There’s no other place online where you have a better chance of interacting with an influential decision maker Set aside time each week to participate in Groups Answer questions on LinkedIn o Ask and respond to relevant questions in the LinkedIn “Answers” section o LinkedIn users trust experts in their subject matters o When answering a question, leave links to blog articles or website pages.

33 MAU Blogs




37 Blog Authors Multiple Expert Bloggers from your business is the best way to showcase all areas of expertise Randy – Video blogs about book: “The Birth of a New Workforce” and other company-wide topics Rob Loose – Safety Issues & News Adam – Legal Issues & News David Kim – Korean Blog Others?

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