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Lab Equipment, Use & Safety

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1 Lab Equipment, Use & Safety
Unit 1: Lab Skills, Matter, and Energy

2 Lab Equipment & Use Bunsen burner Ring stand with rings Lab burner
Wire gauze Utility clamp

3 Crucible & lid Pipestem triangle Beaker Test tubes

4 Erlenmeyer flasks Tongs Forceps Test tube holder

5 Wire brush Funnel Graduated cylinders Scoopula & Bottle

6 Well plate Stirring rod Weigh boat Thermometer Mortar and pestle

7 Evporating dish Rubber stoppers & corks Watch glass Buret Disposable pipets

8 File dropper Test tube rack

9 Lab Safety

10 General Safety Rules 2. Never perform an experiment that is NOT authorized by your teacher! 1. Always read directions for the experiment BEFORE going into lab!

11 3. Use the safety equipment provided for you!
4. Never eat or drink in the lab. Never inhale or taste chemicals.

12 5. Take care not to spill in the lab
5. Take care not to spill in the lab. If a spill occurs, immediately tell your teacher. Do NOT pour chemicals or other substances into the sink of in the trash without your teacher’s consent.

13 6. Tie back long hair, take off dangling jewelry
6. Tie back long hair, take off dangling jewelry. Do not wear extra baggy clothing. 7. Know the locations of the safety shower, eye wash, fire extinguisher, and fire blanket.

14 Hearting & Fire Safety 1. Maintain a clean & orderly work area.
2. Never, ever reach across an open flame! 3. Heat test tubes with the open end pointing away from you or others

15 4. Never heat a liquid in a sealed container.
5. Remember that heated glass looks the same as cool glass, use caution. 6. If a fire breaks out or if your clothing catches on fire, smother it with the fire blanket or roll on the ground.

16 Working Safely in the Lab
1. Use materials from properly labeled containers. Read labels carefully before using chemicals. 2. Do NOT return chemicals to stock bottles! Discard extra chemicals as your teacher directs.

17 3. When diluting acids, ALWAYS add acid to water!
4. Do not use the sink to dispose of matches or other solid materials. 5. Do not bring backpacks, coats, or other personal items into the lab.

18 6. When done, always clean up your lab area.
7. Make sure the water and gas turned off. 8. Wash your hands before leaving the lab.

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