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Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

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1 Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
Using higher order questioning to improve pupil attainment

2 Comprehension/Understanding
support appraise evaluate organise Evaluation attach defend estimate assess judge select argue compare choose rate value predict arrange organise Synthesis/Creating create plan design propose collect formulate set up compose develop construct prepare assemble manage compare distinguish Analysis test experiment criticise contrast analyse interpret examine appraise categorise calculate discriminate question differentiate write demonstrate Application schedule solve apply interpret illustrate sketch choose dramatise employ practice use select review Comprehension/Understanding locate describe discuss report express indicate classify explain identify review Knowledge duplicate name memorise list recognise repeat recall arrange state label define reproduce

3 Knowledge Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities
name Knowledge duplicate list memorise arrange recognise repeat recall state reproduce label define Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities tell list describe relate locate write find state name What happened after...? How many...? Who was it that...? Can you name the...? Describe what happened...? Who spoke to...? Can you tell why...? Find the meaning of...? What is...? Which is true or false...? Make a list of the main events. Make a timeline of events. Make a facts chart. Write a list of any pieces of information you can remember.  List all the .... in the story. Make a chart showing... Make an acrostic. Recite a poem.

4 Comprehension/Understanding
review Comprehension/Understanding select describe locate discuss explain identify review classify report express indicate Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities explain interpret outline discuss distinguish predict restate translate compare describe Can you write in your own words...? Can you write a brief outline...? What do you think could of happened next...? Who do you think...? What was the main idea...? What differences exist between...? Can you give an example...? Can you provide a definition for...? Cut out or draw pictures to show a particular event. Make a cartoon strip showing the sequence of events. Write and perform a play based on the story. Retell the story in your words. Paint a picture of an aspect you like. Write a summary of an event. Prepare a flow chart to illustrate the sequence of events.

5 Application Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities
write Application solve demonstrate schedule apply interpret sketch choose illustrate employ practice use dramatise Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities solve show use illustrate construct complete examine classify Do you know another instance where...? Can you group by characteristics such as...? What factors would you change if...? Can you apply the method used to your own...? What would you ask of...? Can you develop a set of instructions about...? Would this information be useful if you had a...? Construct a model to demonstrate how it will work. Make a scrapbook about the areas of study. Take a collection of photographs to demonstrate a particular point. Make up a puzzle game using the ideas from the study area. Design a market strategy for your product. Paint a mural using the same materials. Write a textbook for others.

6 Analysis Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities
compare experiment test Analysis criticise contrast distinguish examine appraise analyse interpret differentiate discriminate question calculate categorise Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities analyse distinguish examine compare contrast investigate categorise identify explain separate advertise If... happened, what might the ending have been? How was this similar to...? What was the underlying theme of...? What do you see as other possible outcomes? Can you compare your... with that presented in...? Can you explain what must have happened when...? What are the problems of...? What’s the problem with...? Design a questionnaire about... Write a commercial. Conduct an investigation to produce information to support ... Construct a graph to illustrate selected information. Make a family tree showing relationships. Write a biography. Prepare a report. Review a work of art in terms of form, colour and texture.

7 Synthesis/Creating Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential
arrange organise Synthesis/Creating create propose design plan collect set up compose formulate manage construct prepare assemble develop Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities create invent compose predict plan construct design imagine propose devise formulate Can you design a ... to ...? Can you find a solution to...? If you had access to all resources how would you...? What would happen if...? How many ways can you...? Can you create new and unusual uses for...? Can you write a new recipe for a tasty dish? Can you develop a proposal which would... Create a new product, give it a name and plan a marketing campaign. Write about your feelings regarding... Write a TV show or song about..? Design a record, book, or magazine cover for...? Make up a new language code and write material using it. Sell an idea. Devise a way to...

8 Evaluation Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities
appraise organise support Evaluation attach defend estimate assess evaluate select argue judge choose predict rate value compare Useful Verbs Sample Question Stems Potential Activities judge select decide justify debate verify argue recommend assess discuss rate prioritise determine Is there a better solution to... Judge the value of... Why do you think ... is a good or a bad thing? How would you have handled...? What changes to ... would you recommend? Do you believe? Are you a ... person? How would you feel if...? How effective are...? What do you think about...? Prepare a list of criteria to judge... Conduct a debate about an issue of special interest. Make a booklet about 5 rules you see as important. Convince others. Form a panel to discuss views. Write a letter to ... advising on changes needed at... Write a half yearly report. Prepare a case to present your view about...

9 Knowledge Can you recall...? How would you explain...?
How would you describe...? What is...? How would you show...? Which one...? Who was...? Why did...? Can you list three...? Where is...? When did...? How did...? How is...?

10 Comprehension/Understanding
Can you contrast...? How would you classify...? How would you compare...? What is meant by...? State in your own words...? Which statement supports...? What facts or ideas show..? Summarise... What can you say about...? Which is the best answer...?

11 Application How would you organise ‘x’ to show...?
How would you use...? What examples can you find to...? How would you show understanding of...? What approach would you use to...? What elements would you use to change...? What would result if...? How would you use ‘x’ to prove the point...?

12 Can you make a distinction between...?
Analysis How is ‘x’ related to...? What are the features of...? Why do you think...? What motive is there...? What conclusions can you draw...? What evidence can you find...? What is the relationship between...? Can you make a distinction between...? What ideas justify...?

13 Synthesis/Creating What changes would you make to solve...?
How would you improve...? Can you invent...? How would you adapt ‘x’ to create a different...? What could be done to minimise/maximise...? Can you formulate a theory for...? How would you estimate a result for...? Can you think of an original way to...?

14 Evaluation Would it be better if...? Do you agree with actions of...?
How would you prove/disprove...? What would you recommend in order to...? How would you defend the actions of...? Can you prioritise...? Why is it better that...? Can you assess the importance of...? Why might your choice be different to that of...?

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