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Presentation by Alfred N. Gichu Kenya’s REDD+ Readiness.

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1 Presentation by Alfred N. Gichu Kenya’s REDD+ Readiness

2 Contents National circumstances Objectives of Kenya’s REDD+ Strategy Priority Areas Readiness activities Kenya’s progress towards Readiness

3 Kenya Country Profile Profile ItemStatisticRemark Area582,650 KM 2 80 % ASAL Population38 million80% reside in 20 % area - high & medium rainfall areas Dependence on agriculture sector 70% of population Mainly subsistence Forest cover3.6 million Ha 5.9% ; 36% is closed canopy located in high population density areas, 50,000 ha lost every year thro’ D&D. Wood energyOver 70% national energy demand From unsustainable sources

4 Kenya’s Participation in REDD+ Kenya is voluntarily participating in REDD+ Readiness to support : Realization of Constitutional and vision 2030 objectives; Design of policies and measures to protect and improve forest resources; realization of the NCCRS goals. Contribution to global climate change goals. National REDD+ strategy and implementation framework to include activities that: mitigate emissions, eligible for international finance in-line with national economic, social and environmental priorities.

5 Priority Areas of Focus 1. Reducing pressure to clear forests for agriculture, settlements and other land uses; 2. Promoting sustainable utilization of forests by promoting efficiency, energy conservation; 3. Improving governance in the forest sector by strengthening national capacity for FLEG, advocacy and awareness ; 4. Enhancement of carbon stocks through forestry extension, incentives for commercial forestry, addressing the fire problems

6 REDD+ Readiness Activities Readiness activities include A national strategy for implementation and the institutional and legal implementation framework, A Reference Emission Level and/or Forest Reference Level for greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from deforestation and/or forest degradation; and A Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) and Monitoring system to assess the effect of the REDD strategy on GHG emissions, livelihoods and other benefits.

7 Kenya’s progress towards Readiness Kenya has an approved RPP that provides a roadmap of activities that will ensure Readiness. These include: National Management Arrangements Stakeholder Consultation and Participation Programme Assessment of Land use, Forest Policy and Governance REDD+ Strategy and arrangements for implementation SESA A REL and/or Forest Reference Level Design of a Monitoring system

8 Progress in Readiness A National Steering Committee constituted ; NRCO established and Coordinator recruited; Sensitization and information sharing ongoing; A Forest Governance assessment report prepared; National Forest Programme under formulation; Forest Policy and legislation alignment to the Constitution and CC; National Carbon Investment and Trading Policy ; NCCRS Action Plans including a LCDS being developed; and Socialization of SESA

9 REL/ FL and MRV System Review of requirements and gap analysis of capability of the key institutions in Support of Forest Mapping and REDD+; Established reference systems and standards for mapping and resource classification; Finalized our forest definition to support forest cover mapping; Identified sources and accessed all existing forest, land use and map data ; Identified and accessed all required archive satellite imagery; Identified all equipment necessary to undertake satellite image- based creation and update of the forest resource map; Currently undertaking satellite imagery interpretation.

10 REDD Management Structure

11 Thank You

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