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Safe Working Practices - Contents

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1 Safe Working Practices - Contents
Working within the law Health and safety legislation Hazards and risk assessment Ensuring a safe and secure working environment Security in leisure and recreation

2 Working within the law Compliance with health, safety & security requirements UK acts of parliament (law) European directives (law) Local authority regulations (law) Statutory regulations (cannot be ignored) Voluntary codes of practice (advisable) All organisations have a DUTY OF CARE Implementing the law is the responsibility of: Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Local Authorities Sports Governing Bodies

3 Benefits of following safe working practices
Meeting legal obligations Reduce accidents and improve reputation Clean and safe activity and changing areas Effective crowd control and parking at events Safe working conditions for staff Safe environment for customers Control of dangerous substances. Accidents lose customers and can lead to prosecution and expensive compensation claims Lower insurance premiums Passing health and safety inspections

4 Procedures for safe working practices
Health and safety policy (publicly displayed) Health and safety manual Safety officer Procedures are kept up to date Staff are made aware of requirements Staff are properly trained in procedures Records are kept of all accidents and incidents

5 Health & Safety Policies
Required by law where 5 or more staff employed Must be a written statement Describes health & safety policies & procedures All staff should read, understand & follow Emphasises the importance of health & safety The policy must: State the general policy on health & safety State arrangements for carrying out the policy Be brought to the notice of all staff Be revised regularly and kept up to date

6 The tiers of regulations
European regulations and directives Apply to all EU countries UK acts of parliament (statutary) Must be followed within the UK Local authority laws and regulations Apply to a particular local area Codes of practice and guidelines Advisable Voluntary

7 Key Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations
European health & safety regulations / employer / employee responsibilities Management of H & S at Work 1992 Workplace Regulations 1992 Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 Personal Protective Equipment 1992 Provision & the use of Work Equipment 1992 Display Screen Equipment 1992

8 Key Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations
UK Legislation employer/employee responsibilities Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) Occupiers Liability Act 1984 Control of substances hazardous to health 1994 (COSHH) Working time regulations 1998 First aid regulations 1981 Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences 1986 (RIDDOR)

9 Key Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations
Health & safety laws and regulations – specific groups and areas Disability discrimination act 1995 Children's act 1989 Data protection act 1984 Food safety act 1990 Safety of sports grounds act 1975 Fire safety and safety of places of sport act 1987 Licensing and gambling laws Adventure activities regulations 1996 Trades description act 1968 Consumer protection act 1987 Sale of goods act 1979

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