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School Partnerships K-12 Schools as Partners Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Office of Professional Field Services March 6, 2012.

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1 School Partnerships K-12 Schools as Partners Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Office of Professional Field Services March 6, 2012

2 IMSA: Our Mission The mission of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy®, the world’s leading teaching and learning laboratory for imagination and inquiry, is to ignite and nurture creative, ethical scientific minds that advance the human condition, through a system distinguished by profound questions, collaborative relationships, personalized experiential learning, global networking, generative use of technology and pioneering outreach.

3 IMSA’s Two Legislative Charges Residential High School Program A world class high school powerhouse for inspiring, challenging and nurturing talented students who will use their exceptional abilities to improve people’s lives. Professional Field Services Provide research-based, practice proven programs to transform mathematics and science education across Illinois and beyo nd.

4 IMSA: a bit more about us….  Founded in 1986 by Nobel Laureate, Dr. Leon Lederman and then Governor Jim Thompson  State Agency and part of the Illinois Board of Higher Education  Residential High School Program  Of the over 4000 IMSA graduates, 99% enroll in college with 2/3 earning degrees in science or math  Students take 2 Science and 2 Math courses each semester with over 80% of students participating in independent study, called Student Inquiry and Research.  Professional Field Services  STEM Academic Enrichment for Students grades 3-10  Professional Development for Educators

5 IMSA Core Competency Design and implement teaching and learning experiences that are:  Competency-driven (rigorous)  Inquiry-based (student-centered)  Problem-centered (relevant)  Integrative (within and among disciplines)

6 What is STEM to IMSA? 1.Content: What are the facts? 1.Skill Development 1.Scientific Inquiry Skills 2.21 st Century Skills 3. Development of Learners to be confident “users of content” and “generators of their own knowledge”

7 IMSA’s Office of Professional Field Services  Statewide Student Initiatives  Statewide Educator Initiatives  IMSA FUSION  Problem-Based Learning Network (PBLN)  Field Office Collaborations

8 Our Partnership Goals Develop collaborative and sustainable relationships with schools and districts around Illinois that allow us to provide services to support and enhance STEM education Serve students who are under-resourced and under-represented in STEM

9 What makes our partnerships work? The Elements  Clear goals and deliverables: The MOU  Commitment of resources by the school and IMSA  Buy in from Administrators and Teachers  Regular communication (via phone and online tools)  IMSA staff visits and support  Programs that allow flexibility for school context and learners  Engaging parents in the program  “Perks”

10 IMSA School Partnership Programs  Problem Based Learning Network  Teaching Inquiry Pilot Program  FUSION

11  After-school STEM enrichment program for talented, motivated students—co-taught program math/science teachers  Middle level program (grades 6, 7, 8)  Late elementary program (grades 4-5  Total of 103 programs at 81 schools throughout state of Illinois

12 IMSA FUSION Partnership Agreement IMSAPartner Schools Professional Development for Educators and Administrators 2 teachers who attend PD and deliver program to students for 64 hours Curriculum and Materials needed to do out of school program Funding to pay the teachers and minimal participation fee Online Communication: emails and online feedback forms Weekly feedback on field programs and program materials Evaluation of Impact of the programAccess to classrooms and in some cases student data Extra Perks: Field Trips, Webinars, The WALL, parent nights, marketing support

13 Support and Sustaining the School Partnership with Professional Learning “I Do, We Do, You Do” Model of Professional Development  Face to face Professional Development for teachers and administrators  Practice activities and explanations as part of the PD  Support in delivering the content to the students. POP Symposiums  Educator Presentations  Administrative Discussions  New Content and Skill development for the individual teachers.

14 Challenges to Partnership with Schools Change in leadership at schools and districts leading to change in focus Lack of resources School Culture on of “catching up” instead of “moving forward”

15 Evidence of a good partnerships: 81 schools statewide (103 programs), 97% are returning sites with 28% being in the program 5+years 185 educators, 71% returners, 21% 5+years Evidence of Impact of Program on Teachers: 94% reported increase in application of STEM concepts and integration Evidence of Impact of Program for Students: 2893 students, 62% low income, 56% URP High School Transcript Data Study Outcomes of a Successful FUSION Partnership

16 Thank you for your time! How to contact me for additional information…. Michelle Kolar 630-907-5879

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