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Resume & Interviewing Skills Los Angeles Term Spring Orientation 2009.

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1 Resume & Interviewing Skills Los Angeles Term Spring Orientation 2009

2 The importance of Resumes Resumes are essential to the workforce, it provides potential employees a chance to shine before and during their interviews. Standard resumes are fine but to land the job… you need to STAND OUT Poor Resumes definitely stand out but in a negative manner

3 How to make a proper Resume: Heading The most important part of your resume is your HEADING. This provides your name, address, email address and phone number. Your heading should be the first thing on your resume, right at the top. Your name should be easy to find in your heading, make sure its bold and the font is enlarged. Provide the correct address and the most convenient phone number you can be reached at. Your resume SHOULD ALWAYS provide an APPROPRIATE email. Employers will not take you seriously if your email is or Use an appropriate email, if you don’t have one make one now. Ex: etc

4 How to make a proper Resume: Objective The objective or mission statement is a one sentence declaration of the type of job that you are seeking. It appears beneath the heading and is as specific as possible, noting the company you are applying to, the job title you are seeking and skills you would like to use in that job.

5 How to make a proper Resume: Education This section of a résumé lists all the colleges you have graduated from, along with their addresses and any degrees you have earned with the date you attained them. If you are in the process of attaining a degree, list the expected date that you will receive it. Do not list your high school unless it is of importance to the employer that you are applying to (i.e. applying to be a teacher at the same high school you graduated from).

6 How to make a proper Resume: Experience An experience section on a résumé indicates past work experience from most current to past jobs. It may also include past class courses that pertain to the position Each job should include your title, the name of your employer, city and state, followed by dates of employment. Next, summarize your contribution to the position, achievements, and/or responsibility assumed. Give numbers when applicable. Make sure to use action verbs to begin your statements Use a present verb tense only when describing a current position. This should not be a job description, but instead should illustrate your accomplishments and results.

7 How to make a proper Resume: Honors & Awards This is an optional section of your résumé and should include scholarships and other related honors. These can be school or non-school related. Make sure to include the date you received the honor or award. For clarification it may be necessary to give short descriptions of the nature or purpose of some of the organizations, awards, honor societies or service organizations. Only include scholarships that are based on merit, not financial need.

8 How to make a proper Resume: Skills In the skills section you should inform the reader of any unique, relevant or necessary skills that you have but are not reflected in the other sections of your résumé. For example: foreign languages (conversational, fluent, bilingual), computer applications, certifications, etc.

9 How to make a proper Resume: References Your references should be on a separate sheet of paper. Or at the bottom your resume, write “Upon Request” You should let your references know that you will be using them on your resume. Make sure you have all their current contact information

10 Interviewing Skills DRESS FOR SUCCESS Girls: pant suits, business skirt and dress, conservative blouses, nothing open and close- toe shoes, no heavy make up or strong perfume. Guys: suit with tie, dress shirt and slacks, no earrings, and appropriate hair cut. BE CONFIDENT Sell yourself Show your talents and gifts Arrive 5-10 minutes early

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