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Minister of Immigration Attracting the skills and talent New Zealand needs for economic transformation.

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1 Minister of Immigration Attracting the skills and talent New Zealand needs for economic transformation

2 Minister of Immigration Immigration’s key goals New Zealand has the skills, talent and labour it needs New Zealanders are confident of the security of our border Migrants and refugees settle well and integrate into communities

3 Minister of Immigration New Zealand environment New Zealand is well placed to attract people: –Strong economic growth has underpinned a large rise in employment –Strong job growth - 336,000 new jobs have been created since 2000 (2.1 million people in work) –Low unemployment (3.8%) –Participation rates at an all-time high (65.8%) –Skill shortages across most sectors –Skill shortages are the main constraint on expansion for 15% of businesses

4 Minister of Immigration International context Skill and labour shortages are a global phenomenon in developed countries: –Aging populations –People are more mobile –Increasing international competition for skills eg Australia also marketing in UK, Europe and the US

5 Minister of Immigration Government response The Government has a number of programmes underway to help alleviate skill shortages: –Upskilling and training workers in NZ – industry training, Gateway, Modern Apprenticeships, Industry partnerships –Tailored immigration programmes to better meet labour market needs –New Zealand Now – attracting expats and skilled migrants

6 Minister of Immigration Migration trends 60% of permanent residents in 2004/05 were skilled/business migrants Main countries permanent residents are from: –UK 41% –South Africa 10% –China 9% –India 7% Temporary work permit numbers are also growing: –Work permits are up 12% –Labour market tested work permits up 3% –Working holidays are available for up to 40,000 18-30 year olds

7 Minister of Immigration Skilled Migrants Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) introduced in 2003 People with skills, qualifications, experience and language ability to settle quickly –Points-based system –Recognises employer needs for skilled staff Priority for applicants with job offers

8 Minister of Immigration Expats NZ diaspora more that ½ million – predominantly Australia and the UK Second largest diaspora in the world – recognise that the OE is part of our culture Three quarters are either intending to come home or will consider the option of coming home Are an ideal talent pool: –Educated (44.6% tertiary qualified) –Identify with NZ –Have the skills employers need now

9 Minister of Immigration New Zealand Now – approach ‘New Zealand Now’ brand developed to position NZ as premier destination to live and work Aims to increase the pool of talent wanting to move to NZ Provides a talent brand to link NZ offshore recruitment efforts Complements NZ Inc promotions Website is centrepiece of the programme - –Tells people about what NZ offers as a place to live, work and play –Allows them to begin the conversion process

10 Minister of Immigration

11 Minister of Immigration Marketing & communications Launched programme and website 1 November 2005 Marketing & PR designed to get people to consider NZ as a place to live and go to the website Initial focus on UK market – included London Underground advertising, online advertising and PR Launched into Australia (Sydney) in May 2006 PR campaign around UK expo in October

12 Minister of Immigration London tube advertising

13 Minister of Immigration Progress NZ first country to take this kind of marketing approach to attracting expats home The website has had 23 million hits (120,000 unique visitors) since it was launched a year ago Department commissioned UK research, June 2006: –21% of 25-45 year olds indicated at least some interest in moving to NZ –NZ rated very favourably for perceived cost of living, safety and security, stability for bringing up children and lifestyle

14 Minister of Immigration Going forward Build brand awareness – let people know they can come –Strong brand proposition –Simpler immigration processes –Makes industry/regional/business recruitment easier Link more strongly to NZ Inc in key markets Promote benefits of welcoming immigrants to NZ –Improving settlement outcomes

15 Minister of Immigration NZ Opportunities Expo The Department has supported these expos since they began in 2002 Pilot approach this year with NZ ICT industry under the New Zealand Now banner –Positively positioned NZ as a destination for ICT job seekers –Cohesive message about ICT sector –Showcased real jobs, positively positioning NZ as a destination for ICT job seekers

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