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Mentoring at JVS At JVS Toronto, we have developed a reputation as a leader in the delivery of innovative mentoring programs. The Mentoring Partnership.

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3 Mentoring at JVS At JVS Toronto, we have developed a reputation as a leader in the delivery of innovative mentoring programs. The Mentoring Partnership Sector specific group mentoring Cross cultural mentoring Corporate Connections Online mentoring

4 History of Canada InfoNet Pilot funding through the Ontario Provincial Government 2001-2002 Redevelopment funded through FCRO Rebranding 2010 Integrated Pre-arrival Services Online provides mentoring 2010 Mentoring Focal Point Partners for the Canadian Immigrant Integration Project 2012 Facilitated over 2000 matches since 2001


6 The Mentoring Relationship Matches are made based on occupation, experience, education and province of destination Matches communicate at least once per week for approximately 10 weeks on average Both Mentors and Mentees receive orientation and training modules and sign off on a partnership agreement prior to the entering the relationship Mentoring Coaches check-in regularly with matches to provide support and additional information to both mentors and mentees

7 Top 10 Questions Who are the best employers? What should be included in a resume? What is the best way to find a job? How do I make connections? What is the cost of living in a particular city? What is the best area to live? Is it important to join a professional association? How important are designations e.g. CGA, CHRP? Will I be able to find a job at my current level? Will I be able to find a job?



10 Our Mentors Volunteers who give their time to help ITIs succeed Have a minimum of 2 years experience in Canada Mid and senior level professionals and managers from across many industries Located across Canada Recruited by connections Reference check completed “It is my pleasure to be able to work with JVS and share my experiences with those who are in the beginning of the road. As I mentioned before, JVS was great for me when I was very new and these services helped me to put my foot on the rock and able to stand and grow. So, I am really grateful to have contributed in this regard ” Mentor

11 Occupations Served MENTEE REGISTRATION BY PROFESSION (MAR 2011 - MAR 2012)

12 Increased: Understanding of profession or trade in Canada Confidence in the job search process Understanding of occupational certification, licensing and educational requirements Knowledge of Canadian Workplace Culture Understanding of credential assessment and how to begin the process. Immigrants will be better informed about existing settlement, employment and educational services and programs Faster employment in their field upon arrival and better job retention outcomes Expected Outcomes

13 How would you rate your knowledge of Canada’s labour market for your occupation? How would you rate your knowledge of Canada’s certification, professional licensing and educational requirements for your occupation? Pre-surveyPost-survey Pre-surveyPost-survey

14 Have you started the process of assessing your qualifications and credentials in Canada? How would you rate your Familiarity with Employment services and supports in your destination community? Pre-surveyPost-survey Pre-surveyPost-survey

15 Employment in Field of Expertise (responses to date)

16 Speed of Employment (responses to date)

17 Mentee Feedback “I am really grateful both to and to you personally for your helping hand in deciding my education and career routes in Canada. My correspondence with my mentor is really helpful. We managed to evaluate my abilities and peaces of experience that are most possibly applicable with respect to my further career in Canada. His answers on my questions are always accurate, comprehensive and clear. My mentor’s help goes beyond just consultancy. He has also reviewed my CV as well as my writing samples and gave valuable recommendations. Besides, he assessed any career ideas I shared with him, telling me about real pros and cons. Now while preparing my application documents and materials I still do feel mentor’s support at every stage. It is obvious that, I wouldn’t have become determined and focused without my mentor’s help.”

18 “The relationship has been outstanding and has benefitted me tremendously. I did not know anyone in Ottawa and my mentor was a guide, mentor, coach and friend helping me all along. I have not experienced anything like this before. I have learnt about how to tune my resume for different jobs, networking, applying for jobs with different agencies etc. Also, my mentor helped me tremendously in settling down in Ottawa, right from getting an apartment to finding the best schools for my children and furnishing our home.”

19 Success Stories Mentee 1 was a Director, Finance and HR. He was matched with a mentor in the accounting field in May while still in India and continued mentoring after his arrival in June. In July, he was able to find a job in his field in Windsor. Mentee 2 was a teacher. She was matched in October and continued in the program until April. During this time, her mentor helped with her resume and cover letter and they worked on technical interview questions specific to teaching. With this help, she found a job as an instructor for adults in an academic upgrading program.

20 JVS Toronto, a non profit, non-sectarian organization, is a proud member agency of: Contact Information Beth Clarke Director, Programs and Services, Mentoring and Online (905) 917-2018

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